Four Years Ago — Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin [UPDATE — RUMINT : Russian President to step down in January 2021]

“With the majority vote for Brexit against the strong preference of Scotland and Northern Ireland for remain, we have shown ourselves quite capable of inflicting potentially fatal harm to our national stability all by ourselves. Why would we need Russia to do it for us?”

The Guardian — 1st November 2016

“Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism. That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election [2016] shows, that’s true even here [in the US].”

Christopher Caldwell

“We have been here in St. Petersburg for about a week now. And virtually every person we have met on the street says what they respect about you is they feel that you have returned dignity to Russia, that you’ve returned Russia to a place of respect. You’ve been in the leadership of this country for 17 years now. Has it taken any sort of personal toll on you?”

Megyn Kelly — Interview with President Vladimir Putin

November 6 2016 — Here is a simple question: Why on earth are Western Intelligence Agencies — and their servile media — spending so much time and energy to depict Russian President Vladimir Putin as an evil monster? Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (November 6 2020) — Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly being urged by his family members to retire due to his health.

According to rumors, Putin (68) is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and he is planning to step down in January 2021.


Why do they hate Putin so much? Here are a few ideas:

“The first is that blaming Russia carries little cost. Russia is not China. Investment is not a big consideration.

A second reason [from the point of view of US colonies], now as in the past, is that blaming Russia aligns us comfortably with the US, where stalwarts in Congress and at the Pentagon have never emerged from their old thinking about the threat.

A third factor is the consensus about a strong and malevolent Russia that still rules the “expert” community, and will probably do so for a few years yet – helped along by the hatchet-faced Putin.

There are younger specialists who take a rather different view, but they are drowned out by the ingrained cliches.” [The Guardian]

FLASHBACK — US 1990 Geopolitical Agenda

The agenda in the early 1990s was pretty simple:

1) Ensure that Russia will never be a world power ever again

2)  Prevent any other country (China, but also India, Brazil…) to ever become a world power

3) Engineer — by all means possible — the collapse of the European Union

4) Insure that the Southern Hemisphere (Latin America) remains in the sole control of the US

5) Organize the complete chaos of Northern Africa (For obvious reasons)

The answer is blowing in the wind

If you understand these “past goals”, you can understand the current frustration of some US and UK Intelligence leaders and policymakers.

For instance, the US withdrew from critical International Treaties believing that Russia would never make a come back on the international scene. They were wrong.

An extraordinary man rose to the Russian Presidency. And he did something amazing.

Putin gave his people hope. A reason to live.  Suddenly, they believed that  there was a future for them. BRAVO! Who else could have achieved such a miracle?


Quousque tandem abutere patientia nostra?

“I wonder, though, whether the real secret behind the MI5 chief’s Russia focus is that it is starting to become harder to demonize Russia now.

Time was when James Bond and the pantomime idea of a Russia threat were an easy sell – able to bolster departmental claims to a bigger budget.

But look at the “below the line” comments on what Parker had to say and there is a current of dissent that cannot come exclusively from so-called Kremlin “trolls”.

You hear something similar in phone-ins on Russian topics, where the voice of a sceptical public comes across loud and strong.

For all MI5’s warnings, maybe Russia’s time as the UK’s all-purpose fall guy is nearing its end.” [The Guardian]

UPDATE (November 6 2018) — Maybe, this is exactly why the Skripal’s affair was needed….

Putin tells a KGB joke

UPDATE (November 6 2019) — Although this post was written three years ago, it is still important to keep these facts in mind.

Do you really believe that Putin should get credit for Trump’s election? Do you seriously think that Putin ordered the poisoning of the Skripals?

If you find this post disturbing, I encourage you to read this excellent piece published by The Guardian in August 2016: Russian news may be biased – but so is much western media.

“Propaganda and deception is not, it would appear, the sole preserve of non-western states; it is alive and well in western democracies. (…)

The first step towards becoming more informed is to avoid seeing our governments and media as free from manipulation while demonising “foreign” governments and media as full of propagandistic lies.

The second step is to recognise that one can gain useful insights and information from a variety of news sources – including those that are derided as “propaganda” outlets: Russia Today, al-Jazeera and Press TV should certainly not be off-limits.

And, more broadly, need to become more aware of the strategies of manipulation that all governments employ in order to shape opinions and conduct.

These steps might strike many as all too demanding and time consuming, but we live in demanding times and the stakes are getting higher every year.

The need for the public to become informed and defend itself against manipulation is greater than ever.”

PS: Sadly, since the publication of this excellent piece, The Guardian has transformed into an instrument of British Intelligence propaganda.



Russian demographics

Why is MI5 making such a fuss about Russia?


Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin

Two Years Ago — Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin

Three Years Ago — Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin

Four Years Ago — Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin [UPDATE — RUMINT : Russian President to step down in January 2021]

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