Belgium – Huawei Opens Europe Cybersecurity Transparency Centre in Brussels (March 5 2019)

“Trust needs to be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards. We believe that this is an effective model to build trust for the digital era.”

Ken Hu — Huawei’s Deputy Chairman (March 5 2019)

“Given the massive cybersecurity and national security risks, the only responsible decision is for Berlin to follow the Australian, New Zealand, and U.S. lead and ban Chinese providers from the German 5G network. In doing so, Europe’s strongest economy would send a crucial signal to the rest of the European Union members that are grappling with the same decision.”

Thorsten Benner — Director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin (December 9 2018)

“Perhaps, the most puzzling part of the [Belgian Intelligence Services] report is what it does not mention. Although most countries are extremely concerned about China investments in their Telecom infrastructure, the Belgian report is silent on this issue. Why, on earth, why?”

Intel Today (November 30 2018)

[Brussels, Belgium, 5 March 2019] Today, Huawei opened their Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels, with over 200 representatives from regulators, telecom carriers, enterprises, and the media attending the event. Representatives from the European Union, the GSMA, and the World Economic Forum spoke at the opening ceremony. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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According to the information posted on its website, the Cyber Security Transparency Centre has three major functions.

First, the Centre will showcase Huawei’s end-to-end cyber security practices, from strategies and supply chain to R&D and products and solutions. This will allow visitors to experience cyber security with Huawei’s products and solutions, in areas including 5G, IoT, and cloud.

Second, the Centre will facilitate communication between Huawei and key stakeholders on cyber security strategies and end-to-end cyber security and privacy protection practices. Huawei will work with industry partners to explore and promote the development of security standards and verification mechanisms, to facilitate technological innovation in cyber security across the industry.

Third, the Centre will provide a product security testing and verification platform and related services to Huawei customers.

Obviously, Huawei is fighting back U.S. allegations that its equipment poses a national security risk.

Huawei opened a similar center in Bonn, Germany, in November 2018 and has been funding a government-run British testing site, the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, since 2010.

Despite the U.S. campaign against Huawei and many worrisome reports from European Intelligence Agencies, there are signs that European governments and mobile companies are resisting a blanket ban on Huawei equipment.


How Europe is resisting Trump on Huawei — Politico

Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre Opens in Brussels — Huawei


Belgium – Huawei Opens Europe Cybersecurity Transparency Centre in Brussels (March 5 2019)

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