Wormwood — Q&A with Dr Jeffrey Kaye

“The history behind the Korean War, and U.S. military and covert actions concerning China, Japan, and Korea, are a matter of near-total ignorance in the U.S. population. The charges of “brainwashing” of U.S. POWs, in an ongoing effort to hide evidence of U.S. biological warfare experiments and trials, also has become entwined in the propaganda used to explain the U.S. post-9/11 torture and interrogation program, and alibi past crimes by the CIA and Department of Defense for years of illegal mind control programs practiced as part of MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, ARTICHOKE, and other programs.”

Dr Jeffrey S. Kaye

Dr Jeffrey S. Kaye

Jeffrey S. Kaye is a psychologist (retired), blogger, author of “Cover-up at Guantanamo”. Intel Today asked Dr Kaye a few questions regarding the Korean war, the allegations of bio-weapons used by the US military and the suspicious death of US army scientist Frank Olson. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Jeffrey Kaye is a retired psychologist who used to practice in San Francisco. He has worked professionally with torture victims and asylum applicants.

Active in the anti-torture movement since 2006, he has his own blog, Invictus. He has also published at Truthout, Alternet, the Public Record, and the Guardian.

Dr Kaye recently penned an article that caught my attention: “REVEALED: The long-suppressed official report on US biowarfare in North Korea“.

About “Wormwood”

Just in case you have not seen the WORMWOOD mini-series, allow me to introduce some ‘old facts’.

Wormwood is a 2017 American six-part docudrama miniseries directed by Errol Morris and released on Netflix in December 2017.

The series follows a scientist who participates in a secret government biological warfare program.

In the final chapter, American journalist Seymour Hersh tells Morris that he believes the CIA murdered Frank Olson.

Although, he has a source that backs up this story, Hersh refuses to speak out because the story would expose how his source acquired the necessary information. Hersh claims he knows what Frank Olson did that got him killed.  But he does not reveal it.

I agree with Eric Olson and Hersh Seymour. The death of Frank Olson was neither an accident — induced or not by LSD — nor a suicide. But Frank Olson was not merely murdered.

I have suggested that Frank Olson was executed by the US Government (CIA) to prevent him from revealing an ugly truth.

I believe that Frank Olson knew that the US Military had used biological weapons in the Korean war.

Moreover, I suspect that Frank Olson could prove it and he was about to reveal the truth.

Therefore, the US government had “no choice” but to silence him in order to avoid a major international crisis.

Q&A with Dr Jeffrey Kaye

Intel Today — How did you get interested in the Korean War and the ‘allegations’ that the US Military may have used Bio-Weapons?

Dr Jeffrey Kaye — As a psychologist who worked with torture victims, I was initially interested in looking into the famous cases of U.S. flyers/POWs who were said to have been tortured or “brainwashed” into “falsely” confessing the U.S. used germ weapons during the Korean War. I was surprised when actual documents on this were extremely difficult to obtain. What was the truth?

Intel Today — Obviously, you have done quite a bit of research on the topic. What is your conclusion on the subject? Do you believe that the US DID use such weapons? If so, what convinced you?

Dr Jeffrey Kaye — I agree with the conclusions of the Canadian scholars, Stephen Endicott and Edward Hagerman, as well as that of the ISC investigators, including Joseph Needham, that the U.S. did indeed conduct an experimental program of biological warfare during the Korean War. I also believe that they consulted with former members of the Japanese Unit 731 in doing so. The latter had been granted amnesty for their WW2 war crimes by the United States (that is a historical fact). – What convinced me finally was the ISC report itself and, of almost equal weight, the Endicott/Hagerman book. It was the overwhelming bulk of the evidence, and the humble and scientific approach of these authors, vs. the imperious pomposity of those who stand by the U.S. version of events, which are full of lies and misinformation. I speak to some of that in this article [Updated: The Suppressed Report on 1952 U.S. Korean War Anthrax Attack] I wrote at my own blog a few months back.

Intel Today — What is our general opinion about WORMWOOD? Regarding the final episode, how do you feel about Seymour Hersh’s refusal to tell what he knows?
Dr Jeffrey Kaye — I thought Wormwood was a fascinating documentary. It wasn’t anything new to me, as I’ve read much about the Olson case over the years, including postings at Eric Olson’s website about his father’s death. I’m not sure what I can say about Hersh. Protecting sources is an important thing for reporters. In this case, it would involve possibly covering up a murder, if not also the existence of serious war crimes. I am not an ethicist by profession. I can only say I wish he would talk more about it. He is probably not the only journalist to hold secrets, however, and I do appreciate his kind of validating the thesis that the CIA murdered Frank Olson.

Intel Today — I have suggested that Frank Olson was executed because he was about to reveal — and perhaps prove? —  that the US Military had used bio-weapons in Korea. What is your view on this?

Dr Jeffrey Kaye — I think you’re probably right, although it could have just been secrets more generally. The show also discusses “terminal experiments” in Europe related either to interrogation, or even possibly to BW weapons of assassination. In any case, he seems to have been thought to be a security risk. To kill him, they must have felt desperate. Re the BW secret, you can see the U.S. has gone to great lengths to keep that as secret or unknown as possible. 

Has The CIA Responded To “Wormwood?”


REVEALED: The long-suppressed official report on US biowarfare in North Korea

 INSURGE intelligence — by Dr Jeffrey Kaye (February 20 2018)


Wormwood — Q&A with Dr Jeffrey Kaye

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