One Year Ago — LIBYA: What is going on?

“After the fall of the regime, Haftar’s ambition worried the new authorities. The inaction of Tripoli in this fight against extremist groups has given him more popularity. After three years of targeted assassinations of security forces, his operations against Islamist militia won him more support from army leaders who feel the central authorities have done very little to protect them and protect the country.”

Marine Casalis — FRANCE 24’s correspondent in Libya

General Haftar

General Khalifa Haftar

General Khalifa Haftar says that he welcomes the idea of the younger Gaddafi playing some sort of political role in Libya’s future. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

UPDATE  —  Last week, Khalifa Haftar, head of the Libyan National Army, has stated that former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif Islam, is free and in a safe place.

In an interview (Arabic) with Al-Hayat newspaper, Haftar also stressed that he had no problems with moderate Muslim Brotherhood members but could never deal with the extremist elements. [Libya Report: New Wrinkle in US Plan For Gaddafi-Free Libya  — July 27 N2017]

“The United States, UK, and the UN are egging on their regional and international allies including France to finish the job in Libya to totally discount any thought of allowing Saif a role in the future of Libya. This new colonial order is afraid of his growing popularity.

To the West, Saif al-Islam is the poster child of the old order. The US and the UN want Saif al-Islam on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague also to isolate and silence him. Quite simply he knows too much about the West’s past duplicity.”

That is about what I had suspected one year ago. — END of UPDATE

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General Khalifa Haftar has old and solid links to the CIA. His Virginia house is located a few miles from the Agency Headquarters.

Western countries — US, UK and France – are operating in Libya. Officially, they are  supporting the unity government with a lot of words. In reality, it appears that their  military forces are supporting the rival of that government.

Earlier this year, Le Monde had revealed that French troops and spies were active in Libya but this information was denied by the French Foreign Minister.

However, after French Special Forces soldiers were killed in Libya and the French Minister of Defense now acknowledges — what choice was left? — that  French Special Forces are indeed fighting in Libya. Officers of the DGSE — France’s General Directorate for External Security — are rumored to be involved.

And in case, it is not confusing enough, Saif Al Islam is said to be free. At least, his lawyers say so. The authorities of the city denied it but the brigade holding him does not comment.

The rumor goes that General Haftar intends to use Saif as a way to gain the support of  the tribes loyal to Gaddafi.

Libya’s next strongman?

Libya slipped into civil war in 2011, but managed to pull itself together to hold elections in July 2012. But later in the year the US embassy was attacked, and the ambassador killed. Since then the North African state has teetered between bouts of uneasy peace and clashes between various armed factions.

The UN recognized Government of National Accord – known as the GNA – remains divided and unable to enforce its authority. In its place a new player has emerged – former Libyan army officer Khalifa Haftar.



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LIBYA: What is going on?

One Year Ago — LIBYA: What is going on?

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