One Year Ago — Havana Syndrome : Conspiracy Theorists, Truth Deniers, Scientists and Spies [UPDATE : The story of Dr. Leonid Ber]

“It is the role of intelligence to identify and characterize threats to the nation and to sift what is likely true from what is probably false. But the public has gotten very little useful or meaningful information from our intelligence agencies. They could do better.”

Steven Aftergood
Federation of American Scientists

Dr. Garry Nolan is a Professor of Pathology at Stanford University. His robust resume—300 research articles, 40 US patents, founding of eight biotech companies, and honored as one of Stanford’s top 25 inventors—makes him, easily, one of the most accomplished scientists publicly studying UAPs. 

December 14 2021 — To most people, 2021 has been a miserable year. But UFO aficionados, Science fiction wizards and real mystery wonks have the time of their lives. The US Defense Department has appointed an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force to investigate “incursions of unauthorized aircraft.” The CIA has established a task force to investigate the cause of the “Havana Syndrome.” And, last but not least, POTUS asked the ODNI to find out if COVID-19 is man-made.

Despite a $85 billion annual budget, the US Intelligence Community could not provide definitive answers to any of these big scientific mysteries. In the absence of clear evidence, people react in different ways. Enthusiasts feel vindicated while deniers reject even the known facts. And then, there is a handful of people who work hard to solve these cases. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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“In October 2017, the Havana Syndrome term first appeared on the Intel Today blog. The expression was coined by Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer. He was the first person to suggest that these events were related to microwave attacks.”

Dr. Leonid Ber
Havana Syndrome
(December 2022)

UPDATE (December 14 2022) — On December 9, 2022, Dr. Leonid Ber gave the first non-classified conference about “Havana Syndrome ” for a general audience.

I think he did a very good job explaining a rather difficult subject. I will write a long comment as soon as possible.

“In October 2017, the Havana Syndrome term first appeared on the Intel Today blog. The expression was coined by Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer. He was the first person to suggest that these events were related to microwave attacks.” (Dr. Leonid Ber — Dec. 9 2022)

Indeed… I still remember the imbeciles laughing at the idea of microwave espionage on Reddit Intelligence (r/Intelligence). We have come a long way since these days…

In December 2020, the US National Academy of Sciences came to the same conclusion. In February 2022, the US ODNI released a short declassified Executive Summary which also agrees with my initial analysis.

Guess what? I think I may have a story to tell… Stay tuned!


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Dr. Garry Nolan is a Professor of Pathology at Stanford University. His research ranges from cancer to systems immunology.

In 2018, Nolan analyzed the Atacama skeleton. The results of his DNA analysis show the skeleton to be human and not of extraterrestrial origin. [Genome Research — Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia]

As you may expect, his name appeared on the front page of just about every major newspaper. The next step was perhaps less expected.

“Given how deep into their brain the damage went, we can actually estimate the amount of energy required in the electromagnetic wave someone aimed at them. We don’t think that has anything to do with UAPs. We think that that’s some sort of a state actor and again related to Havana syndrome somehow.”

Dr. Garry Nolan — Professor of Pathology at Stanford University

“That ended up bringing me to the attention of some people associated with the CIA and some aeronautics corporations,” Nolan told VICE [Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Is Analyzing Anomalous Materials From UFO Crashes] a few days ago.

One comment from Professor Nolan was brought to my attention.

Are you able to mention which folks from which governmental departments other than aeronautics approached you?

No, I’m not.

How many patients did you take a look at in that first phase?

It was around 100 patients. They were almost all defense or governmental personnel or people working in the aerospace industry; people doing government-level work. Here’s how it works: Let’s say that a Department of Defense personnel gets damaged or hurt. Odd cases go up the chain of command, at least within the medical branch. If nobody knows what to do with it, it goes over to what’s called the weird desk, where things get thrown in a bucket. Then somebody eventually says, ‘Oh, there’s enough interesting things in this bucket worth following up on that all look reasonably similar.’ Science works by comparing things that are similar and dissimilar to other things. Enough people were having very similar kinds of bad things happen to them, that it came to the attention of a guy by the name of Dr. Kit Green. He was in charge of studying some of these individuals. You have a smorgasbord of patients, some of whom had heard weird noises buzzing in their head, got sick, etc. A reasonable subset of them had claimed to have seen UAPs and some claimed to be close to things that got them sick. Let me show you the MRIs of the brains of some of these people.

We started to notice that there were similarities in what we thought was the damage across multiple individuals. As we looked more closely, though, we realized, well, that can’t be damaged, because that’s right in the middle of the basal ganglia [a group of nuclei responsible for motor control and other core brain functions]. If those structures were severely damaged, these people would be dead. That was when we realized that these people were not damaged, but had an over-connection of neurons between the head of the caudate and the putamen [The caudate nucleus plays a critical role in various higher neurological functions; the putamen influences motor planning, learning, and execution]. If you looked at 100 average people, you wouldn’t see this kind of density. But these individuals had it. An open question is: did coming in contact with whatever it was cause it or not?

For a couple of these individuals we had MRIs from prior years. They had it before they had these incidents. It was pretty obvious, then, that this was something that people were born with. It’s a goal sub-goal setting planning device, it’s called the brain within the brain. It’s an extraordinary thing. This area of the brain is involved (partly) in what we call intuition. For instance, Japanese chess players were measured as they made what would be construed as a brilliant decision that is not obvious for anybody to have made that kind of leap of intuition, this area of the brain lights up. We had found people who had this in spades. These are all so called high-functioning people. They’re pilots who are making split second decisions, intelligence officers in the field, etc.

Did the people who claimed that they’d had an encounter, especially the pilots, describe any perceivable decrease in neurological capacity?

Of the 100 or so patients that we looked at, about a quarter of them died from their injuries. The majority of these patients had symptomology that’s basically identical to what’s now called Havana syndrome. We think amongst this bucket list of cases, we had the first Havana syndrome patients.

“Once this turned into a national security problem with the Havana syndrome I was locked out of all of the access to the files because it’s now a serious potential international incident if they ever figured out who’s been doing it. ”

Dr. Garry Nolan


US Intelligence Agencies Are Trying To Solve Scientific Mysteries And Failing Badly — BuzzFeed News

Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Is Analyzing Anomalous Materials From UFO Crashes — Vice


Havana Syndrome — Conspiracy Theorists, Truth Deniers, Scientists and Spies

One Year Ago — Havana Syndrome : Conspiracy Theorists, Truth Deniers, Scientists and Spies [UPDATE : The story of Dr. Leonid Ber]

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3 Responses to One Year Ago — Havana Syndrome : Conspiracy Theorists, Truth Deniers, Scientists and Spies [UPDATE : The story of Dr. Leonid Ber]

  1. I am not familiar with Havana Syndrome as my time available is somewhat limited these days.

    Besides, I know nothing!

    However, I concur with concerns over the limited interaction the public have access to regarding intelligence agencies.

    I appreciate there are reasons for national security but confusion lies in how they publicly raise concerns over some forms of political terror and subversion but not others.
    Germany, meanwhile have arrested members of the far-right – of which Mi5 have also raised concerns about the far-right in the UK putting some groups on a proscribed terror list. That’s about as far as it has gone.

    We all know Brexit was nothing to do with democracy but a venture sought decades ago through Murdoch, Goldsmith, Ewell, David Hart and Paul Staines in among the shitfest of special interest doers! Without mentioning who Murdoch financially backed over tge years.

    It looks like Farage and Boris finally managed to get Brexit over the line as a result of David Cameron (another close affiliate of Murdoch and Brooks gave Brits a referendum.

    Murdoch is all about breaking things up and uniting nothing. His initial pro Scottish independence stance should have told you all that – claims were made suggesting he would move some of his businesses to Scotland if they won.

    Why is it with recognised acts of political subversion and clear interference going on, not a single pair of handcuffs can be seen?

    Why is the corporate world only subjected largely to inquiries as opposed to interrogation at police stations? In some cases allowed to investigate themselves. Or the mentality of using dark forces when ‘going after’ people who stand in their way?

    Why are such shitshows allowed to go on year after year?

    Start putting some cuffs on Murdoch and Co and watch certain US elites buckle at the knees!
    He’s made a killing out of exposing others so it’s time for him now.


  2. JOSE Montano says:

    warning about  Corruption,organized crime,hidden terrorism,child sex trafficking,human trafficking and a society named Masons.I have discovered and witnessed this criminal activity,organized crime involving public safety,child services,foster care, police,sheriff’s departments from Sturgis Michigan Lagrange Indiana and a company named Morgan Olson located in this areas for the past 6 years.Trying  to make public and government awareness.Information and evidence i possess would prove how public safety,police,sheriff’s departments are corrupted and protected by belonging to a society named Masons,freemasons.
    This criminals keep their crimes and activity well hidden and unpunished by torturing victims secretly through a hidden terroristic method called “Electronic Harassment “,V2K Voice to skull-hearing” ,voices,sounds,radio frequencies directed to a individual’s hearing,ears 24/7 non-stop,the government has named it “Havana Syndrome” ,”Unknown health incidents”.This hidden Terrorism  consists in unconsented,unwillingly,without knowledge the insertion,implant of micro frequency devices hidden inside the ears to keep communication with individuals by forcement 24/7 with projected noice,voices,frequencies, sonic attacks,to a individual’s
    hearing, for Sleep Deprivation, Extortion, Manipulation, torture,terrorism, Induced Thoughts,induce suicide, inflict mental disease. harass, inflict pain,false imprisonment, death.A systematic campaign … to emotionally and psychologically terrorize.They are Committing this hidden criminal,terroristic method primarily in Sturgis Michigan and Lagrange Indiana for child sex trafficking,sex trafficking,human trafficking, rape,corruption,extortion,drug trafficking,hate crimes.This hidden criminal,terroristic method is to keep their crimes hidden and unpunished for the purposes of obstructing the laws,obstructing justice ,human rights of individuals and/or groups,portray victims as “delusional”/”schizophrenic”/”hearing voices” to discredit them & subject them to mental health oversight or Death.This micro frequency devices are implanted in prisons,hospitals,schools,even by employers without knowledge of individuals.This hidden terrorism is a serious threat and danger.

    60 Minutes 
    “My daughter woke up in the middle of the night gushing blood. Not once, not twice, but three times.”

    60 Minutes has found over 20 children whose parents say they have been affected by “Havana Syndrome” after incidents while their parents served abroad.
    The youngest victims of “Havana Syndrome” 
    Watch 60 Minutes Sundays

    60 Minutes met Robyn Garfield, a commerce
    department official, in 2019 when he said he
    and his family had repeated episodes in
    China. Now, Garfield tells Scott Pelley his
    family was hit again during their year of
    treatment in Pennsvlvania.

    Officials and diplomats are not the only ones
    who have reported unexplained symptoms at
    home and abroad. Strange illnesses and

    injuries have also impacted some of their
    children .

    “HAVANA SYNDROME ” electronic harrassment is being committed for human trafficking,child sex trafficking,extortion.


  3. Hector Guerrero says:

    I am Mexican American born and race in a small town not knowledgeable in technology
    But since my family where been followed by lots of people either walking driving etc phone being hacked missing money from bank accounts strong odors like chemicals till the end doing research noticed coordination of this peoples like if they where reading my mind. Man this guys are evil pathetic cowards .,,I notice several times a guy seated in car whit computer notice that people where being command like drones it was like ? Asking myself unreal. Thank to this page and other like Targeted individuals I realize that my behavior don’t fall into their game I don’t blame nobody even do I got into fights whit a few.,,,sad that where in the trance hipnotize .,,man those pains electric waves and that in ring in my ear. Suddenly they stop December 2022 .,,


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