OBITUARY — Robert Fisk dies aged 74 (July 12 1946 – October 30 2020)

“After writing about the ‘ravers’ who regularly turn up at lectures to claim that President Bush/the CIA/the Pentagon/Mossad etc perpetrated the crimes against humanity of 11 September, I received a letter this week from Marion Irvine, who feared that members of her family run the risk of being just such ‘ravers’ and ‘voices heard in the wilderness’. Far from it. For Mrs Irvine was writing about Lockerbie, and, like her, I believe there are many dark and sinister corners to this atrocity. I urge anyone who is aware of government lies over Flight 103 to come forward.”

Robert Fisk: Do you know the truth about Lockerbie?

November 2 2020 — Robert Fisk became unwell on Friday. The legendary foreign correspondent suffered a stroke at his home in Dublin. He was admitted to St Vincent’s hospital where he died a short time later. He was 74. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Robert Fisk was one of the most highly regarded British foreign correspondents, and probably the most famous of hem all.

Over his long career, Fisk covered the Lebanese civil war, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq War.

Fisk was one of very few western reporters to interview Osama Bin Laden, not once but thrice!

Among his most well regarded books were The Point of No Return: The Strike Which Broke the British in Ulster, Pity the Nation: Lebanon at War and The Great War for Civilisation – The Conquest of the Middle East.

Robert Fish never believed the idiotic official narrative of the Lockerbie tragedy.

He felt that most US MSM journalists are cowards who lack the courage to expose the lies and cover-ups of their government.

Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

QUICK NOTES — To make it easier for the readers to retrieve various chapters of my book, I have created a special page  “Lockerbie” where all the links to the chapters will be listed with a brief description. You can access that page directly as it appears at the far right of the top bar of this blog.

Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

Then Mrs Irvine comes to the point. “What can we do? (…) a refusal to understand and admit to the past is dangerous for the future.”

I couldn’t put it better myself – and I do have a very direct idea. If official untruths were told about Lockerbie – if skulduggery was covered up by the British and US governments and lies were told by those responsible for our security – then many in authority know about this.

I urge all those who may know of any such lies to write to me (snail mail or hand-delivered) at The Independent. They can address their letters to Mrs Irvine in an envelope with my name on it. In other words, this is an appeal for honest whistle-blowers to tell the truth.


Veteran journalist and author Robert Fisk dies aged 74 — The Irish Times

Robert Fisk: Do you know the truth about Lockerbie?

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Robert Fisk: For the truth about Lockerbie, look to Tehran and Damascus – not Tripoli


OBITUARY — Robert Fisk dies aged 74 (July 12 1946 – October 30 2020)

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