BREAKING NEWS — PFLP-GC founder Ahmed Jibril dies in Damascus hospital

“The bombing of the Pan Am flight [103] was conceived, authorised and financed by Ali-Akbar Mohtashemi-Pur, Iran’s former interior minister. The execution of the operation was contracted to Ahmad [Jibril], Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command [PFLP-GC] leader, for a sum of $1million. $100,000 of this money was given to Jibril up front in Damascus by the Iranian ambassador to Sy [Syria], Muhammed Hussan [Akhari] for initial expenses. The remainder of the money was to be paid after successful completion of the mission.”

US Defense Intelligence Agency Memo (September 24 1989)

Ahmed Jibril, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) —  Damascus, Syria — January 23, 2008

July 7 2021 — Ahmed Jibril, leader and founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC), passed away at the age of 83 in a hospital in Damascus. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Jibril founded his PFLP-GC in 1968, after splitting from the PFLP of Palestinian nationalist leader George Habash.

In its early years the group carried out dozens of attacks in the Middle East and Europe, including airplane bombings, kidnappings and letter bombs.

According to Israel’s International Insitute for Counter-Terrorism, these included the 1970 bombing of a Swiss airliner in mid-air, killing all 47 passengers and crew, and a 1972 attempt to blow up an El Al plane using a booby-trapped record player.[Reuters]

About the Lockerbie payment

There has been a persistent “rumor” that Iran paid a large amount of money — possibly up to US$ 10 million — to the PFLP-GC terrorist organization of Ahmed Jibril in the immediate aftermath of the Lockerbie tragedy.

This is simply a piece of disinformation.

The CIA and the DIA have often claimed to have evidence of such ‘payment’ and some pseudo-experts continue to report as a fact the story of an Iranian payment to Ahmed Jibril.

Over the last two decades, I have investigated the Lockerbie Case. I managed to tracked the so-called “Iran payment”, and I can state with 100% confidence that this transaction has nothing to do whatsoever with Lockerbie.

The SCCRC investigated the allegation and came to the same conclusion.

Although Richard Marquise (FBI) is not willing to discuss the issue as the information is still classified, I believe that he agrees with my findings. That story is a fabrication. FULL STOP


Ahmed Jibril, founder of pro-Syrian Palestinian guerrilla faction, dies at 83 — REUTERS


BREAKING NEWS — PFLP-GC founder Ahmed Jibril dies in Damascus hospital

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