Lockerbie — CIA’s Adventures in Africa : Senegal Shenanigans [New Evidence]

“They had been trapped by Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, who first led them to Benin, before taking them to Senegal, while keeping us informed at all times.”

President Abu Diouf — Mémoires

November 11 2020 — On February 20 1988, two Libyan citizens were arrested in Dakar. According to the official narrative, they were carrying with them a Swiss timer identical to the one blamed for the Lockerbie bombing. I have long argued that this story is a fabrication. In truth, this event was a sting operation run by the CIA in collaboration with the French DGSE and the office of the President of Senegal. On Saturday (Nov. 7 2020), Sheikh Omar Niasse kindly sent me a key piece of information that corroborates my findings regarding this event. The consequences are far reaching. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

In an email sent to Intel Today, Sheikh Omar Niasse informed me that the plane ticket used by Ahmed Khalifa Niasse was paid by the President’s Office.

In his upcoming autobiography (French — p 117), Ahmed Khalifa Niasse reveals that this event was witnessed by Mrs. Ngom and this information was the subject of a news article published long ago.

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse and French President Nicolas Sarkozy

The Lockerbie investigators never followed that lead and the FBI mistook Niasse — one of the most influent persons in Senegal — for a Libyan citizen!

I have summarized my findings regarding this event in the final chapter of my book: Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! [Chapter XI : J’Accuse!]

The reader will notice how nicely this new piece of information fits with what I had discovered previously.

The consequences are irrefutable. The CIA had access to the MST-13 timer BEFORE the Lockerbie tragedy and they already intended to use these timers to frame Libya for a future ‘act of terrorism’ in February 1988. Truth never dies.

Here is what I wrote in Chapter XI regarding this murky episode of the Lockerbie tragedy.

The CIA’s Adventures in Africa — Tribulations in Senegal

According to American political scientist Edward Luttwak,

“There have been only two kinds of CIA secret operations: the ones that are widely known to have failed—usually because of almost unbelievably crude errors—and the ones that are not yet widely known to have failed.”

One would think that the embarrassment in Togo was bad enough that the CIA would not attempt to play a second act. Alas, one would be wrong…

The story of the two Togo timers is idiotic. But the tale of the Senegal timer is pure fantasy.

Jean Collin — the number 2 man in the country at the time — once explained to the Lockerbie investigators that the official CIA narrative is simply out of an American serialized novel. That bad!

The MST-13 timer “discovered in Senegal” was supposedly part of an arms cache seized from two Libyans and their Senegalese accomplice who were arrested when they arrived at Dakar airport on February 1988.

However, the Western media failed to report that Ahmed Khalifa Niasse — the Senegalese accomplice — was in fact a Senegalese government informant.

The arrests were by no means an ordinary police operation. It was a full-fledged Intelligence sting directly supervised by the government of President Abu Diouf, with direct involvement of the French DGSE and the CIA.

Richard Marquise, the FBI agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation, wrote:

“Saber denied knowing […] Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, another LIBYAN allegedly involved in the plot to smuggle weapons in Senegal. ”

That is entirely wrong. First, Niasse is a Senegalese citizen. Second, Saber never denied knowing Niasse. In fact, both Saber and Marzouk explained that they came to Dakar at Niasse’s request.

During their interview, both Libyans consistently claimed — and obviously they were not asked very nicely — that the suitcase did not belong to them, but to Niasse.

What ever happened to the MST-13 timer? To this day, nobody knows… Both CIA agents  [Kenneth Steiner and Warren Clemens] involved in the case have alleged that the Libyans took it back when they returned home! Seriously?

That rather ridiculous allegation did not please the Senegalese authorities. According to Jean Collin, the MST-13 timer was actually returned to the CIA at the end of the operation.

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse is one of the most prominent businessmen of Senegal, with a fortune estimated at over 100 billion CFA francs ($210 million). When the President of France visits Senegal, he bows in respect to Ahmed Khalifa Niasse.

Why did FBI Richard Marquise lie about him? Why did the New York Times publish a completely fraudulent account — obviously written by the CIA — of this event?

Speaking about the arrest of the two Libyan citizens in Dakar on February 20 1988, President Diouf writes in his biography:

“They had been trapped by Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, who first led them to Benin, before taking them to Senegal, while keeping us informed at all times.” [Intel Today — Translation]

President Diouf could not be any clearer than that. Their arrest was a sting operation. But who provided the MST-13 timer? Where did it come from?

Niasse never revealed that he was working directly for Jean Collin who, in turn, was acting as an operative of the Central Intelligence Agency under the not very subtle codename S/2, like in Senegal n°2.

In 2007, the SCCRC investigation concluded:

“There is no doubt in the minds of the investigating officers that the witness Jean Collin has much more information on this matter but chooses not to disclose it.

In the course of his interview he stated angrily that he did not think the presence of American FBI personnel was proper and inferred that the Americans knew the whole story.” 

The SCCRC uncovered a document that seems to indicate that Jean Collin was interviewed in the US (December 1990) just prior to his official interview with the Lockerbie investigators in Caen, France (February 1991).

One further matter that should be noted in relation to this issue is the suggestion in Harry Bell’s diaries that Mr Collin may have been interviewed in the US on or around 3 December 1990, i.e. prior to the formal interview in France described above.

In an entry for Tuesday 4 December 1990 in volume 11 of the diaries regarding a meeting in the deputy SIO’s room with other officers, it states ‘Jean Collin and wife, apparently in the USA for interview, advised at 1630 hours on Monday 3rd December 1990.’  [SCCRC 8.119]

Jean Collin stated that the MST-13 timer discovered in Senegal could not have been used for terrorist purposes.

According  to confidential notes uncovered by the SCCRC, it was known to Dumfries and Galloway police that Jean Collin had commented that the timer had been given to “an intelligence agency”[CIA].

The Commission requested from D&G consent to disclose that section of the confidential notes but this was refused. And, of course, Jean Collin is dead…

In a MEMO dated March 1991, Stuart Henderson — the Lockerbie Senior Investigating Officer — concluded:

“After the recent interview of Collin, it is now more clear than ever that the circumstances surrounding the recovery of the ‘boxed MST-13 timer’ in Senegal must be clarified beyond doubt.

The whole essence of the ‘MST-13 timers’ is the sole manufacture by the MEBO company in world terms and the explicit distribution to the Libyan ESO.

Unless we can consolidate the precise number of MST-13 timers circuit boards manufactured to fit the ‘boxed timers’ and confirm the fact they were distributed, solely to the Libyans, then we have serious problems with our direct evidence.”

Prior to the trial, defence lawyers were told that they had been misled by the Crown regarding the Senegal timer.

Moreover, Crown Office’s David Hardie had told Richard Keen’s team (Megrahi’s lawyers) to look carefully at the “CIA Senegal Cables”  and compare them to the evidence obtained from CIA John Orkin (Real name: Jack Christie) and FBI Thomas Thurman.

Sadly, the advice was ignored.


Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! Chapter XI : J’Accuse!


Lockerbie — CIA’s Adventures in Africa : Senegal Shenanigans [New Evidence]

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