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COVID-19 — From Mathematical Modelling to Policy Making

“Few scientific fields have a single metric that both insiders and outsiders obsess over as much as infectious disease epidemiology’s basic reproductive number, .” Professor Alison Hill — Institute for Computational Medicine and the infectious disease dynamics group at Johns … Continue reading

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Lessons of History — French President Charles de Gaulle : “The word of the president of the United States is good enough for me.”

“History is determined not just by the so-called rational actors, the men (or women) in suits, the bureaucrats and the top military brass. ‘Irrational actors’ – people who stumble onto the stage by chance and change the course of history … Continue reading

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Coronavirus — “Potential Emergence of a Global Pandemic” [NIC — Global Trends 2025 (November 2008)]

“Other pathogens—such as the SARS coronavirus or other influenza strains — also have this potential. (…) Outside the US, critical infrastructure degradation and economic loss on a global scale would result as approximately a third of the worldwide population became … Continue reading

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