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HAVANA SYNDROME — China Military Used Microwave Weapons against Indian Troops [August 29 2020]

“The People’s Liberation Army beautifully seized the ground without violating a no-live-shot rule governing the orders of engagement in the mountain stand-off. We didn’t publicize it because we solved the problem beautifully. India didn’t publicize it either because they lost … Continue reading

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India — “Honey -Trapped” IAF Officer Arrested For Spying

“During questioning, he admitted that he had taken pictures of the classified documents, which were in his custody, on his cellphone. He also confessed that he had sent the pictures of the documents to the two women on WhatsApp and … Continue reading

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India — Former Head Spook Denounces Kafkaesque AADHAAR Database

“I have come across any number of stupidities, fallacies, misconceptions, notions, whims and fancies regarding Aadhaar. Possibly the only Kafkaesque stipulation I have yet to encounter is the need to have an Aadhaar number in order to apply for an … Continue reading

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