Spy Quotes — Helen Mirren [#5]

“The role of women has always been undervalued in the spy world, always undermined in terms of recognition. Unfairly so. It’s a world that needs women.”

Helen Mirren

October 9 2020 — Dame Helen Lydia Mirren (born Mironoff on 26 July 1945) is an English actor. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Helen Mirren appeared in the action films Red (2010) and Red 2 (2013), playing an ex-MI6 assassin.

In that movie, Ex-Russian secret agent Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox) is madly in love with her, despite the fact that she once shot him thrice in the chest. When a man loves, he forgets these little things…

Joe Rogan recently made the comment that Sylvester Stallone (Born July 6, 1946) was still credible in The Expendables.

Helen Mirren is very credible. I would not want to be in her cross-hair.



Helen Mirren — Wikipedia


Spy Quotes — Helen Mirren [#5]

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