Crypto AG — China FM : “United States is a Hacker Empire”

“Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.”

Henry L. Stimson — US Secretary of State

“The program had limits. America’s main adversaries, including the Soviet Union and China, were never Crypto customers. Their well-founded suspicions of the company’s ties to the West shielded them from exposure …”

The intelligence coup of the century — Greg Miller (Washington Post – Feb. 11 2020)

February 19 2020 — China’s Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of being a “hacker empire”. The statement comes in the wake of the Crypto AG scandal. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The CIA has been using the Swiss company’s encoding devices to spy on over 120 countries for decades.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said facts have repeatedly shown that the United States is the world’s largest monitor in cyberspace.

He said its surveillance operations have no respect for international rules.

The spokesman called on the United States to give the international community an explanation for this scandal, together with CIA and NSA spying exposed by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden.

I keep asking myself the same questions. Who decided to leak the “CIA Report”? Why, and why now? And why are so many key facts ignored by the Washington Post.

Belgium was a primary target of the Rubicon Operation.

In fact, Belgium is one of the country that relied all the way to the end of the 20th century on Crypto AG for its diplomatic cables.

And yet, the Washington Post does not list Belgium among the targets and does not reveal a truly juicy detail, namely that the Dutch Intelligence services collaborate with the CIA to spy on Belgium (and Turkey) after Germany refused to do it. This will be the subject of my next post.

PS: I would advice the Chinese FM not to get too cocky. Bad news from Brussels could come his way…

Stay tuned!



Der Informant, der aus der Deckung kommt — NZZ am Sonntag


Crypto AG — China FM : “United States is a Hacker Empire”

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