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On This Day — Stern Gang Bombs Cairo-Haifa Train (February 29 1948)

“In the ever-controversial history of Palestine, a special place is reserved for Avraham Stern. The leader of the eponymous “gang” – its Hebrew name meant “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel” – was shot and killed in February 1942 after … Continue reading

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Remembering Olof Palme (January 30 1927 – February 28 1986) [2020]

“This is an open wound in Swedish society. It is extremely important that this is solved.” Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (May 2018) “The Anti Apartheid Conference in Stockholm, it is suggested by our Swedish Sources in Uppsala, would present … Continue reading

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Crypto AG — Was Boris Hagelin Jr. Murdered by the CIA? [UPDATE – BND Boss : “The number of deaths surrounding Crypto AG is disproportionately high.”]

“My son Boris Jr., who met a tragic death in 1970, had an inventive mind, and his contributions when the post-war CX-type was  designed  were  very  important.” The Story of Hagelin-Cryptos — Boris Hagelin (1981) “Even the vice president of … Continue reading

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On This Day — Allen Dulles Becomes First Civilian Director of Central Intelligence (February 26 1953) [2020]

“President Dwight Eisenhower, named Allen Dulles CIA Director. Dulles’ forte was overthrowing governments and he was quite good at it. With coups in Iran (1953) and Guatemala (1954) under his belt, Dulles was riding high in the late Fifties and … Continue reading

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The CIA Book of Honor — Star 121 : Mark S. Rausenberger (November 7, 1967 – May 23, 2016)

“There are now 125 stars on our Memorial Wall, each representing a life that is dear to us, and will be for all time. We remain forever devoted to them, as they were to us. And we will strive to … Continue reading

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Dag Hammarskjöld — US, UK and South Africa still withholding crucial information [UPDATE : Will the UN finally investigate Crypto AG?]

“Information of the type requested is the missing link that makes the present picture incomplete, and its conspicuous absence from the record means that conclusions about the cause of the crash cannot yet be reached. South Africa, the UK and … Continue reading

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Book Review — The Coldest Warrior [Dr Frank Olson]

“The most efficient accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface.” CIA assassination manual (1953) “In other words, the Memorandum of Understanding, in your judgment, gave authority to the CIA to make … Continue reading

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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Face Trial For Corruption [UPDATE : Date set for October 5 2020]

“Sarkozy has to give back the money he accepted from Libya to finance his electoral campaign. We financed his campaign and we have the proof… The first thing we’re demanding is that this clown gives back the money to the … Continue reading

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50 Years Ago — Remembering Swissair Flight 330 (February 21 1970)

“330 is going down. Goodbye everybody.” Co-pilot Armand Etienne — February 21 1970 1:34 “Bern threw a ‘cloak of silence’ over the case.” Swiss Investigator Robert Akeret “The secret deal was ‘immoral’ and in breach of legal principles, but it … Continue reading

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On This Day — CIA Aldrich Ames Arrested by FBI in Arlington, Virginia (February 21, 1994) [2020]

“I knew quite well, when I gave the names of our agents in the Soviet Union, that I was exposing them to the full machinery of counter-espionage and the law, and then prosecution and capital punishment.” Former CIA Aldrich Hazen … Continue reading

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