China — Former Intelligence Chief Jailed for Life

“The defendant Ma Jian’s bribery amount was extremely large, and the national and people’s interests suffered a particularly heavy loss, which seriously infringed on the integrity of civil servants.”

Statement from the Court (December 2018)

Ma Jian –China former intelligence chief

China’s ex-intelligence chief Ma Jian has been sentenced to life in prison for crimes including taking bribes and insider trading. Ma Jian had been put under investigation in 2015. He was expelled from the Communist Party in 2016. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Ma Jian was vice-minister of the powerful Ministry of State Security, which oversees foreign and counterintelligence operations.

He pleaded guilty and would not appeal, a court in the north-eastern Liaoning province said.

Is the case really about corruption? Not everyone is convinced.


Ma Jian: China’s ex-intelligence chief jailed for life — BBC News

Chinese spy chief Ma Jian placed under graft probe, authorities confirm — SCMP


China —  Former Intelligence Chief Jailed for Life

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