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One Year Ago — TRUMP & The CIA Briefings

“By his words and his actions, Mr Trump is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk.” Former CIA Director John Brennan (August 2017) When asked by Fox News if he trusts the US Intelligence Community, Trump … Continue reading

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BELGIUM: “No Link between Barcelona Imam and the 2016 Brussels Attacks”

“The imam did, in fact, stay in Belgium, but he was not known to the judicial authorities.” Thierry Werts — Spokesman of the Office of the Public Prosecutor According to the Belgium’s Office of the Public Prosecutor, there is no link … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — UK: Bulk Spying Powers Backed by Independent Reviewer

“Mr Anderson’s report demonstrates how the bulk powers contained in the Investigatory Powers Bill are of crucial importance to our security and intelligence agencies. These powers often provide the only means by which our agencies are able to protect the … Continue reading

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CIA Dr Richards J. Heuer: “Information Collection vs Analytical Methods”

“Do You Really Need More Information? The US Intelligence Community invests heavily in improved intelligence collection systems while managers of analysis lament the comparatively small sums devoted to enhancing analytical resources, improving analytical methods, or gaining better understanding of the cognitive … Continue reading

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The KRYPTOS Sculpture — SECTION I : A KEYED Vigenère Cipher [And why the CIA lies so much about it?]

“I have developed much too thick a skin to be surprised, let alone upset, by people telling me how that great CIA tells us the truth. If an organisation accustomed to lying tells you it is telling the truth, where … Continue reading

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The “FAREWELL DOSSIER”: Geopolitical consequences on the end of the Cold War

“So the accomplishments of FAREWELL, in summary, are enormous. It was a major — major — accelerator to the end of the Cold War. (…) It was a critical and heroic accomplishment by President Mitterrand and his government, whatever the … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — ISIS: 3 Belgian Citizens at the ‘Creation’ Meeting

“Then Baghdadi asked each commander to bring in some of his fighters. Abu al-Atheer, the MSM commander, invited Belgian, Dutch, and French fighters who were under his command to the occasion.” Foreign Policy —  August 16 2016 Three Belgian citizens … Continue reading

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German court rejects request to release Swiss suspected spy — [UPDATE]

“The scandal reaches new proportions when spies sign up informers in the finance administration, in order to spy on successful NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia ] tax investigators and play into the hands of people who make billions in profit at the … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — MK-ULTRA in Popular Culture

“While the court must limit its analysis to the four corners of the complaint, the skeptical reader may wish to know that the public record supports many of the allegations [in the family’s suit], farfetched as they may sound.” U.S. … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern: “Michael Morell’s Comments are Reckless and Vapid”

“Watching Michael Morell respond to those softball pitches from Charlie Rose on Monday, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that glibness, vacuousness and ambition can get you to the very top of U.S. intelligence in the Twenty-first Century – and can … Continue reading

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