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Former CIA Officer Back to Italy to Face Sentence

“The message that this scenario sends to civilian government employees serving this country on tours of duty abroad is a potentially demoralizing one.” U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell Former CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa is back to Italy where … Continue reading

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Introduction to Italian Intelligence Agencies — PART IV : The Mission of the Oversight Committee

“In special cases, the Committee may also summon Intelligence and Security officers, without prejudice to the power of the Prime Minister to challenge the summons on justified grounds. The Committee may hear anyone, also outside the intelligence community, who is … Continue reading

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Former CIA Officer Sabrina de Sousa forced to testify in Italy on ‘rendition program’

“The Italian Intelligence Oversight Committee has contacted my lawyer in Italy asking that I come testify on a CIA operation. Several members have been pushing the Italian intelligence services for release and declassification of documents related to this case.” Former … Continue reading

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