PARODY — Schröd¿ngcat : “Sylvester Stallone is a Russian Spy” [UPDATE : Bellingcat paid by UK FCO to post Russia Fake News]

“This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

Duncan Fyfe — The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying “It’s Fiction.” (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)

February 28 2021 — Warning: This is [Parody] Sunday… The world-famous citizen journalism website Schrödingcat has broken many earthshaking stories in the last few years. But their latest scoop is out of this world. Schrödingcat investigators have uncovered incontrovertible evidence that the legendary action movie star Sylvester Stallone — the Italian Stallion — is actually a Russian intelligence military officer. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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“People constantly accuse me of being a liar or working for the CIA.”

 Eliot Higgins — Bellingcat

UPDATE (February 28 2021) — New leaked documents show Reuters’ and the BBC’s involvement in covert UK FCO programs to effect “attitudinal change” and “weaken the Russian state’s influence,” alongside intel contractors and Bellingcat. [Grayzone — Max Blumenthal]

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have sponsored Reuters and the BBC to conduct a series of covert programs aimed at promoting regime change inside Russia and undermining its government across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, according to a series of leaked documents.

The UK FCO projects were carried out covertly, and in partnership with purportedly independent, high-profile online media outfits including Bellingcat, Meduza, and the Pussy Riot-founded Mediazona.

After Alexei Navalny’s poisoning, he collaborated with the UK-based “open source” journalism outfit Bellingcat to pin the crime on Russia’s FSB intelligence services.

Though it is well established that Bellingcat is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, a US government entity that supports regime-change operations around the globe, the fact has never appeared in the reams of fawning profiles that corporate media outlets, including Reuters, have published about the organization.

Bellingcat’s role as a partner in the Zinc Network’s UK FCO-funded EXPOSE Consortium may add an additional layer of suspicion about the outlet’s claim to independence.

Indeed, Bellingcat was listed in leaked 2018 documents as a key member of Zinc’s “Network of NGOs.” Among the members in the network was the Institute for Statecraft, the front for the Integrity Initiative.

In recent years, the BBC and Reuters have played an increasingly aggressive part in demonizing the governments of countries where London and Washington are seeking regime change.

Meanwhile, high-profile online investigative outlets like Bellingcat have sprouted up seemingly overnight to assist these efforts.

The stories about the chemical attacks in Syria and Salisbury were total and obvious nonsense from the beginning. And yet, the media accepted these fairy tales without any reservation.

Just wondering. Will Facebook, Twitter and others ban Bellingcat’s Fake News? Don’t bet on it just yet.


Eliot Higgins — Bellingcat

“As a teenager I read people who wrote from a leftist perspective. Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Robert Fisk’s book on Lebanon, Pity the Nation, Noam Chomsky, etc. I was reading a lot of John Pilger and Seymour Hersh. Later, most of them turned out to hate me.”

Eliot Higgins — Bellingcat

March 3 2019 — Schrödingcat (also rendered Schröd¿ngcat) is a website founded by the British journalist and former blogger Ediot Fuggins.

Schrödingcat publishes the findings of both professional and citizen journalist investigations into war zones, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld.

The site’s contributors also publish guides to their techniques, as well as case studies.

The name of the website derives from the Schrödinger’s cat paradox. Schrödingcat began as an investigation of the use of weapons in the Syrian civil war.

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In their last report, Schrödingcat investigative journalists have uncovered indisputable evidence that legendary action movie star Sylvester Stallone is a Russian military intelligence officer.

Rambo? Rocky? My God, who could have guessed?

While trawling through hundreds of photo and video galleries of visitors to the Far-Eastern Military Academy (abbreviated as DVOKU in Russian), Schrödingcat journalists found a high-quality photograph of the school’s Wall of Heroes.

The wall is decorated with portraits of alumni who have received the “Hero of the Russian Federation” award.

Photo of the Wall of Heroes at DVOKU (July 2014)

Please take a good look at the bottom row… Notice anything?

Ok. Let me help you. Let us focus on the third guy from the right.

Here he is: Sylvester Stallone! His real name is Ryback.

That is right. Steven Seagal even stole his name — Casey Ryback — in his blockbuster “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory”.

This is so disappointing… But then again, the traitor is always a good friend.

PS: From Monday to Saturday, Intel Today reports — as seriously as possible — on grave and important maters related to espionage and intelligence agencies.

But on Sundays, we like to relax and  take pleasure in telling a joke, a satire or a parody as we did today.

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Nevertheless, even on Sunday, Intel Today does not use Photoshop as apparently some “investigative journalists” do not hesitate to use to fake a scoop.

Bellingcat claims that this driving license belongs to GRU Colonel Anatoly Chepiga. There is one problem. This document is obviously a forgery.

Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual blogs such as Bellingcat, is purely coincidental.

Regards, L


Bellingcat — Wikipedia

Anatoliy Chepiga Is a Hero of Russia: The Writing Is on the Wall — Bellingcat

The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!) — Duncan Fyfe


Schrödingcat : “Sylvester Stallone is a Russian Spy”

PARODY — Schröd¿ngcat : “Sylvester Stallone is a Russian Spy” [UPDATE : Bellingcat paid by UK FCO to post Russia Fake News]

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