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CIA D/NCS — Test Your ‘Spy’ Knowledge With Our Quiz!

“It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation; the bomb killed everybody in the room except the intended target!” William F. Buckley, Jr. “There have been only two kinds of CIA secret operations: the ones that are widely known … Continue reading

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Wormwood — Q&A with Dr Jeffrey Kaye

“The history behind the Korean War, and U.S. military and covert actions concerning China, Japan, and Korea, are a matter of near-total ignorance in the U.S. population. The charges of “brainwashing” of U.S. POWs, in an ongoing effort to hide … Continue reading

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On This Day — US Spy Chief James Clapper Highlights Cyber Threats (February 26 2015)

“We foresee an on-going series of low-to-moderate level cyber attacks from a variety of sources over time, which will impose cumulative costs on US economic competitiveness and national security.” James Clapper — Director of National Intelligence (Feb 26 2015) “The … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Germany : BND Spying On Journalists

“We are disappointed to hear these claims. The BBC’s mission is to bring accurate news and information to people around the world, and our journalists should be able to operate freely and safely, with full protection for their sources. We … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Juan Pablo Escobar: “My Father Worked for the CIA.”

“My father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.” Juan Pablo Escobar “What we’ve learned is that if you look at history what happened with the Medellin Cartel after we took them … Continue reading

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Ray McGovern — “My First Day as CIA Director”

“Now that I have been nominated again – this time by author Paul Craig Roberts – to be CIA director, I am preparing to hit the ground running. Last time my name was offered in nomination for the position – … Continue reading

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Paris & Brussels Attacks — ‘Mastermind’ Oussama Atar Reported Dead

“If not for the request by different organizations … Ousama Atar would still be in Iraqi prison.” Jawad Al-Hindawi — Iraqi Ambassador to Belgium February 23 2018 — Oussama Atar, a Belgian of Moroccan descent believed to be the mastermind of the Paris … Continue reading

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TOP INTEL TODAY 2017 STORIES #2 : “NSA Hacked French President’s House” [UPDATE]

“Keith Alexander (Director of the NSA) told me he was disappointed because he never thought we would detect them and he even added: You guys are good.” “In the Intelligence World, you have some allies. You don’t have friends.” Bernard Barbier –Director … Continue reading

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Ahmadreza Djalali — Iran Ambassador To Belgium : “Death Sentence Decision Not Final” [UPDATE]

“The indisputable fact is that Dr. [Masoud] Ali-Mohammadi was martyred on January 12, 2010, at least three months before European agents approached me in the spring of 2010. This was even mentioned in the TV program based on my montaged … Continue reading

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MOSSAD — Test Your “SPY Knowledge” With Our Quiz! [2018]

“If a society crosses a certain line in its division and hatred, then it is a real possibility to see a phenomenon like a civil war.” Tamir Pardo — Mossad chief How much do you know about spy agencies? Take … Continue reading

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