WikiLeaks — UK Court Upholds Assange Arrest Warrant

“The impression I have … is that [Assange] is a man who wants to impose his terms on the course of justice, whether the course of justice is in this jurisdiction or in Sweden. He appears to consider himself above the normal rules of law and wants justice only if it goes in his favor. (…) Defendants on bail up and down the country, and requested persons facing extradition, come to the court to face the consequences of their choices.”

Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot

“Whether it [an appeal against the decision] is pursued is another question. The history of the case from start to finish is extraordinary. Each aspect of it becomes puzzling and troubling as it is scrutinised.”

Gareth Peirce — Member of Assange’s legal team

Julian Assange

February 13 2018 — LONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost his bid to overturn an arrest warrant that has prompted him to take refuge in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for nearly six years. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Judge Arbuthnot ruled the warrant must stand, leaving Assange’s legal position unchanged.

The Court also rejected findings by the United Nations that Mr Assange had been forced into imprisonment.

“An arrest warrant for the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been upheld by Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The warrant was issued when Mr Assange, 46, breached bail conditions in 2012 by seeking political refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy.

He was facing sexual assault allegations in Sweden. The allegations were dropped in May 2017.” [BBC]

On Friday February 5 2016, a UN panel published its findings which concluded that Julian Assange was “arbitrarily detained” by the UK and Sweden for more than five years.

The UN panel found that Julian Assange should be released immediately with compensation.

In November 2016, a United Nations panel maintained that Assange continue to be “arbitrarily detained” in London notwithstanding an appeal brought by the British government.

UK court upholds Assange arrest warrant


Julian Assange: Warrant for his arrest upheld by court — BBC


WikiLeaks — UK court upholds Assange arrest warrant

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