Nixon Goes To China [Humour]

“Only a Republican, perhaps only a Nixon, could have made this break and gotten away with it.”

Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield

The following anecdote regarding the historical visit of Nixon in China is a true story. Any resemblance to actual living persons or actual events is purely coincidental. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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When Nixon went to China, things had to be scrambled in a hurry. While on the plane, the US President asked his advisors what was going to happen when they get there.

They told him that he would not meet Mao Zedong right away. They would probably first meet a few generals and most certainly Zhou Enlai.

So Nixon asked what he should know about this Zhou Enlai. They explained that he reads History from a Marxist point of view and enjoys all of its  ironies.

The Banquet

Nixon is sitting opposite and looking at a very impassive, indeed Mandarin-like, Zhou Enlai.

Nixon: History is a hell of a thing. Isn’t it Mr. General Secretary? For example, I once ran for president against a guy called John Kennedy.

Zhou Enlai: Yes, we know that Mr. President.

Nixon: And he beat me, you know.

Zhou Enlai: Yes, we heard that here too.

Nixon: And then — by now the perspiration is dripping from his forehead — not long after, the man who beat me was killed, cut down by an assassin’s bullet.

Zhou Enlai: Yes, we saw that too.

Nixon: But now imagine that the same bullet had instead killed the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Do you think that History would have been really any different? Not at all, I say!

Zhou Enlai: Actually I can think of something that would have been really different.

Nixon: And what would that be?

Zhou Enlai: I don’t think Aristotle Onassis would have married Mrs. Khrushchev.

Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis and Nina Khrushchev

Nixon Visits China 1972


Nixon goes to China — Wikipedia


Nixon Goes To China [Humour]

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