On This Day — Remembering Dr David Kelly (May 14, 1944 – July 17, 2003) [2021]

“It is no exaggeration to say that between 1990 and his death in 2003, Dr Kelly probably did more to make the world a more secure place than anyone on the planet. Even among the elite group of international weapons inspectors, he was regarded with some awe, as the inspectors’ inspector.”

Former MP Norman Baker

July 16 2021 — The death of Dr David Kelly in 2003 is one of the strangest events in recent British history. This scrupulous scientist — an expert on weapons of mass destruction — was caught up in the rush to war in Iraq. He felt under pressure from those around Tony Blair to provide evidence that Saddam Hussein was producing weapons of mass destruction. Dr Kelly seemed to have tipped into sudden depression when he was outed as a source for Andrew Gilligan. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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“After Kelly had committed suicide, one of the things that kept the whole thing going was Andrew [Gilligan]’s assurance that this was absolutely what Kelly had told him. It wasn’t until the Hutton inquiry itself that Andrew [Gilligan] finally conceded that this might not have been the case. (…) But it is sad that ten years on, we are still seeing a determination to shoot the messenger when scandals are exposed, rather than dealing with the substantive points raised.”

Dominic Ponsford (July 2013)

UPDATE (July 16 2021) — I do not know whether Kelly committed suicide or whether  he was suicided.

Either way, it is rather obvious that Tony Blair is responsible for his death. Yet, it is Kelly who wrote Blair’s epitaph: “Here lies a liar.”

So, here is a question. How do you remember a man like Dr. Kelly? I suggest that the only way to honor his memory is to continue his work.

And right now, there is no bigger scandal than the OPCW cover-up of the Douma fake chemical attack reports.

Recently, 28 notable signatories — including five former senior OPCW officials — have expressed deep concern over the protracted controversy and political fall-out surrounding the OPCW and its investigation of the alleged chemical weapon attacks in Douma, Syria, on 7 April 2018.

“Since the publication by the OPCW of its final report in March 2019, a series of worrying developments has raised serious and substantial concerns with respect to the conduct of that investigation. These developments include instances in which OPCW inspectors involved with the investigation have identified major procedural and scientific irregularities, the leaking of a significant quantity of corroborating documents, and damning statements provided to UN Security Council meetings.

It is now well established that some senior inspectors involved with the investigation, one of whom played a central role, reject how the investigation derived its conclusions, and OPCW management now stands accused of accepting unsubstantiated or possibly manipulated findings with the most serious geo-political and security implications. Calls by some members of the Executive Council of the OPCW to allow all inspectors to be heard were blocked. (…)

We believe that the interests of the OPCW are best served by the Director General providing a transparent and neutral forum in which the concerns of all the investigators can be heard as well as ensuring that a fully objective and scientific investigation is completed.

To that end, we call on the Director General of the OPCW to find the courage to address the problems within his organization relating to this investigation and ensure States Parties and the United Nations are informed accordingly. In this way we hope and believe that the credibility and integrity of the OPCW can be restored.”

From the very beginning, I told you that it was abundantly clear that the “Douma chemical attack” was staged and that the OPCW manipulated the reports to support this propaganda.

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In an exclusive interview with Intel Today, documentary maker Carla Ortiz, who was near Douma at the time of these events, told me that no such attack had occurred.

“I will be found dead in the woods…. There are many dark actors milling around.”

Dr David Kelly

Killing Kelly

‘Killing Kelly’ looks at the strange death of Dr David Kelly amidst the swirl of events surrounding the Bush and Blair invasion and occupation of Iraq. 

This new documentary [Director: Sean A Murray — Writer: George Galloway] asks the most uncomfortable of questions of the role of Tony Blair’s government along with Britain’s secret service into the untimely death of the world renowned chemical weapons expert.


“We have lots of evidence … No coroner in the land would reach a verdict of suicide as Lord Hutton did.”

Dr Stephen Frost

UPDATE (July 17 2020) — A new documentary [Director: Sean A Murray] is near completion. Written by George Galloway, “Killing Kelly” is expected to be released on October 1st 2020.

SUMMARY — ‘Killing Kelly’ looks at the strange death of Dr David Kelly amidst the swirl of events surrounding the Bush and Blair invasion and occupation of Iraq. Kelly, a former government scientist at the Porton Down Chemical and Biological Weapons facility in England and a weapons inspector in Iraq, was found dead in the woods – as he predicted he would be if Iraq was invaded.

A formal Coroners Inquest was denied and a hand-picked Government inquiry instituted instead, which duly concluded he had committed suicide. “Nothing to see here” it said but promptly locked up all the evidence for 70 years just in case.

George Galloway’s film “Killing Kelly” examines the theory postulated by many scientists doctors and even former British government ministers that Dr Kelly did not commit suicide but was murdered. Murdered by persons intimately connected with that swirl of events in the Iraq War.

Kelly claimed in one of his last emails that there, were “many dark actors milling around”. ‘Killing Kelly’ aims to find out what he meant. To bring the “dark actors” into the light…


“Some people are natural conspiracy theorists. I’m not. Maybe this is a weakness — an indication of a readiness to accept the official version of events and not to see evil plots lurking in the background. But after reading Miles Goslett’s masterful book about the supposed suicide of the weapons expert Dr David Kelly in 2003, I am more persuaded than ever that the authorities have not told us the whole truth about this tragic case.”

Stephen Glover — April 28 2018

The circumstances of Kelly’s death are replete with disquieting questions. Every detail, from his motives to the method of his death, his body’s discovery and the way in which the state investigated his demise, seems on close examination not to make sense.

There was never a full coroner’s inquest into his death, which would have allowed medical and other evidence to be carefully interrogated.

Book Review — An Inconvenient Death: How the Establishment Covered Up the David Kelly Affair

In this painstaking and meticulous book, Miles Goslett shows why we should be deeply skeptical of the official narrative and reminds us of the desperate measures those in power resorted to in that feverish summer of 2003.

“American and British forces invaded Iraq in March 2003. A few months later, Dr Kelly was a source — possibly not the main one — of Andrew Gilligan’s explosive BBC story that the Blair government had ‘sexed up’ the September 2002 dossier, which wrongly claimed Saddam Hussein possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

It raises the question as to whether Gilligan himself may have sexed up what Dr Kelly had told him, since the scientist went to his death still believing these weapons might exist. But the journalist’s essentially accurate allegation caused panic and fury in official circles.

Tony Blair’s malign spin doctor, Alastair Campbell, strode into the Channel 4 News studio to denounce the BBC.

Dr Kelly soon admitted to his superiors that he had spoken to Gilligan. In one of the most disgraceful episodes in a shameful saga, a meeting chaired by Blair effectively authorised naming the weapons expert to the Press. Kelly became the centre of a media frenzy.

Two weeks later, on the morning of July 18, the poor man was found dead in an Oxfordshire wood, a few miles from his home.

He had apparently taken his own life, having gone for a walk the previous afternoon. His left wrist was cut, and he had taken co-proxamol tablets.

Some newspapers blamed Blair and Campbell for hounding him to his death. But did he kill himself?”

Two decades later, the death of Dr David Kelly remains an unsolved case.

Doctors campaigning for a full inquest claim there has been a Hillsborough-style cover-up in the case. They want a fresh investigation.

“As doctors, we have multiple serious concerns about the medical, forensic and other evidence supporting the official story that Dr Kelly committed suicide.

We believe that there are serious deficiencies in the investigation of Dr Kelly’s death by Thames Valley Police.

In the interests of justice, both an inquest into Dr Kelly’s death and an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into what we consider to be a deficient and dishonest investigation by Thames Valley Police are required.

“The British public had to wait 23 years for the truth about the Hillsborough disaster to emerge.

It would be shameful if the truth about the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly were concealed for a similar length of time.”

In January of 2010, Lord Hutton ordered that all files relating to Dr Kelly’s post-mortem – including the autopsy report, unpublished medical and scientific records and photographs of the body – should remain secret for 70 years. Why on earth?

BBC The Conspiracy Files (Documentary) – David Kelly

Jon Snow interviews Alastair Campbell over Iraq WMD report being sexed up (2003) 

27 June 2003 — Alastair Campbell’s remarkable interview with Channel 4 News over the government’s row with the BBC about its Iraq coverage.

The Downing Street Director of Communications was questioned live by Jon Snow, in an interview which has only increased the tension between the government and the BBC.

Mr Campbell had accused the BBC of lying, after a ‘Today’ report claimed he had ‘sexed up’ a government dossier about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.



Doctors claim cover-up over death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly — Belfast Telegraph


Book Review — An Inconvenient Death: How the Establishment Covered Up the David Kelly Affair

Remembering Dr David Kelly (May 14, 1944 – July 17, 2003)

On This Day — Remembering Dr David Kelly (May 14, 1944 – July 17, 2003)

On This Day — Remembering Dr David Kelly (May 14, 1944 – July 17, 2003) [2020]

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