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Crypto AG — Belgium Intelligence Committee Launches Investigation

“Als de ene blinde de andere leidt, vallen ze beiden in de gracht.” [“When one blind man leads another, they both fall into the ditch.”] Dutch proverb “The ADIV is aware of the Rubicon affair and is currently investigating the … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — BELGIUM : €10bn Missing From Gaddafi Frozen Accounts

“There remains a little less than 5 billion euros on the four accounts opened at Euroclear Bank SA.” Denis Goeman — Spokesman from Brussels’ prosecutor’s office “Making the interest and other earnings freely available to the Libyan Investment Authority is … Continue reading

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Crypto AG — China FM : “United States is a Hacker Empire”

“Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.” Henry L. Stimson — US Secretary of State “The program had limits. America’s main adversaries, including the Soviet Union and China, were never Crypto customers. Their well-founded suspicions of the company’s ties to the … Continue reading

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On This Day — President Roosevelt Orders Internment of Japanese Americans (February 19 1942) [2020]

“The truth is—as this deplorable experience proves—that constitutions and laws are not sufficient of themselves…Despite the unequivocal language of the Constitution of the United States that the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, and despite the Fifth Amendment’s … Continue reading

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On This Day — FBI Robert Hanssen Is Arrested (February 18 2001) [2020]

“F.B.I. officials knew as far back as the mid-1980’s that Robert P. Hanssen, the longtime agent and convicted Russian spy, had repeatedly mishandled classified data and violated procedures but did nothing to prompt an investigation, a Justice Department report released … Continue reading

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CRYPTO AG — “MINERVA A History” : A Genuine CIA Report or a Piece of Disinformation?

“Eine Person, die den Bericht gesehen haben will, spricht von einer «Sprache, die in Groschenromanen zu lesen ist». Zudem seien auffällig viele Ausrufezeichen verwendet worden. Beides sei ungewöhnlich in einem Geheimdienstpapier.” [A person, who claims to have seen the report, … Continue reading

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On This Day — USMC Col. William R. Higgins Is Abducted in Lebanon (February 17 1988) [2020]

″The impression from the video is that he might have been killed soon after he was captured.″ Dr. Michael Baden — Director of forensic sciences for the New York State Police ″It clearly looked to me like the body was … Continue reading

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Den of Spies — Belgium Counterintelligence Chief Accused of Spying for Russia [UPDATE]

“If Clement Vandenborre is proved to have worked for Russia, it would be the biggest spy scandal since Herman Simm, an Estonian defence ministry official, was convicted of Russian espionage in Tallinn in 2009.” Andrew Rettman — EU Observer (February 15 … Continue reading

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Crypto AG — Was Boris Hagelin Jr. Murdered by the CIA?

“My son Boris Jr., who met a tragic death in 1970, had an inventive mind, and his contributions when the post-war CX-type was  designed  were  very  important.” The Story of Hagelin-Cryptos — Boris Hagelin (1981) “Even the vice president of … Continue reading

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On This Day — The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (February 14 1929) [2020]

“Since February 14, 1929, when seven men were gunned down inside a Clark Street garage, the mastermind behind the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre has remained a mystery, though suspicions usually point to Al Capone. Now a new biographer has uncovered … Continue reading

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