One Year Ago — Former CIA Sabrina de Sousa to do community service for cleric kidnap

“It looks like the White House wanted to help… And then, the ‘swamp’ kicked in.”

“The Italian Intelligence Oversight Committee has contacted my lawyer in Italy asking that I come testify on a CIA operation. Several members have been pushing the Italian intelligence services for release and declassification of documents related to this case.”

“I should not have to serve a sentence for a sanctioned operation and decisions made at the highest levels of USG.”

Former CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa


Former CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa

Milan November 6 2017 — Sabrina De Sousa’s lawyer said that a court approved a 3-year long community service for his client to teach English to minors in Rome province. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (November 10 2018) — I spoke briefly to Sabrina De Sousa this morning. It would seem that most have forgotten her case already. — END of UPDATE

Sabrina De Sousa will be teaching English twice a week to minors living in state care.

Her lawyer — Dario Bolognesi — said the period of community service could be made shorter by good behaviour.

I asked Sabrina how she feels about doing community service and teaching English to these kids. Her answer was magnificent!

“Regarding working with children. As a mother look forward to it. They are orphans… Something I saw everyday on the streets in India. It was sad. Poor kids.”

My feeling is that these kids are going to love her so much that they will not ever let her go!

About Sabrina de Sousa

Sabrina De Sousa (born c. 1956, Bombay, India) is a Portuguese-American convicted in 2009 (in absentia) of kidnapping  in Italy for her role in the 2003 abduction of the Muslim imam Abu Omar.

De Sousa was not alleged to have kidnapped Omar herself, but she is said to have “helped make false documents to mislead investigators”.

Abu Omar was abducted on February 17 2003 in Milan by the CIA. and transported to the Aviano Air Base, from which he was transferred to Egypt, where he was interrogated.

A European Arrest Warrant valid throughout Europe was issued in 2006 by Italian authorities  for her arrest. (They named her publicly in July 2008.)

In 2012, Italy’s supreme court of cassation upheld the sentences handed down after the trial in absentia of de Sousa, 22 other CIA operatives and a US soldier. They were given jail terms ranging from seven to nine years. De Sousa’s sentence was later reduced to four years.

De Sousa was arrested in Portugal under that arrest warrant in 2015. She was briefly detained at the Lisbon airport in Portugal on October 5 2015. Her passport was confiscated.

In January 2016, she was ordered extradited to Italy. On April 11, 2016, the Portuguese Supreme Court upheld De Sousa’s extradition.

On 8 June 2016, the Portuguese Constitutional Court upheld the Supreme Court’s decision.

Sabrina de Sousa was due to be extradited to Italy to serve her sentence before June 18. (Indeed, the law allows for at most 10 days.)

On February 20 2017, the Portuguese authorities  detained the former undercover C.I.A. officer. But, at the very last-minute, Sabrina de Sousa was granted a partial pardon by the Italian President. Free to travel, she returned to the US.

On July 7 2017, Sabrina de Sousa returned to Italy to do community service — the equivalent of house arrest.

On November 6 2017, a court in Milan approved a 3-year long community service, namely to teach English to minors in Rome province.

Former CIA agent faces punishment in Italy


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Former CIA Sabrina de Sousa to do community service for cleric kidnap

One Year Ago — Former CIA Sabrina de Sousa to do community service for cleric kidnap

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