Havana Syndrome — PAFSO President Pamela Isfeld : “The Situation is Deeply Disturbing.”

“The situation facing the 14 Canadians suffering from “Havana Syndrome” is deeply disturbing to all of us in PAFSO and the broader foreign service community. They have our utmost concern and sympathy. The fact that no cause or source of the injuries has been found means that no prevention or protection measures can be put in place. We’re painfully aware that this could happen to any of us, any time.”

Pamela Isfeld — President of the Canadian “Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers”

Pamela Isfeld is the first full-time president of the Canadian “Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers” [PFASO]. The former Canadian diplomat spoke recently about her new job and the ‘Havana Syndrome’ crisis. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Pamela Isfeld stated that diplomats face complex and difficult security situations, such as the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” that has affected a number of Canadian diplomats and their families, including several children, while at Canada’s mission in Cuba.

PAFSO’s main concern is the health and safety of our members. Although we are not involved in the private legal action launched by the affected individuals last week, we will continue to press the Government of Canada to get them the care they need.

We are also supporting other members affected by the situation, including the drawdown of representation, in Havana.

This case is a dramatic illustration of the gaps in GAC’s (Global Affairs Canada ) resources, policies and procedures for supporting employees.

For example, although they have now established a task force, including PAFSO, it took several months to set up.

The team now includes a doctor, but there was no physician on staff when this happened.

Bureaucratic procedures are clunky and difficult for anyone, especially injured staff, to navigate.

GAC itself admits this was just not good enough.

We are committed to working together to implement proactive and holistic measures to ensure that any future victims of “Havana Syndrome” — or any other such traumatic situation or event — do not have to keep reinventing the horse.

For the record — The expression “Havana Syndrome” was coined by Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer and appeared for the first time in a story published by the Intel Today blog on October 3 2017. [Here is the tweet] Why would Wikipedia dispute such a simple fact?

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Havana Syndrome — PAFSO President Pamela Isfeld : “The Situation is Deeply Disturbing.”

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