On This Day — Who Killed Pierre Goldman? And Why? (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979) [2021]

“Marseille boys members of GAL killed him [Pierre Goldman] with Maïone, who also talked about a commandant, a former member of the SDECE [French secret service], without revealing to me his identity.”

Libération (April 2006)

Pierre Goldman (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979)

September 20 2020 — Who killed Goldman? Of course, I am not talking about the French singer — Jean-Jacques — who is one of the most loved personalities in France. I am talking about his brother Pierre, a French left-wing intellectual who was convicted of several robberies and mysteriously assassinated on September 20 1979. The case has never been solved.

By the way, although Jean-Jacques never spoke about his brother, many believe that the song “Puisque tu pars” is about Pierre. I left a couple of messages for JJ Goldman knowing full well that he would not reply. I hope that he will speak about his brother one day… “But not too late.” Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Havana Syndrome — First Magnetite Map of the Human Brain [UPDATE — Chinese scientists : “Magnetite causes cancer apoptosis under microwave irradiation.”]

“The presence of magnetite in the brain could be more than incidental. Various studies have shown that brain cells respond to external magnetic fields. There’s also a disturbing link to neuro-degenerative disease. Evidence exists of elevated levels of magnetite in brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease patients.”

R. Mark Wilson — Physics Today (August 30 2018)

September 12 2018 — Stuart Gilder and Christoph Schmitz — both at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich — have carried out the first systematic mapping of magnetite nano-particles in the human brain. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On This Day — Remembering UTA Flight 772 (September 19 1989) [UPDATE : Gaddafi strong man Abdullah Senussi wanted Sarkozy pardon for UTA 772. Now, he is in the US cross-hairs for Lockerbie.]

“Raufer established three new facts, all of them pointing — for the first time — to Libya as the culprit of both Pan Am 103 and UTA 772. These facts are false. (…) If that story gains credibility in the media and becomes the ‘new truth’, we will be forced to revisit our position regarding Libya and Gaddafi.”

French Intelligence (DST) — Note to French President Francois Mitterrand (June 1991)

Rescuers stand near the wreckage of the French UTA DC-10 flight 772 in the Tenere desert, on September 22, 1989

September 19 2020 — It has been called the greatest murder investigation in French history. When a suitcase bomb destroyed French Airlines UTA Flight 772, killing all 170 passengers and crew on board, it triggered a decade long search for accountability. At the conclusion of the investigation, the French investigative magistrate judge — Jean Louis Bruguiere — determined that the Libyan State was directly responsible for the bombing of UTA Flight 772. Case closed?

Not everyone is convinced. Pierre Péan, one of the greatest French investigative journalists, came to the conclusion that Thomas Thurman — a Federal Bureau of Investigation explosives expert — fabricated false evidence against Libya in the investigations of Pan Am Flight 103 and UTA Flight 772 . Péan is certainly not alone to suspect foul play. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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60 Years Ago — Who Killed Dag Hammarskjöld and Why? (September 18 1961)

 “It will be necessary to find some way of pulling Hammarskjold up short.”

UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (September 13  1961)

***** ***** *****

“Hammarskjöld was at the point of getting something done when they killed him. Notice that I said ‘when they killed him’.”

US President Harry Truman (September 19  1961)

The wreckage of Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane near Ndola, now Zambia.

September 18 2020 — On September 18 1961, the Ndola United Nations DC-6 crashed, killing Dag Hammarskjöld — the second Secretary-General of the United Nations — and 15 others died. Hammarskjöld’s death occurred en route to cease-fire negotiations. A British-run commission of inquiry blamed the crash in 1961 on pilot error. A later UN investigation rubber-stamped its findings. Case closed? Not so fast. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Havana Syndrome — Two new cases in Vietnam delay Vice President Harris’ visit [UPDATE : CIA Deputy Director David Cohen : “This is real and we are going to figure it out.”]

“We do not know who, if anyone, is actually responsible, state actor, individuals. This is exactly what we’re trying to get to the bottom of.”

Secretary of State Tony Blinken

August 3 2021 — Judy Woodruff and Nick Schifrin discuss the debilitating medical ailments affecting U.S. diplomatic and intelligence officers in Cuba — which have become known as Havana Syndrome. Nothing new but a good summary of the current situation. Follow us on twitter: @Intel_Today

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One Year Ago — COVID-19 : Why has Belgium the highest death rate in the world? [UPDATE III : Brussels Health Minister is a dangerous Pinocchio.]

“Brussels Health Minister Alain Maron is a dangerous Pinocchio. His lies have turned the vaccination campaign into a complete fiasco that will haunt the Belgian Capital for years to come. One could argue that this public health clusterfuck has become a National Security Threat.”

Intel Today (July 2 2021)

June 2 2020 — Based on a comparison of corona-virus deaths in 178 countries relative to their population, Belgium had the most losses to COVID-19 up until May 29, 2020. These statistics are horrifying. And yet, the truth is even worse. In the Region of Brussels-Capital, the relative death rate is actually twice higher than the average for Belgium. What can possibly explain such an incredibly high death rate? Short answer: incompetence and corruption.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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101 Years Ago — The Wall Street Bombing (September 16 1920)

“Almost in front of the steps leading up to the Morgan bank was the mutilated body of a man. Other bodies, most of them silent in death, lay nearby. As I gazed horror stricken at the site, one of these forms, half-naked and seared with burns, started to rise. It struggled, then toppled and fell lifeless into the gutter.”

Reporter George Weston

A photo of the aftermath of the 1920s Wall Street bombing in New York City.

September 16 2021 — The Wall Street bombing occurred at 12:01 pm on September 16, 1920, in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. The blast killed 30 people immediately, and another 8 died later of wounds sustained in the blast. There were 143 seriously injured, and the total number of injured was in the hundreds. The case was never solved. The attack was possibly an act of revenge for the September 11 1920 indictment of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On This Day — Swiss Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury (September 15 2007) [UPDATE : MEBO Engineer Ulrich Lumpert Dies in Zurich]

“Cretton [Real name : Swiss Inspector Hans Knaus] expressed his concerns (…) The first was that the CIA had planted the chip [PT/35(b)] in the wreckage found at Lockerbie. [Detective Superintendant (SIO) Stuart] Henderson and I told him this thought had also crossed our minds. Neither of us believed the CIA or any government official would do such a thing, but we had discussed the possibility.”

Richard Marquise — FBI Agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation

September 15 2020 — On December 21 1988, N739PA — the Boeing 747 aircraft operating the transatlantic leg of Pan Am Flight 103 — broke up in flight over Scotland. All 243 passengers and 16 crew died as well as 11 residents of Lockerbie. This horrific crime has been called the world’s biggest unsolved murder.

On September 15 2007, I posted my first report on the Lockerbie Affair. New Evidence and Logic have led me to rewrite 30 years of History. I have come to the conclusion that Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrated in flight over Lockerbie on December 21 1988 because of a massive structural failure due to well-known issues of metal fatigue in section 41 and 42 of the Boeing 747 (Series 100 & 200), not because of an explosive device.

The MST-13 timer played the central role in the cover-up of this tragedy, as it neatly blames the destruction of Pan Am 103 on Libya. As a result of my research, I expected that the FAA would investigate similar Boeing manufacturing flaws as new generations of Boeing airliners may have inherited a mild form of that disease. It is happening. Coincidence?  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The CIA Book of Honor — Star 122 : Nathan Ross Chapman

“For as long as this Agency endures, we will never shy away from the risks that must be taken to protect America and to further freedom’s cause. Today, we pay tribute to our heroes who accepted those risks and placed themselves in harm’s way, expecting neither praise nor fame in return.”

CIA Director John O. Brennan — May 18 2015

Nathan Ross Chapman (April 23, 1970 – January 4, 2002)

September 14 2021 — On May 18 2015, the Central Intelligence Agency held its annual memorial ceremony to pay tribute to the men and women of CIA who have died in the line of duty. Two stars were added to the Memorial Wall. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Three Years Ago — Havana Syndrome : Neuro-Weapons Behind Cuba Attacks? U.S. Intel Agencies Suspect Russia [UPDATE : Quick note on the BBC pseudo-investigation]

“I got a call from the State Department in February of 2017, and literally, the call was, ‘This is the State Department, we have a problem.’ They spoke to me about individuals who began experiencing symptoms late in 2016 with ear pain, ringing in the ear, dizziness and cognitive issues.”

Michael Hoffer — Otolaryngologist at the University of Miami

September 13 2018 — According to three unidentified U.S. officials and two other people briefed on the probe, Russia is the main suspect in the U.S. agencies’ investigation of mysterious illnesses in American personnel in Cuba and China. According to NBC, the U.S. military is trying to reverse-engineer the weapon used to harm the diplomats. I was the first person to suggest that the mysterious illness may have been caused by “microwave attacks” and I still believe it to be plausible. But I also think that the US investigators are on the wrong track. In my opinion, they have the wrong suspect and the wrong motive. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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