On This Day — Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrates over Lockerbie

“There was a single primary return received (…) 16 seconds before SSR returns were lost. (…) No explanation can be offered for its presence.”

Pan Am Flight 103 — AAIB Report

December 21 2020 — On December 21 1988, N739PA — the Boeing 747 aircraft operating the transatlantic leg of Pan Am Flight 103 — broke up in flight over Scotland. All 243 passengers and 16 crew died as well as 11 residents of Lockerbie. This horrific crime has been called the world’s biggest unsolved murder. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

QUICK NOTES — To make it easier for the readers to retrieve various chapters of my book, I have created a special page  “Lockerbie” where all the links to the chapters will be listed with a brief description. You can access that page directly as it appears at the far right of the top bar of this blog.

On March 11 2020, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission [SCCRC] decided to refer the Lockerbie case back to the High Court of Justiciary for determination. As a result of the Commission’s decision, Mr. Megrahi’s family was therefore entitled to instruct an appeal against his conviction. 

The first procedural hearing took place on Friday August 21 2020. The Appeal started on November 24 2020 and ended 3 days later. The five judges will now produce a written submission as soon as practicable.

Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

The three Lockerbie judges wrote [Court Opinion] :

[1] At 1903 hours on 22 December 1988 Pan Am flight 103 fell out of the sky. The 259 passengers and crew members who were on board and 11 residents of Lockerbie where the debris fell were killed. The Crown case is that the cause of the disaster was that an explosive device had been introduced into the hold of the aircraft by the two accused whether acting alone or in concert with each other and others.

[2] It is not disputed, and was amply proved, that the cause of the disaster was indeed the explosion of a device within the aircraft. Nor is it disputed that the person or persons who were responsible for the deliberate introduction of the explosive device would be guilty of the crime of murder.

Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrated in flight over Lockerbie on December 21 1988 — not December 22 — because of a massive structural failure due to well-known issues of metal fatigue in section 41 and 42 of the Boeing 747, not because of an explosive device.

Perhaps, someone should have written a foreword to the court opinion. I would suggest the following warning:

“This verdict is based on a fictional story. Any similarity with real events or characters is purely coincidental.”

In the final chapter of my book, I exposed some of the characters who certainly played an important role in one of the greatest cover-up in modern history.

One should never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but, as Einstein argued, don’t rule out malice! 

Tam Dalyell was MP for Linlithgow for 43 years and Father of the House of Commons when he retired from Westminster in 2005.

During an official dinner, Dalyell asked Thatcher why in 800 pages of her Memoirs, she did not mention Lockerbie once?’

Mrs Thatcher replied:

“Because I do not know what happened and I do not write about things that I do not know about.”

This answer can not be entirely true. In her memoirs — The Downing Street Years (Memoirs 1993, pp 448-9) — British prime minister Margaret Thatcher wrote:

“[Operation El Dorado Canyon] turned out to be a more decisive blow against Libyan-sponsored terrorism than I could ever have imagined. …

There were revenge killings of British hostages organized by Libya, which I bitterly regretted.

But the much-vaunted Libyan counter attack did not and could not take place …

There was a marked decline in Libyan-sponsored terrorism in succeeding years.”

Published two years after the indictment of Fhimah and Megrahi, Thatcher’s Memoirs is evidence that the Iron Lady was well aware that Libya had no involvement in the Lockerbie tragedy.

On July 24 2018, the UK National Archives released files from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office predominantly covering the year of 1993. A Lockerbie file dated 1992-93 was however withheld.

Two years before, on November 2 2016, the UK Government [Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)] decided to withhold all Lockerbie air accident investigation reports [dating from 1990 Jan 01 to 1992 Dec 31] until at least 2026, and possibly indefinitely. Why on earth?

Why on earth would the UK Government decide to withhold these technical reports if they did not reveal foul play or gross incompetence?

If ever released, these reports will show that the AAIB investigators knew all along that there was no bomb on Pan Am Flight 103, and that they knew the real cause of the tragedy long before the crash even happened.

PS — Over the last 48 Hours, we learned that the US DoJ intends to charge Abu Agila Massud and Abdullah Senussi in connection to the Lockerbie bombing.

Just ask yourself just one question. Why is it that they are not charging Mousa Kousa who was their boss for almost two decades?

It is fairly obvious to understand what Lady Thatcher meant when she wrote:

“The much-vaunted Libyan counter attack did not (…) take place.”

But what did she mean when she said:

“The much-vaunted Libyan counter attack (…) could not take place.”

Think about that.


U.S. Said to Be Near Charges for Another Suspect in 1988 Lockerbie Bombing — NYT


On This Day — Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrates over Lockerbie

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1 Response to On This Day — Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrates over Lockerbie

  1. George Thomson says:

    Ludwig keep up the good work. I am so glad that during our relationship I trusted you with information released to me by Mr. Megrahi on his death bed to help clear his name
    You have a gift in that you can take a very complicated situation, analyze it then put pen to paper in a way which gives an easy understanding to your readers

    The new Appeal MAY be successful but even if it is it will be granted on grounds which will not reflect the fact that Mr. Megrahi was deliberately targeted with false and manipulated evidence originally intended to prosecute the previous suspects and that is why I welcome the fact that the USA are reported to be considering a fresh prosecution against a Libyan suspect “bomb maker”.

    It is now clear AND evidence is available to prove that certain components relating to the alleged bomb in the previous Trial were not in manufacture until after this day in 1988 the day in which Pan Am 103 fell to the ground causing the unnecessary deaths of all these people

    I say bring on this new case it will be an opportunity for the truth to emerge in relation to the vexatious scientific claims made in the previous trial


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