Lockerbie — Khaled Nazir Jaafar & the Unwitting Drug Mule Theory

“If my son is linked somehow, please, show me. As his father, I have to know.”

Nazir Jaafar
Detroit, USA
(May 7 1989)

May 19 2023 — A reader told me that a man she knew in Michigan had died aboard Pan Am 103. I decided to share with you my reply. Whoever looks back at the first theory of the Lockerbie tragedy must keep in mind that the first script is no better than the final one. I have no way to know if the Lockerbie investigators knew who Jaafar was, but surely the FBI (and the CIA) knew exactly who he was.  And Khaled was neither a drug smuggler nor a terrorist. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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***** Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! *****

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***** Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! *****

The story of Jaafar is summarized in the two following quotes. (Of course, I you dig into the story, you will find plenty of inconsistencies and anomalies such as the matters regarding his passport and visa. When you study Lockerbie, nothing is ever what it seems…)

“Within days, investigators were fairly certain the explosion was caused by a bomb. On Dec. 29, the first reports linking Khalid Jaafar to the bomb began to surface. ” [1]

“The alternative version becomes murkier still when it comes to how Jibril’s men got the bomb on to flight 103. Two PFLP-GC insiders and many western intelligence sources claim it was planted in the luggage of Khalid Jaafar, a Lebanese-American mule in a heroin trafficking operation. The whistle-blowing spooks say elements within the CIA were allowing Middle Eastern dealers to ship drugs to America in return for help in locating and releasing US hostages. In allowing the suitcases containing heroin to bypass security procedures, the CIA handed the dealers’ terrorist associates a failsafe means of getting the bomb on the plane. ” [2]

“Why does the government whisper these things in the ears of reporters and at the same time they are telling me there is no evidence against him?” Nazir Jaafar asked such a long time ago.

The TRUTH has never been told about KHALID JAAFAR. Here is a quote form a recent piece [’88 Lockerbie bombing: 16 Michigan victims remembered, new charges unveiled — Detroit Free Press] published after Attorney General William Barr announced new charges in December 2020:

“KHALID JAAFAR, 21, of Dearborn was a college student. He had been born in Lebanon and his family, which had immigrated, for years fought claims published by national news organizations that anonymous sources said he may have unwittingly carried the bomb aboard as a drug courier for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Two years after the bombing, the FBI said they found no evidence of this and the DEA disavowed any ties. His family and community members had insisted he was traveling home from visiting childhood friends from Lebanon in Frankfurt.”

Allow me to tell you the true story of this young man. I think that even his family was never told that he was living a double life!

Khaled Jaafar was neither a terrorist nor a drug smuggler. He was was living a very dangerous double life. His employer was the US ARMED FORCES.


Major Charles – Chuck – Dennis McKee (December 3, 1948 – December 21, 1988) was an intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency stationed in Beirut, Lebanon.

Matthew Kevin Gannon was also killed in the crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 at the age of 34. He was returning from Beirut, Lebanon where he was the Station Chief.

Although the CIA denied for many years having any officers on Pan Am 103, this is no longer a secret. In May 2012, the CIA officially confirmed that Gannon was a CIA officer. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery and honored with a star on the CIA Memorial Wall.

“Gannon had mastered the key elements of the Arabic language and had a solid grasp of Arab culture. He had also succeeded in recruiting an asset in one of the most notorious international terrorist organizations.” [CIA website]

According to the SCCRC Report [5.9], a former Lockerbie investigator only known as ‘The Golfer’ had “profiled” Pan Am 103 passenger Khaled Jaafar, and he was adamant that Jaafar had carried the bomb in a suitcase placed in the hold of the aircraft.

This is just one of the many lies, The GOLFER sold to the media. In fact, Jaafar was working as an informant for Gannon and McKee.

Despite McKee being seated at the front and Jaafar at the very back of the plane, their bodies were found a few yards from each other.

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McKee was the coordinator of a Special Forces group. According to a well informed DIA source, a rescue mission — involving a Delta Force unit — was in its final stage.

Then, without explanation, the mission was cancelled at the last minute. When McKee was told that the order had come from the White House, he decided to return to the US without authorization.

The day before the Lockerbie bombing McKee called his mother. “Meet me at the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow night,” McKee told his mother.

“This was the first time Chuck ever telephoned me from Beirut,” McKee’s mother said. “I was flabbergasted. It’s a surprise. Always before he would wait until he was back in Virginia to call and say he was coming home.”

McKee’s mother says she is sure her son’s sudden decision to fly home was not known to his superiors in Virginia.

As I have explained in my book, there are two stories about Lockerbie. One is the truth about the crash of Pan Am 103. The second is about the cover up.

The rescue mission planned by McKee and Gannon is irrelevant to the first, but it played a major role in drafting the cover up.

PS — Just in case you enjoy a serious puzzle… On March 25 2012, the Sunday Herald published the full Lockerbie Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) 800-page report. For those who like statistics, this report contains 285,300 words, and a total of 1,384,109 (no space) characters.

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The chapter regarding GOLFER was redacted to hide his identity. But one letter of just one word had been only partially redacted. After a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that this letter was a (Times New Roman) capital G. And that was all that I needed to start cracking a two-decade-old secret.



Flight from the truth


Lockerbie — Khaled Nazir Jaafar & the Unwitting Drug Mule Theory

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