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Three Years Ago — Dead Man Diary : Sarkozy 2007 Presidential Election Campaign Funded by Gaddafi

“A further 3 million euros was purportedly transferred by a son of Gaddafi before the final 2 million was sent by Abdullah Sanussi, the then head of Libyan intelligence service.” MEDIAPART September 28 2016 –French news website ‘Mediapart’ has uncovered … Continue reading

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Remembering CIA Rachel A. Dean (April 10 1981 – September 30 2006) [2019]

“Rachel was a warm and compassionate young woman, and an officer of unbounded potential. We miss her still and will remember her always. She is our 87th star.” CIA Director General Michael V. Hayden — May 21 2007 “From the … Continue reading

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Former CIA Chief of Disguise : “No Priest, No Peace Corps & No Journalist”

“Peter Kornbluh of the invaluable National Security Archive has called Posada [Luis Posada Carriles] a CIA-created Frankenstein, and the historical record indicates that Kornbluh may be low-balling it. This is a guy who disguised himself as a priest to break … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — New York Times vs. CIA : “An Old Debate Wrapped in New Clothes” [UPDATE — Trump Whistleblower Is CIA Officer]

“Because it’s a military operation, I don’t think we can completely treat the people who run it purely as intelligence operatives. It moves into a different realm in the discussion as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like you’re exposing … Continue reading

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20 Years Ago — Belgium Most Wanted Fehriye Erdal Is Arrested [September 26 1999]

“Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx and Interior Minister Patrick Dewael survived a storm of criticism over the disappearance of Turkish militant Fehriye Erdal during a Parliament debate on Monday night. (…) Questioned how it was possible that Erdal was allowed to … Continue reading

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On This Day — Stanislav Petrov Saves the World from Nuclear War (September 26 1983)

“The siren howled. But I just sat there for a few seconds, staring at the big, back-lit, red screen with the word ‘LAUNCH’ on it.” Colonel Stanislav Petrov On September 26 1983 — just three weeks after the Soviet military … Continue reading

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Havana Syndrome — Pesticide may have caused diplomats’ illness. Really? [Comments from Dr James Giordano]

“We report the clinical, imaging and biochemical evidence consistent with the hypothesis of over-exposure to cholinesterase inhibitors as the cause of brain injury.” Canadian Study (September 2019) “It took us many months to get to this conclusion, and there is … Continue reading

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30 Years Ago — The Lockerbie DIA Memo [September 24 1989]

“The bombing of the Pan Am flight [103] was conceived, authorised and financed by Ali-Akbar Mohtashemi-Pur, Iran’s former interior minister. The execution of the operation was contracted to Ahmad [Jibril], Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command [PFLP-GC] … Continue reading

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On This Day — Newspaper Heiress Patricia Hearst Sentenced to Seven Years (September 24 1976) [2019]

“I frankly don’t think it’s going to be a successful war on terrorism until law enforcement agencies like the FBI are willing to share with other law enforcement agencies. If they can’t share information, there’s no way this war can … Continue reading

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On This Day — Puerto Rican Pro-Independence Movement Leader Assassinated by FBI Agents (September 23 2005) [Filiberto Ojeda Ríos]

“Few times have we hated so, and so united in our hate.” Julio Muriente — University professor and co-leader of the Hostosiano Movement “We have every reason to believe the agents acted properly.” FBI Spokesperson On September 23 2005, Filiberto … Continue reading

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