COVID-19 — “The Spiral of Silence” Theory [UPDATE : Brussels Vaccination Plan is a CLUSTERFUCK!]

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.’”

Dr. Anthony Fauci

January 22 2021 — I have long expected that various governments around the world would use the “Spiral of Silence” theory to convince people to get vaccinated. Dr. Fauci admitted that much in a recent interview. Belgium however has found its own version of this scam to betray the population and other EU member states. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Clusterfuck [klə-stər-ˌfək]— a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation

Merriam-Webster dictionary

UPDATE III (February 23 2021) — Things have gone gone from pretty bad to seriously ugly.

The situation is not yet a FUBAR [“Fucked Up Beyond All Repair], but it is certainly no longer a simple SNAFU [“Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”].

I think we can call it a serious clusterfuck.

In October 2020, I wrote:

“Of course, the Belgium Government is praying and hoping that a vaccine will be available in the Spring 2021. Well, I have news for these experts. A vaccine will have ZERO effect on the society as a whole. Just consider the fraction of the population that will get a shot and multiply this by the expected efficiency of the vaccine. It is fairly obvious that the virus will keep circulating almost freely.”

According to the Bloomberg vaccine tracker, Belgium ranks 32 in the global vaccination campaign.

“In Belgium, the latest vaccination rate is 16,586 doses per day, on average. At this rate, it will take an estimated 2.7 years to cover 75% of the population with a two-dose vaccine.”

As always, the Devil is in the detail. If you think this prediction is bad news, you have seen nothing yet…

In January 2021, Brussels Health Minister, Alain “the Moron” Maron — aka Calimaron (“That is too unfair!”) — claimed that 100% of the people living in Brussels would be vaccinated by June 1st 2021.

As about 1.25 million people live in the Brussels-Capital Region, such a goal requires 2.5 million vaccine shots because it takes two shots in order for these vaccines to work.

So far, two months after the start of the vaccination campaign, about 39,000 shots have been administered to people residing in the Brussels-Capital Region.

[As of February 20 2021, 10,459 persons (0.85% of the population) have received a single dose and 14,295 (1.17% of the population) have received both shots.]

From February 1st to February 20, the daily number of shots administered is 990. At this current pace, it will take about 1230 days to vaccinate 100% of the population.

So, we are talking about June 2024, not June 2021! And of course, long before that date, the current vaccines will most likely be totally useless against various new variants that will emerge in the coming years.

If the Brussels-Capital Region was ranked as a country, it would be on par with Costa Rica, Bulgaria and Bangladesh. Sure, Myanmar, Colombia and Pakistan are doing even worse.

Clusterfucks hold a special place in public life, one that was usually distinct from the complications, crises, and catastrophes that mar our personal and professional existences.

The F-Word, former Oxford English Dictionary editor Jesse Sheidlower’s comprehensive history of the term, defines a clusterfuck as “a bungled or confused undertaking or situation.”

Stanford business professor Bob Sutton is even more precise when he describes clusterfucks as “those debacles and disasters caused by a deadly brew of illusion, impatience, and incompetence that afflicts too many decision-makers.”


“Even situations of great uncertainty require complete transparency and decisions that are logical and doable.”

Former MOSSAD Director Tamir Pardo (Interview about the COVID pandemic – Aug. 2020)

Elisabeth Noelle-Neuman was a professor of communication sciences and a public opinion researcher.

Her field of expertise was the control of the masses through systematic influencing by a small minority of journalists.

In the 1970’s, Noelle-Neuman formulated the “Spiral of Silence” theory which is widely used nowadays.

The trick is very simple. First the media publish the result of a poll which is completely incorrect. A minority opinion is being reported as the majority opinion by various mass media.

But, most people are very afraid to socially isolate themselves. So, they keep quiet about their objections and they may even change their mind about the issue to join the fake majority, which in the process becomes the new real majority. It is simple and it works!

Of course, the intention is not necessarily evil. Nevertheless these media lie and help manipulating your thoughts.

Here is a current possible application. Experts use an estimated herd immunity threshold of 70% for their COVID-19 models.

[This estimate is based on a guess of the real value of R (no lock-down measures whatsoever) and a 100% efficient vaccine which has been designed for the early strain of the virus. Thus, this estimate could be unrealistically optimistic.]

Let us assume that the vaccination intent in a country is around 50%, The media could start reporting false poll results showing a 90% intent in order to silence the opponents and to convince undecided people that their fears are unfounded.

As people want to avoid social isolation, they may be prompted to follow the herd…

Belgian Government Fudging Vaccination Data

Today (January 22 2021), the percentage of the Belgian population already ‘vaccinated’ — first does only — in the three regions is:

Brussels: 1.31%

Flanders: 1.76%

Wallonia: 1.94%

What is the problem? Not only these percentages are ridiculously small, but these numbers have been inflated.

These percentages refer to the part of the population which is older than 18. And the virus could not care less about these fraudulent numbers.

The only number that matters to achieve herd immunity if the percentage of the TOTAL population vaccinated.

How bad is this lie? Let me focus on Brussels.

In 2020, about 1217 thousand people were living in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The population in this Region is quite young as 23 percent are aged 17 or younger. [1]

In the Brussels-Capital Region, 12,291 people have received the first shot of the vaccine so far. This corresponds to 1.01% of the population.

In other words, the Belgian government and its administrations have simply manipulated the data to inflate the rate of vaccination by 30%.

I sincerely hope that the European Commission will promptly request that Belgium provide accurate data on this matter.

I wish that all those involved in this fraud could be immediately dismissed from their job.

Let me remind you that Belgium has the highest death rate in the world, and in the Region of Brussels-Capital, the relative death rate is much (almost twice) higher than the average for Belgium.

There is something rotten in the Kingdom…

PS — Over the last 10 years, the government of Brussels has used dozen of tricks to lie to the population about the effect of the Telecom Industry. Today, Alain Maron is in charge of both the COVID and the 5G dossiers. Good luck!

Most of the 14,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus in Belgium could have been avoided. Your political system has failed. This typical Belgian system has done nothing good. People have died because of the political organization, you have to think about it.”

Richard Horton — Editor-in-chief of the scientific medical journal The Lancet (Nov. 17 2020)

UPDATE I (January 28 2021) — Less than 24 hours after I exposed the scandal of the false Covid vaccination statistics, SCIENSANO — the Belgian administration in charge of reporting these data — has now corrected these fraudulent numbers. More or less…

As you can see, SCIENSANO is now reporting both the useless “18+coverage” as well as the meaningful total coverage.

I guess this is just a reminder that a lonely blogger can make a difference in this world.

OK. This is a small step, but that is not good enough. I want the real coverage for each regions to be published. Why?

Because, as I have explained in this post, the “18+coverage” data for the Brussels region is highly misleading for at least two obvious reasons.

First, the population in Brussels is very young. Most of them belong to the Muslim community and they are strongly opposed to Covid vaccination.

Second, according to a classified report, the strongest vector of the Covid virus in Brussels are the kids aged 5 to 12 years old.

Sadly, although SCIENSANO is now reporting the total coverage, Belgian media continue to publish the useless 18+coverage.

Shame on them!

“Those Who Are Good at Making Excuses Are Seldom Good at Anything Else.”

Benjamin Franklin

UPDATE II (January 27 2021) — When I learned that the new health minister for Brussels was Alain Maron (French speaking Green Party — ECOLO), I warned you that a disaster was coming.

Please, keep in mind that I warned you BEFORE the pandemic had started.

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How did I know? Because this idiot belongs to the gang that turned ‘Bruxelles Environnement’ [the ‘Brussels-Capital Environment Protection Agency’] into a criminal organization. 

Let me remind you that Belgium has the highest death rate in the world, and in the Region of Brussels-Capital, the relative death rate is much (almost twice) higher than the average for Belgium.

Just a few days ago, Alain “the Moron” Maron claimed that 100% of the people living in Brussels would be vaccinated by June 1st 2021.

Guess what? Here are the data.

Sometimes, a simple pic is really worth a thousand words…

What does Maron have to say? Once again, this moron argues that it is just the ‘methodology’ that is responsible for a big misunderstanding.

I am not convinced that those who have lost a loved one appreciate this sick joke…

PS — It seems that many people have now heard my early warning regarding the absolute incompetence of this sinister minister.

“Les lacunes du ministre Maron n’ont donc pas de limites?” Céline Fremault (cdH).

“Inacceptable. On aurait pu comprendre ceci au mois de mars mais pas après 10 mois de pandémie.” Alexia Bertrand (MR)



Fauci says herd immunity could require nearly 90% to get coronavirus vaccine — Reuters

Population of Belgium in 2020, by age and region — STATISTA

[1] 277 thousand people living in the Brussels-Capital Region were aged 17 or younger, roughly 781 thousand were aged between 18 and 64, and approximately 159 thousand people were older than 65.


COVID-19 — The Spiral of Silence Theory [Belgian Government Fudging Vaccination Data]

COVID-19 — “The Spiral of Silence” Theory [UPDATE : Intel Today scores a major point against Belgian Covid experts]

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