On This Day — The Lockerbie DIA Memo (September 24 1989) [The Legend of The Iranian Payment]

“The bombing of the Pan Am flight [103] was conceived, authorised and financed by Ali-Akbar Mohtashemi-Pur, Iran’s former interior minister. The execution of the operation was contracted to Ahmad [Jibril], Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command [PFLP-GC] leader, for a sum of $1million. $100,000 of this money was given to Jibril up front in Damascus by the Iranian ambassador to Sy [Syria], Muhammed Hussan [Akhari] for initial expenses. The remainder of the money was to be paid after successful completion of the mission.”

US Defense Intelligence Agency Memo (September 24 1989)

September 24 2019 — There has been a persistent “rumor” that Iran paid a large amount of money — possibly up to US$ 10 million — to the PFLP-GC terrorist organization of Ahmed Jibril in the immediate aftermath of the Lockerbie tragedy. This is simply a piece of disinformation. Although the CIA and the DIA have often claimed to have evidence of such ‘payment’, a quick look at the source document will easily convince you that this legend was built around a suspicious transaction that has nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy. The SCCRC came to the same conclusion. Although Richard Marquise (FBI) is not willing to discuss the issue (the information is still classified), I believe that he agrees with my findings. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Havana Syndrome — Two new cases in Vietnam delay Vice President Harris’ visit [UPDATE : CIA station chief in Vienna sacked amid criticism]

“It’s real. It’s affecting our officers. It’s affecting others around the community, in government, and we’re going to figure it out.”

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen

Annual Intelligence and National Security Summit (Sept. 14 2021)

August 3 2021 — Judy Woodruff and Nick Schifrin discuss the debilitating medical ailments affecting U.S. diplomatic and intelligence officers in Cuba — which have become known as Havana Syndrome. Nothing new but a good summary of the current situation. Follow us on twitter: @Intel_Today

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Brussels, Den of Spies — Brussels Times Publishes Huawei Propaganda Disguised As Journalism [UPDATE — POLITICO : “Huawei’s under-the-radar Brussels blitz”]

“The campaign included anonymous news articles that were taken almost word-for-word from Huawei’s press releases (…) and opinion articles authored by senior company executives that were not disclosed as paid-for posts.”

POLITICO (September 22 2021)

July 1 2019 — The Brussels Times is Belgium’s leading English-language daily news media. Their website has posted a very suspicious piece of “journalism” regarding the wonderful future of Huawei in Europe. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Havana Syndrome — Textbook case of disinformation from Reuters

“[CIA Director William] Burns has said there is a ‘very strong possibility’ that the syndrome is intentionally caused and that Russia could be responsible.”

Reuters (September 21 2021)

September 23 2021 — On Monday, CNN and the New York Times reported that a CIA officer who was traveling with CIA director William Burns to India earlier this month reported symptoms consistent with Havana syndrome. Follow us on twitter: @Intel_Today

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On This Day — French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius : “DGSE Agents Sank the Rainbow Warrior” (September 22 1985) [UPDATE — France deliberately underestimated environmental impact of nuclear tests in Polynesia]

“The French Government does not deal with its opponents in such ways.”

French embassy in Wellington (July 1985)

***** ***** *****

“The truth is cruel. Agents of the DGSE sank this boat [Rainbow Warrior]. They acted on orders.”

French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius  (September 22 1985) 

September 22 2020 — On September 22 1985, French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius appeared on TV to confess that agents of the DGSE — French Foreign Intelligence Service — had sunk the Rainbow Warrior. They acted on orders. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On This Day — The VELA Incident (September 22 1979) [2021]

“Now, 40 years later, there is a scientific and historical consensus that it was a nuclear test and that it had to be Israeli.”

Avner Cohen (September 22 2019)

U.S. Vela satellite

September 22 2020A CIA-sponsored panel of well-respected scientists concluded that a mysterious flash detected by a U.S. Vela satellite over the South Atlantic on the night of September 22 1979 was likely a nuclear test. Four decades later, this mysterious double flash still matters, and the debate is not over. What do you think?  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On This Day — Former FSB Officer Alexander Litvinenko Dies (November 23 2006) [UPDATE — ECHR : “Assassination imputable to Russia”]

“The evidence suggests that the only credible explanation is, in one way or another, that the Russian state is involved in Litvinenko’s murder.”

Scotland Yard lawyer — Court hearing in London (2015)


Aleksandr Litvinenko

November 23 2020 — On November 1st 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized in what was established as a case of poisoning by radioactive polonium-210. He died from the poisoning on November 23 2006. He became the first known victim of lethal polonium 210-induced acute radiation syndrome.  Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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20 Years Ago — Ana Montes Is Arrested (September 21 2001)

“I believe that the morality of espionage is relative. The activity always betrays someone, and some observers will think that it is justified and others not, in every case.”

Ana Montes —  Private letter to a friend

CIA Director George Tenet (left) awards Ana Montes a Certificate of Distinction, the third highest national-level intelligence award. (1997)

September 21 2021 — Ana Belén Montes (born February 28, 1957) is a former American senior analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency in the United States and convicted spy. On September 21, 2001, she was arrested and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit espionage for the government of Cuba. Montes eventually pleaded guilty to spying and in October 2002, was sentenced to a 25-year prison term followed by five years’ probation. Montes is incarcerated at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. Her tentative release date is listed as July 1, 2023. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On This Day — Who Killed Pierre Goldman? And Why? (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979) [2021]

“Marseille boys members of GAL killed him [Pierre Goldman] with Maïone, who also talked about a commandant, a former member of the SDECE [French secret service], without revealing to me his identity.”

Libération (April 2006)

Pierre Goldman (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979)

September 20 2020 — Who killed Goldman? Of course, I am not talking about the French singer — Jean-Jacques — who is one of the most loved personalities in France. I am talking about his brother Pierre, a French left-wing intellectual who was convicted of several robberies and mysteriously assassinated on September 20 1979. The case has never been solved.

By the way, although Jean-Jacques never spoke about his brother, many believe that the song “Puisque tu pars” is about Pierre. I left a couple of messages for JJ Goldman knowing full well that he would not reply. I hope that he will speak about his brother one day… “But not too late.” Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Havana Syndrome — First Magnetite Map of the Human Brain [UPDATE — Chinese scientists : “Magnetite causes cancer apoptosis under microwave irradiation.”]

“The presence of magnetite in the brain could be more than incidental. Various studies have shown that brain cells respond to external magnetic fields. There’s also a disturbing link to neuro-degenerative disease. Evidence exists of elevated levels of magnetite in brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease patients.”

R. Mark Wilson — Physics Today (August 30 2018)

September 12 2018 — Stuart Gilder and Christoph Schmitz — both at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich — have carried out the first systematic mapping of magnetite nano-particles in the human brain. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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