30 Years Ago — US President George H. W. Bush condemns Iraq’s takeover of Kuwait at UN (October 1 1990) [Lockerbie & The Tehran Conspiracy Theory]

“Two months ago, in the waning weeks of one of history’s most hopeful summers, the vast, still beauty of the peaceful Kuwaiti desert was fouled by the stench of diesel and the roar of steel tanks. Once again the sound of distant thunder echoed across a cloudless sky, and once again the world awoke to face the guns of August.

But this time, the world was ready. The United Nations Security Council’s resolute response to Iraq’s unprovoked aggression has been without precedent. Since the invasion on August 2nd, the Council has passed eight major resolutions setting the terms for a solution to the crisis.”

US President George H. W. Bush — Address to the United Nations (October 1st 1990)

“For, in a world suddenly endangered by the Gulf crisis, Syria and Iran have become unexpected partners with the West against Saddam Hussein. When Syrian troops stand shoulder-to-shoulder with British and American soldiers, the 270 victims of Lockerbie take second place in the struggle for justice.”

Sunday Times INSIGHT “The Lockerbie Files” (Sept. 30 1990)

“An interminable series in The Sunday Times in late 1989 named the gang, its leader, its bomb-maker and the Palestinian who had bought clothes in a Maltese boutique which ended up in the bomb suitcase. Two years later, the blame suddenly shifted to Libya. By then Syria had signed up to the 1991 version of the coalition of the willing; it’s co-operation was symbolically significant, so Hafez Al Assad could no longer be alienated. A different culprit therefore had to be selected.”

Paul Foot (1995)

October 1 2020 — On this day 30 years ago, US President George H. W. Bush condemned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

One of the best tools I know to fight fake news and conspiracy theories is a good timeline.

Here is a simple way to debunk a popular Conspiracy Theory about Lockerbie.

Many ‘experts’ have suggested and continue to argue that the “switch” from Iran & Syria to Libya was the result of realpolitik.

Here is the typical explanation provided by The Guardian [1] :

“The impending Anglo-American war against Iraq necessitated neutralising Iran and winning the support of Syria.

Britain’s diplomatic relations with Syria were duly restored in November 1990 and the Gulf war commenced in 1991.

Sure enough, the credibility of intelligence theories about the Lockerbie bombing being masterminded by the Iran- and Syria-backed Palestinian gang was soon dismantled.”

Sadly, many people, including the lawyer for Megrahi’s family, still subscribe to this theory.

Let me make one thing very clear. This theory is nonsense! [2]

PT/35(b) is a small fragment of a MST-13 timer circuit that, according to the Lockerbie verdict, triggered an IED onboard Pan Am 103.

As I explain in Chapter VIII of my book, I do not believe this story at all.

I am quite certain that PT/35(b) is a forgery that was planted among the debris to implicate Libya in the bombing of Pan Am 103.

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You may or may not agree. But one fact is irrefutable. PT/35(b) was certainly part of the ‘evidence’ at the latest in January 1990. [This fragment was almost surely planted in the Autumn of 1989.]

The invasion of Kuwait occurred on August 2 1990. The timeline just does not work.

Those who believe that Bush blamed Libya for Lockerbie because his Gulf War necessitated “neutralising Iran and winning the support of Syria” are clearly talking nonsense.

The ‘Tehran conspiracy theory’ is simply idiotic, no matter how many times that story has been told.

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Never forget that “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.” [Franklin D. Roosevelt]

PS — The interminable series published by The Sunday Times in late 1989 was of course fraudulent journalism as I explained in my series about The GOLFER. As popular wisdom teaches us, “He who pays the piper calls the tune. ” Who paid The Golfer for his lies?


October 1, 1990: Address to the United Nations

1) The Guardian  —  Lockerbie conspiracies: from A to Z — Based on a 1995 Guardian investigation by Paul Foot and John Ashton — by Patrick Barkham — The Guardian (April 7 1998) [K is for Kuwait]

2) See : Lockerbie — Was Megrahi a Libyan Intelligence Officer?


30 Years Ago — US President George H. W. Bush condemns Iraq’s takeover of Kuwait at UN (October 1 1990) [Lockerbie & The Tehran Conspiracy Theory]

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