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Remembering Olof Palme (January 30 1927 – February 28 1986)

“This is an open wound in Swedish society. It is extremely important that this is solved.” Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (May 2018) “The Anti Apartheid Conference in Stockholm, it is suggested by our Swedish Sources in Uppsala, would present … Continue reading

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Havana Syndrome — PAFSO President Pamela Isfeld : “The Situation is Deeply Disturbing.”

“The situation facing the 14 Canadians suffering from “Havana Syndrome” is deeply disturbing to all of us in PAFSO and the broader foreign service community. They have our utmost concern and sympathy. The fact that no cause or source of … Continue reading

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Inside the Intrigue of Russia’s Cyberattacks [Breaking News — FSB Col and Kaspersky Scientist Found Guilty]

“Looks like Sergey [Mikhailov] and Ruslan [Ruslan Stoyanov] were looking for various “scapegoats” who were easy to track down and who had a lot of criminal evidence collected against them, and then reported them to iDefence through Kimberly [Zenz]. This was … Continue reading

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On This Day — Allen Dulles Becomes First Civilian Director of Central Intelligence (February 26 1953)

“President Dwight Eisenhower, named Allen Dulles CIA Director. Dulles’ forte was overthrowing governments and he was quite good at it. With coups in Iran (1953) and Guatemala (1954) under his belt, Dulles was riding high in the late Fifties and … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Germany : BND Spying On Journalists

“We are disappointed to hear these claims. The BBC’s mission is to bring accurate news and information to people around the world, and our journalists should be able to operate freely and safely, with full protection for their sources. We … Continue reading

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Robert Hannigan Steps Down As GCHQ Boss [UPDATE — Hannigan Resigned Over Paedophile Priest Case]

“Technology and the internet are overwhelmingly brilliant things for human progress. Unfortunately there will always be people who want to abuse the latest technology. And it’s our job to deal with that dark side.” Robert Hannigan — Former GCHQ Director … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Juan Pablo Escobar: “My Father Worked for the CIA.”

“My father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.” Juan Pablo Escobar “What we’ve learned is that if you look at history what happened with the Medellin Cartel after we took them … Continue reading

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The Skripal Affair — Does Anyone Believe The Official Narrative?

“The issue surrounding the identify [sic] of a former MI6 informer Sergei Skripal is already widely available in the public domain. However, the identifies [sic] of intelligence agency personnel associated with Sergei Skripal are not yet widely available in the public … Continue reading

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Biography — Jan Van Risseghem [Prime Suspect in Hammarskjold Cold case]

“He didn’t know. Jan told me: ‘I made the mission and that’s all. And then I had to go back and save my life.’ ” Pierre Coppens — Former Paratrooper and longtime friend of Jan Van Risseghem Jan Henri van … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — DARPA to Resurrect Top-Secret “PANDORA Project”

“DARPA develops the weapons of the future. It funds everything from basic science to advanced technology, though the ultimate goal is always to develop something that can be used by the military.” Sharon Weinberger — “The Imagineers of War: The … Continue reading

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