Sport Intelligence — Tokyo Olympics Women’s Heptathlon

“A sports intelligent athlete has the ability to search and detect relevant cues, identify patterns of play and behaviours, use short- and long-term memory and recall, make effective decisions and possess a baseline level of knowledge about sport specific tasks.”

Fisher Carrie — Sport Intelligence (1984)

August 5 2021 — After six events, Belgian THIAM Nafissatou (5912) has a small but definite advantage over Dutch VETTER Anouk (5848). Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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THIAM Nafissatou is leading VETTER Anouk by 64 points. Is it enough to secure a Gold medal?

Thiam’s best time on 800 metres is 2:15.24 which is worth 890 points.

VETTER Anouk’s best result is 2:17.71 min.

Assuming that the athletes run about their best time, 64 points equate to almost 5 seconds.

That is quite an advantage…

Then again, as a wise guy once famously said:

“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” [1]

We shall know in just a few minutes…

UPDATE — THIAM Nafissatou wins the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Heptathlon. Congratulations and a special thought for her coach Roger Lespagnard.

Women’s Heptathlon | ATHLETICS – Highlights | Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020


Tokyo Olympics: Athletics – Women’s Heptathlon results — BBC

[1] The remark has been attributed to Niels Bohr, Goldwyn, Robert Storm Petersen, and Yogi Berra. But it seems it originates from a debate in the Danish parliament in 1937/1938.


Sport Intelligence — Tokyo Olympics Women’s Heptathlon

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