101 Years Ago — J. Edgar Hoover Becomes FBI Deputy Director (August 22 1921)

“Above all, I would teach him to tell the truth. Truth-telling, I have found, is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have had one thing in common: Every single one was a liar.”

J. Edgar Hoover

August 22 2022 — Though never elected to any office, for nearly 50 years J. Edgar Hoover’s power was unmatched. As head of the FBI, he knew what everyone else wanted to keep hidden. Hoover kept the world’s largest collection of pornographic materials which he used for his own pleasure and to blackmail anyone he did not like. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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“Had Nixon asked the FBI to manufacture evidence to prove his case against Hiss, Hoover would actually have been only too glad to oblige.”

Former FBI Assistant Director William Cornelius Sullivan

On August 22 1921, J. Edgar Hoover was named assistant director of the Bureau of Investigation (renamed the FBI in 1935).

Hoover recognized that information is power, which is why he maintained secret files.

“Under Hoover, agents were directed to seize all pornographic materials uncovered in their investigations and forward them to Hoover personally.

He kept a large collection, possibly the world’s largest, of films, photographs, and written materials, with particular emphasis on nude photos of celebrities.

Hoover reportedly used these for his own titillation, as well as holding them for blackmail purposes.” [Wikipedia]

“I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate commerce.”

J. Edgar Hoover

But behind the public persona his shocking private life from his gambling addiction to his preferences for women’s clothing nearly brought him down.

From the 1940s, rumors circulated that Hoover, who was still living with his mother in his early 40s, was homosexual.

Historians John Stuart Cox and Athan G. Theoharis speculated that Clyde Tolson, who became an assistant director to Hoover in his mid 40s, was a homosexual lover to Hoover.

J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson (1939)

Hoover and Tolson frequently went to night clubs, and often vacationed together.

Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961) repeatedly called Hoover the head of the American Gestapo.

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A. E. Hotchner — a good friend of Hemingway — recently  came to the conclusion that the FBI may have been responsible for his suicide.

Did you know? On November 21 1964, a letter — and a tape recording allegedly of King’s sexual indiscretions — was delivered to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The author suggested that King should commit suicide or else… Although the letter was anonymously written, King suspected the FBI had sent the package He was not wrong.

Former F.B.I. director James Comey kept a copy of the King wiretap request on his desk as a reminder of the bureau’s capacity to do wrong. It is hard to miss the irony.

“Ernest Hemingway’s relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation would charitably be described as ‘strained’. Hemingway would tell anybody who’d listen that he thought the Bureau were a bunch of Nazi mediocrities … and the FBI in turn dismissed Hemingway as a drunken phony. As his file shows, however, all of that changed when Hemingway finally did something the Bureau agreed with: he died.”

Muckrock — ‘Ernest Hemingway’s death significantly improved his relationship with the FBI’

Secrets of J Edgar Hoover


J. Edgar Hoover — History


On This Day — Edgar Hoover Becomes FBI Deputy Director (August 22 1921)

On This Day — Edgar Hoover Becomes FBI Deputy Director (August 22 1921) [2020]

101 Years Ago — J. Edgar Hoover Becomes FBI Deputy Director (August 22 1921)

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