Internet of Things — Swedish Internet Foundation : “Most passwords Not Protective.”

“Your DICK isn’t hard enough.”

SSF Campaign for Stronger Passwords

The most common password in Sweden is “123456” and other in the top 25 included words like “mum” (mamma) and expletives such as “fucking” (knulla) and “dick” (kuken).

March 21 2021 — A new outdoor campaign is reminding the Swedes that their passwords are literally “shit.” Yes, the s-word is the 16th most common internet password used in Sweden. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The Swedish Internet Foundation [SSF] — Sweden’s largest organization working against cyber-crime — has conducted research that analysed a list of recently leaked passwords.

SSF came to the conclusion that most of them were not protective.

“Fucking” is in 3rd place, “Shit” in 16th and “Dick” ranks 24th. Of course, the traditional “123456” tops the rankings of the 25 most used passwords.

The billboards, created by Akestam Holst for SSF are actually based on the data from the list of the most common passwords in Sweden.

The agency turned the idea into fun and provocative copy, with captions like “Fucking is bad,” and “Dick isn’t hard enough,” and “Your password is shit.”

The campaign has been running on billboards and in print all over Sweden.

“I’m not a fan of using ‘bad’ words just for the sake of using them. But using them to great effect when there’s a justified reason for doing so? A huge fan of that. Love this hilarious campaign out of Sweden on behalf of a cyber-security organisation.”


Swedish internet security organisation (SSF) pokes fun at the common weak passwords — Famous Campaigns


Internet of Things — Swedish Internet Foundation : “Most passwords Not Protective.”

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