On Year Ago — Havana Syndrome — Why you should be skeptical. [UPDATE : Skepticism grows about ‘Havana Syndrome’]

“Recordings of incidents could not have come from real cases of Havana Syndrome. A typical sound recorder would not be able to record the ‘microwave sound’, period.”

Pr. James Lin — University of Illinois

October 25 2021 — NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell sat down with three of the original Havana Syndrome victims, who spoke out publicly and revealed their identities for the first time. This interview significantly weakens the microwave hypothesis as the solution of the ‘Havana Syndrome’ mystery. The majority of scientists following this investigation now believes that “Havana syndrome” is nothing more than a psychogenic illness. Follow us on twitter: @Intel_Today

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“After the Sept. 11 attacks, researchers stepped up their efforts to develop a microwave weapon that could even implant sounds and words into the heads of terrorist targets. It came to be called ‘a voice of God weapon.'”

How a Soviet plot to beam the U.S. Embassy with microwaves led to a ‘brain weapons arms race’

American journalist Sharon Weinberger (September 15, 2022)

UPDATE (October 25 2022) — State Department officials are beginning to doubt that mysterious illnesses among CIA officials in Cuba were the result of hostile acts by a foreign power.

Michael Isikoff, chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo! News, believes the media was quick to adopt the “conspiracy theory” without fully examining other possibilities.


“This is very much a case, then, in which the safest default position is probably skepticism. Perhaps there were instances in which a foreign power used a device to remotely injure American officials. Perhaps they have done so hundreds of times, including in Washington. Or perhaps they did so a few times, and a lot of people who’ve read about Havana Syndrome have experienced some of the wide range of symptoms associated with the illness and chalked it up to Russian beams.”

The case for ‘Havana Syndrome’ skepticism Washington Post (Oct. 20 2021)

Diplomats Kate Husband, Doug Ferguson and Tina Onufer were among the first victims of “Havana Syndrome” while working at the U.S. embassy in Cuba.

During the interviews, the diplomats described the strange episodes that they believe led to their injuries, the sounds and sensations, and aftermath of the geopolitical mystery that has gripped the international community for nearly five years.  

One said:

“I want viewers to understand that this is actually happening. We’re not making this up, this happened to real people, people who live among you, you see us at the grocery store … this is happening.”

Another tells Mitchell:

“It just seems important to humanize this for America to help all my fellow Americans … understand that as much skepticism as still seems to surround this, it’s very real.”

Quick Analysis

Several of the initial ‘victims’ in Cuba actually recorded the ‘strange sounds’ as they were occurring.

The simple fact that they were able to record the sounds rules out a microwave origin.

The diplomats interviewed by Andrea Mitchell are described as ‘initial victims’ of the Havana Syndrome. The truth is not that simple…

Timeline — The CDC investigation reveals that only one person [CIA officer] from the embassy, in late December of 2016, reported neurological symptoms such as dizziness and headaches after hearing noises. A second individual [CIA officer] cited similar injuries in February of 2017.

The ARB [Accountability Review Board] criticized the CIA for failing to share information about the health-related experiences of its agents in Havana, in late 2016 and early 2017, delaying the State Department’s ability to rapidly react. However…

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When the embassy decided to ask the rest of the personnel there [real diplomats] whether they had experienced such symptoms, some reported similar experiences predating the first case.

Experts in mass psychology have suggested the embassy primed the group to experience the symptoms after those first two reports, possibly triggering subsequent real injuries driven by group psychology.

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Moreover, Kate Husband and Doug Ferguson explain in the interview that they had contact with family members of Canadian diplomats.

Clearly, it was a serious mistake to associate the experiences of these people with potentially real cases of Havana Syndrome.

This mistake will make it very hard, perhaps impossible, to solve this mystery.

During the Annual Intelligence and National Security Summit (Sept. 14 2021), CIA Deputy Director David Cohen stated that:

“It’s real. It’s affecting our officers. It’s affecting others around the community, in government, and we’re going to figure it out.”

I have great doubt that the CIA (or the ODNI) will release a declassified report. Stay tuned!

Early Victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’ Speak Out



The case for ‘Havana Syndrome’ skepticism — Washington Post

Scientists are skeptical that “Havana syndrome” is anything more than a psychogenic illness — Salon


Havana Syndrome — Exclusive NBC News Investigation [Why you should be skeptical.]

On Year Ago — Havana Syndrome — Why you should be skeptical. [UPDATE : Skepticism grows about ‘Havana Syndrome’]

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  1. Those with a microchip implanted in their tooth, getting their scientific ideas stolen, being remotely tortured / zapped before or during sleep (electroshock sensation) for about 6 years, and having induced dreams with this NSA technology, widely used by the FBI (to investigate) and the CIA (to forcefully recruit assets) would disagree. But patience and cold blood prevails.


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