LOCKERBIE — The Genesis of the Tehran Conspiracy Theory

“Intelligence Agencies create stories inside stories, each with its carefully constructed trail of evidence, in order to create false trails as diversions.”

James Jesus Angleton

Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975

April 23 2022 — For many years, Wilhelm Dietl used his job as a journalist to spy for the German intelligence agency BND in the Middle East. Dietl also planted disinformation pieces at the request of the CIA in German media, including a key story about the alleged Tehran’s payment of US$ 1.3 million for the Lockerbie bombing. Although I discovered the truth 15 years ago, I decided to keep the story secret… Until now. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.”

James Jesus Angleton

Earlier this week, I wrote a short update about Jane Wallis Burrell, the first CIA officer to die while working for the CIA.

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This update includes a link to a documentary [Nazis In The CIA] now also available in German on NETFLIX.

At the 2.46 mark, Wilhelm Dietl appears. He is introduced as a former German intelligence (BND) agent.

Two decades ago, Dietl was known as a German journalist… who wrote important Lockerbie stories in German magazines.

Actually, Dietl planted these stories written by the CIA at the request of the American Agency.

Flashback — In May 1989, the German magazine QUICK reported that it had seen minutes of a secret meeting in Tehran after the downing of the Iranian Airbus by the U.S. Vincennes, at which it was agreed to carry out a revenge attack.

It also stated that the Iranians had paid Ahmed Jibril US$ 1.3 million to carry out the job. Wilhelm Dietl was the author of that ‘amazing piece of journalism.’

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“Over the last two decades, I have investigated the Lockerbie Case. Among other things, I managed to tracked the so-called “Iran payment”, and I can state with 100% confidence that this transaction has nothing to do whatsoever with Lockerbie.”

Intel Today (September 24 2020)

The following quote from “The Trail of the Octopus” is a good example of the allegation made against Iran.

“The minister of the interior, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi, was placed in charge of planning Iran’s revenge [for the downing of Iran Flight 655 by the USS Vincennes on July 3 1988].

At a meeting in Tehran on 9 July 1988, he awarded the contract to Ahmed Jibril, a former Syrian army officer and head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), based in Damascus.

Although Jibril later denied his complicity in the bombing, he was reported to have bragged privately that the fee for the job was $10 million.

Unnamed US government sources let it be known that the CIA had traced wire transfers of the money to Jibril’s secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Spain.”

Former CIA Bob Baer told the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission [SCCRC] all he knew about this (and an other) payment.

On several occasions, Baer told me that the intelligence regarding this matter was “Class A”.

On the other hand, Richard Marquise – the FBI agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation – told me that he had seen the evidence and that the money transfer had nothing to do with Lockerbie.

Considering the importance of Baer’s allegations, he was interviewed by the SCCRC. Here is the main conclusion of their report on this matter:

15.7 According to the submissions Mr Baer provided the following information at these meetings: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (“PFLP-GC”) and Talb both received substantial payments after the bombing of PA103. In particular Mr Baer had details of bank accounts showing payments of $11m to the PFLP-GC in Lausanne on 23 December 1988 and $500,000 to Talb on 25 April 1989 in Frankfurt. According to the submissions Mr Baer believed the payments came from Iran.

15.30 As with his claim about the meeting in July 1988, the Commission considers Mr Baer’s allegation about the payment to be inadmissible hearsay. More importantly the results of the Commission’s enquiries refute the allegation that a payment of $11m was made to a PFLP-GC account on 23 December 1988.

Source Document — Well, here is the PRIMARY evidence of the “US$10 million transaction”. Check the currency! It amounts to a bit more than 10 million Spanish Pesetas! [SCCRC investigators believe that this account may have been used for money laundering operations.]

Long ago, I asked FBI Richard Marquise to comment on the following information:

“Two day after the bombing, communication intercepts indicate that Tehran ordered their Ambassador in Beirut to pay Jibril Organization for the successful operation.

The transfer of the money is recorded and Dalkamoni was in possession of the Paris bank account number when he was arrested.”

Marquise — who led the Lockerbie investigation at the FBI — kindly replied to my question:

“I am aware of some of this – it is classified – but has nothing to do with Lockerbie or a PAYMENT”, Marquise told me on 02/11/2008.

I believe that Marquise is right about this. This transaction – and all other transactions to and from his account (and its many joint accounts) –  has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with Pan Am 103.

Back to CIA Robert Baer and BND ‘journalist’ Wilhelm Dietl

In June 2007, I asked (CIA) Robert Baer if he knew (BND) Wilhelm Dietl. He gave me a clear answer.

“I never heard of him.”

I then asked Wilhelm Dietl if he knew Robert Baer. His answer was very disturbing.

“Of course, we have known each other for many years. We knew each other when were were not supposed to know each other.”

“It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation. The bomb killed everybody in the room except the intended target!”

William F. Buckley

Why the lies?

Well, CIA people usually do not need a reason for lying. That is what they do. As Mike Pompeo — Texas A&M University (April 15, 2019) — proudly boasted:

“I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

But in the context of the Lockerbie Case, the CIA had a few serious reasons to lie. In the Fall of 1988, the CIA was in the final stage of a False Flag operation. Marwan Khreesat — a CIA operative — had built 5 IEDs and one of his devices killed a German police officer.

Therefore, the CIA invented the story of the 5th device brought by “Abu Elias” — and thus NOT built by Khreesat — to cover their ass! 

That is of course the reason why the CIA prevented the FBI to interviewed Khreesat until November 1989. When it finally happened, it was hilarious. The interview (FD302) of Khreesat by the FBI is total nonsense.

Khreesat told FBI Tom Thurman – the guy who claims to be an explosive expert — the story of a coffee pot incident masking the smell of SEMTEX. This is an anachronism as SEMTEX was not yet spiked in 1988.

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The FBI accepted that explanation. When Dalkamoni was asked the same question by the German police, he went ballistic. “Do you take me for a cunt? Of course, I know that SEMTEX is odorless!”

“It is striking to note the similarity of the ‘scientific’ evidence discovered by the FBI’s Tom Thurman in both the Lockerbie and UTA cases. Of the tens of thousands of pieces of debris collected at each disaster site, one lone piece of printed circuit was found and, miracle of miracles, in each case the fragment bore markings that allowed for positive identification: MEBO in the Lockerbie case and TY in the case of UTA Flight 772. Despite the common findings of the DCPJ, the DST and the Prefecture of Police crime laboratory, Judge Bruguière chose to believe Thurman, the expert in fabricating evidence.”

Pierre Péan — African Manipulations

Yet, the story was printed — no questions asked — by various MSM newspapers at the request of the CIA.

“Acting upon this intelligence, the German secret police moved in to arrest the PFLP-GC cell on October 26, raiding 14 apartments and arresting 17 men, fearing that to keep them under surveillance much longer was to risk losing control of the situation. Two cell members are known to have escaped arrest, including Abu Elias, a resident of Sweden who, according to Prime Time Live (ABC News November 1989), was an expert in bombs sent to Germany to check on Khreesat’s devices because of suspicions raised by Ahmed Jibril. Four IEDs were recovered, but Khreesat stated later that a fifth device had been taken away by Dalkamoni before the raid, and was never recovered.” [Operation Autumn Leaves (Germany — October 26 1988)]

Indeed, Abu Elias ‘escaped’. He was never found, let alone arrested. And he will never be because he has a rock-solid alibi. This person never existed. This ghost was invented by the CIA.

And of course, my work on GOLFER makes it very clear that the story of the 5th device is pure fiction. German police recovered the five IEDs built by Khreesat.

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Read carefully to find out how people try to hide this information from the defense team. The pre-cognition file was deleted despite the police officer (seconded in Germany) being a witness at the trial!  

“There have been only two kinds of CIA secret operations: the ones that are widely known to have failed — usually because of almost unbelievably crude errors — and the ones that are not yet widely known to have failed.”

Edward Luttwak

Final thoughts

Paul Craig Roberts recently told an amazing anecdote. James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence for three decades, once explained to him that:

“Intelligence Agencies create stories inside stories, each with its carefully constructed trail of evidence, in order to create false trails as diversions.”

This is what the Lockerbie Case is all about… Of course, Libya is not responsible for the Pan Am 103 tragedy. Neither is Iran.

The Tehran conspiracy was the usual third line of defense. Sadly, it worked… because many people wanted to believe that story!

Pan Am 103 and the No-Bomb Theory — As I have explained, there is ZERO evidence of a bomb having caused the tragedy of Pan Am 103. I have summarized all my research on this subject in a single graphic.

RELATED POST: Lockerbie — Why I ruled out the bomb theory [Technical Analysis of the Debris Lines]

I have concluded that Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrated in flight over Lockerbie (December 21 1988) because of a massive structural failure due to well-known issues of metal fatigue in section 41 and 42 of the Boeing 747 (Series 100 & 200), not because of an explosive device. [Note]

No sound of an explosion was recorded by the CVR. Only the sound of the break-up of the plane can be heard… at a time perfectly consistent with the first (southern) debris line.

Many seconds BEFORE the break-up of Pan Am 103, an unexplained Radar Return (black square) was recorded by TWO radar stations.

And you can guess where that piece of the plane may have landed. That area was immediately declared a NO-GO area. And whatever was found there is recorded in the so-called Lockerbie X File, which is of course classified.

The End

PS — Please, keep in mind that Wilhelm Dietl organized the recruitment by the BND of Iranian defector Abolghasem Mesbahi. [Intel Today was able to communicate with Abolghasem Mesbahi but this writer never met him in person.]

RELATED POST: On This Day — Argentina Prosecutor Alberto Nisman Is Suicided (December 5 1963 – January 18 2015) [2021]

Former Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman – relying on the testimony of Mesbahi – had accused President Cristina Kirchner of shielding Iranian officials from prosecution over the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center.

The 52-year-old prosecutor was found dead in his apartment on January 18 2015. Seven years later, his mysterious death is still an unresolved case. 

Whether Nisman committed suicide or not is unclear. But I strongly believe that — just days before his death — he had come to the conclusion that Mesbahi had fabricated ‘his evidence’ about the responsibility of Tehran.

If any spy ever had an excuse for going off his head, it was James Jesus Angleton – fabled poker player, master of the spook universe, who woke up one morning to be told that his revered mentor, confessor and fellow boozer, Philby, was a Russian spy.

David Cornwell (AKA John le Carré) 


Of course, some people refuse to accept the No-Bomb theory because it implies the following:

1 — The report of the crash is incorrect.

2 — The spooks invented an act of terrorism while they knew it was an accident.

3 — Boeing blamed others for its own crime.

4 — The FAA never grounded the plane and thus acted irresponsibly.

Allow me to reply…

According to the National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB], the failure of the cargo door of United Airlines Flight 811 could only have happened because of a human error. Boeing also blamed United Airlines.

However… A few months later, the cargo door was recovered. And there was clear and irrefutable evidence that no human error had caused the tragedy. This issue had been caused by a design flaw and was thus a threat to every single 747. The FAA never grounded the 747s.

737 MAX — As I have explained, a report that came out after the first crash indicates that the FAA and Boeing were aware that this aircraft had a likelihood of crashing 15 times over the course of its life.

And yet, Boeing was focused on blaming the pilots, despite knowing the truth. And the FAA lagged behind the rest of the world in grounding the 737 Max even after the Ethiopia crash.

Finally, the story of TWA 800 demonstrates that the spooks are perfectly willing to portray an accident as an act of terrorism…


Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception? — Paul Craig Roberts

James Jesus Angleton — Wikipedia

COVER STORY (The Life of Wilhelm Dietl) — Haaretz


LOCKERBIE — The Genesis of the Tehran Conspiracy Theory

“The Lockerbie investigation was supposedly driven by old-fashioned detective work, but, as we have learned over the years, behind the scenes the CIA played a key role. We now know that the timer fragment was not from one of the 20 timers to Libya. Is it really far-fetched to suggest that the CIA planted it in order to conclusively link Libya to the bombing?”

John Ashton — Lockerbie investigator

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