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One Year Ago — In-Q-Tel: Like Father, Like Son…

“In-Q-Tel provides only limited information about its investments, and some of its trustees have ties to funded companies.” Wall Street Journal – 30 August 2016 There is no secret about the CIA — and other US Intelligence agencies — being … Continue reading

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Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: CIA supplies ISIS & al-Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq and Syria

“Why does [Former CIA Director] Mr. Morell believe a Syrian transitional government will end the civil war when transitional governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya did nothing to end civil wars in their respective countries?” Bruce Fein — US … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Former MI5 Annie Machon Discusses Morell’s “Strategy” in Syria

“If Mr. Morell is the best the CIA has to offer, the agency should be replaced with a subscription to The New York Times at a savings of approximately $15 billion annually.” Bruce Fein — US Constitutional Lawyer “This is … Continue reading

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Wormwood — The mysterious death of Cold War-era military scientist Frank Olson [Netflix]

“To what extent can a democracy lie to its citizens and still, in the end, remain a democracy?” Errol Morris — Statement about “Wormwood” Errol Morris, one of the most acclaimed and influential documentarians of all time, is back with … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — “28 Pages” – Former CIA Robert Baer: “We Deserve The Truth”

“There was an awful lot of participation by Saudi individuals in supporting the hijackers, and some of those people worked in the Saudi government. Our report should never have been read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia.” John F. Lehman … Continue reading

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Facebook & the CIA [Parody]

“Every time you go to a party and take a picture and post that picture to Facebook, you’re being a rat.”  Julian Assange — WikiLeaks WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says Facebook, Google, and Yahoo are actually tools for the U.S. … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Turkey Coup: “CIA Plotters’ Meeting” in Büyükada

“Sixteen foreigners entered Büyükada Island just before the coup in a clandestine manner and booked hotel rooms on the island, but they left the island immediately as the coup failed. This covert group was led by Henri Barkey, an expert … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Prison Officials Respond to CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s Health Complaint

“Stirling grew up really feeling that he was going to make it out of the situation that is so often consigned to poor, black Americans, and so he really was resolute, from everything I understand, that he wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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The KRYPTOS Sculpture — SECTION I : A KEYED Vigenère Cipher [And why the CIA lies so much about it?] — UPDATE

“I have developed much too thick a skin to be surprised, let alone upset, by people telling me how that great CIA tells us the truth. If an organisation accustomed to lying tells you it is telling the truth, where … Continue reading

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One Year Ago –Trump and the Attempted Coup in Turkey : “13 CIA senior officers helped in Failed Coup”

“I’ve got fresh evidence 13 CIA senior officers helped in Turkey failed Coup. I will divulge the names in the coming days.” Donald Trump — 15 August 2016 In a message posted on August 15 2016, Trump claimed that he … Continue reading

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