HAVANA SYNDROME — China Military Used Microwave Weapons against Indian Troops [August 29 2020]

The People’s Liberation Army beautifully seized the ground without violating a no-live-shot rule governing the orders of engagement in the mountain stand-off. We didn’t publicize it because we solved the problem beautifully. India didn’t publicize it either because they lost so miserably.

Jin Canrong — Professor of International Relations at Renmin University, Beijing

November 17 2020 — According to a report just released, China’s military used microwave weapons to force Indian troops to retreat during a months-long border standoff in the Himalayas. The microwave attacks took place on August 29 2020. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Since April 2020, China and India have been engaged in a high-altitude border standoff in the Ladakh region.

According to Jin Canrong, a professor of international relations at Beijing-based Renmin University, China’s military used microwave weapons against Indian soldiers, forcing them to retreat and allowing the positions to be retaken without an exchange of conventional fire.

“In 15 minutes, those occupying the hilltops all began to vomit,” he said.

“They couldn’t stand up, so they fled. This was how we retook the ground.”

Multiple Chinese media outlets reported the PLA’s “innovative use of microwave weapons” to force the Indian army to retreat, saying it could have been for the first time such weapons were used.

“Whether or not a microwave weapon was the culprit, this stealth technique may be a weapon of the future. I would not be surprised if some military establishment around the world invests or has already been engaged in such a program.”

Professor James Lin — Intel Today (Dec. 22 2017)

China is making rapid strides in the development of directed energy weapons.

In fact, many variants of the weapons have already been deployed on surface ships and may be installed on drones in the near future.


On October 3 2017, I coined the expression “Havana Syndrome”. The expression is now universally used, both by the media and the research community. A Google search of the expression “Havana Syndrome” brings about  3.5 million results!

Why did I coin the expression “Havana Syndrome” and what does it mean?

As soon as I heard about this rather unusual saga, I immediately made a connection between the Havana attacks and the old story of the Microwave Syndrome, thus the conflation Havana Syndrome.

I understand that a study conducted by the US National Academy of Sciences has recently reached the same conclusion. 

Does this story ring a bell?

In 2014, I noticed suspicious microwave ‘activities’ in Brussels, Belgium. Therefore, I recommended a simple way to document these microwave attacks.

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The culprits could have been caught “Red Handed”. Pure and simple.

But a few days before the project was about to begin, someone decided to cancel the 24/7 monitoring of RF signals in Brussels. Who gave that order and why?

Just another coincidence?

On September 5 2018, William Evanina — Director of the US National Counter-Intelligence and Security Center — made two extraordinary revelations.

Firstly, similar events have occurred elsewhere. [Country other than Cuba, Russia or China]

Secondly, the effects are believed to be the consequences of an intelligence operation. [Microwave spying]

Last month, it was revealed that the NSA had noticed microwave attacks against US diplomats’ apartments in 2014. The timing can’t be a coincidence…

Stay tuned!


China’s microwave pulse weapon defeats Indian troops at Himalayan border — The Australian


HAVANA SYNDROME — China Military Used Microwave Weapons against Indian Troops

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