BBC Propaganda War in Full Swing over Syria Chemical Attacks

“The BBC​ is and has long been the most refined propaganda service in the world.”

John Pilger

“There is not a single person in all of Douma who believes that this attack ever happened. In fact no one here understands why everyone keeps on asking this question. And why everyone keeps going to the hospital to ask the same thing over and over. They know it is a false story!”

Carla Ortiz — Interview with Intel Today (May 2018)

On March 1 2019, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) released a short report regarding its Facts Finding Mission in Douma (Ghouta), Syria. The BBC lost no time to lie and distort the report. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) claims that data gave “reasonable grounds” that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place in Douma (Ghouta), Syria, on April 7 2018.

Please, notice that “Reasonable grounds” is not at all conclusive. I think they probably have used this expression because they can not say it was an attack, as opposed to a staged event.

The OPCW report explains that:

“The OPCW’s conclusions were based on environmental samples, witness interviews and other data gathered by members of a fact-finding mission that visited a number of sites in Douma two weeks after the attack.”

The information reported is rather bizarre and certainly contradicts the facts witnessed by Carla Ortiz who was in Douma at the time.

“OPCW inspectors did not received permission (from their side) to access all the sites in order to gather all the information,” Carla Ortiz told me last year an exclusive interview.

BBC Propaganda War in Full Swing

Here is how BBC News reported the story on March 2 2019.

“The watchdog also said it found no evidence of the use of nerve agents in Douma, as some initial reports suggested, nor any evidence to support the government’s claim that a local facility was being used by rebel fighters to produce chemical weapons.”

Please, notice that this statement is absolutely false.

The report does not comment on this matter. The claim that a local facility storing chemicals used by rebel fighters was made in the context of the Khan Shaykhun bombing.

Moreover, on Saturday morning, the BBC TODAY radio programme broadcast a long piece on the Skripal case, including the 2018 Douma (Ghouta) chemical weapon attack.

[Here is the link to the whole programme : Today – 02/03/2019 – BBC Sounds The interview begins at 1 hour and 10 minutes.]

The three “experts” were Gordon Corera, Hamish de Bretton Gordon and Kier Giles (from the Chatham House pro-spook think-tank).

They talked about how it was difficult for Yulia to be isolated from her normal life and that both she and Sergei were “being looked after” and there was speculation that they might go to the USA. The interviewer did not ask where they are at this moment and nor did he ask any of the obvious questions about the ridiculous anomalies regarding the case.

In this  interview, Hamish de Bretton Gordon referred to the OPCW report and stated that the organisation had confirmed that the 2018 Ghouta incident was in fact a chemical weapon attack carried out by the Syrian government, although he seemed to be saying that this attack must have had the approval from the Russians.

This  is obviously a false statement as it is clear that the OPCW does not attribute blame for the attack.

The FFM’s mandate is to determine whether chemical weapons or toxic chemicals as weapons have been used in Syria. It does not include identifying who is responsible for alleged attacks.”

This is not journalism. It is a clear example of BBC spreading disinformation and propaganda.

John Pilger: BBC is one of world’s most refined propaganda services


Syria war: Chlorine likely used in Douma attack – OPCW — BBC News

OPCW Issues Fact-Finding Mission Report on Chemical Weapons Use Allegation in Douma, Syria, in 2018


BBC Propaganda War in Full Swing over Syria Chemical Attacks

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