Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! [Chapter XI : J’Accuse!]

“Cretton [Real name : Swiss Inspector Hans Knaus] expressed his concerns (…) The first was that the CIA had planted the chip [PT/35(b)] in the wreckage found at Lockerbie. [Detective Superintendant (SIO) Stuart] Henderson and I told him this thought had also crossed our minds. Neither of us believed the CIA or any government official would do such a thing, but we had discussed the possibility.”

Richard Marquise — the FBI Agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation

“The forensic link to Libya was allegedly established by a tiny piece of circuit board from a timer, mysteriously found in remote countryside after the bombing, and traced by the FBI to a Swiss manufacturer who sold timers to Libya. The genius behind this detective work was FBI agent Tom Thurman.

For reasons that were never clear Mr Thurman was not called to give evidence to the hugely expensive trial of two Libyans three years ago. The US authorities and their media, however, were full of praise for Thurman and his work. In November 1991, for instance, he was named ‘Person of the Week’ on the TV Network ABC.

The rivers of praise dried up rather suddenly when The Person of the Week’s work at the FBI Explosives Unit was investigated by the Department of Justice. Their inquiry found that Thurman had been routinely altering the reports of scientists working in the unit. Fifty-two such reports were investigated. Only 20 had not been altered.”

Paul Foot — Imbeciles of the FBI (The Guardian – May 2003)

“Thurman and other examiners rendered conclusions supporting the prevailing investigative or prosecutorial theory but which were unsupported by scientific fact. (…) I put no credence into any scientific or technical conclusions rendered by anyone without a suitable scientific background.”

William Tobin — Former FBI Engineer (Email to Intel Today)

“Exactly the same forensic scientists who produced the wrongful conviction of Guiseppe Conlon, the Maguire family and of Danny McNamee, and had been stood down for the role they played. Yet here they were. Without them, there wouldn’t have been a prosecution, far less a conviction in Lockerbie. (…) What shocked me most was that I thought that all that had been gone through on Guildford and Birmingham, the one thing that had been achieved was that nobody would be convicted again on bad science. But yet in the Lockerbie case, it isn’t just the same bad science, it is the same bad scientists.”

Gareth Peirce — Solicitor for the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself.”

Richard Feynman  — Nobel Prize in Physics (1965)

July 27 2020 — On December 21 1988, N739PA — the Boeing 747 aircraft operating the transatlantic leg of Pan Am Flight 103 — broke up in flight over Scotland. All 243 passengers and 16 crew died as well as 11 residents of Lockerbie. This horrific crime has been called the world’s biggest unsolved murder.

The three Lockerbie judges wrote [Court Opinion] :

[1] At 1903 hours on 22 December 1988 Pan Am flight 103 fell out of the sky. The 259 passengers and crew members who were on board and 11 residents of Lockerbie where the debris fell were killed. The Crown case is that the cause of the disaster was that an explosive device had been introduced into the hold of the aircraft by the two accused whether acting alone or in concert with each other and others.

[2] It is not disputed, and was amply proved, that the cause of the disaster was indeed the explosion of a device within the aircraft. Nor is it disputed that the person or persons who were responsible for the deliberate introduction of the explosive device would be guilty of the crime of murder.

Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrated in flight over Lockerbie on December 21 1988 — not December 22 — because of a massive structural failure due to well-known issues of metal fatigue in section 41 and 42 of the Boeing 747, not because of an explosive device.

Perhaps, someone should have written a foreword to the court opinion. I would suggest the following warning: “This verdict is based on a fictional story. Any similarity with real events or characters is purely coincidental.”

In this final chapter, I would like to expose some of the characters who certainly played an important role in one of the greatest cover-up in modern history. One should never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but, as Einstein argued, don’t rule out malice! Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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Chapter XI : J’Accuse!

Swiss people are not very talkative. Swiss Intelligence and Police officers speak even less.

So, when a Swiss Inspector such as Hans Knaus tells FBI Richard Marquise and Scotland Superintendent Stuart Henderson that he believes the CIA has planted PT/35(b), the key piece of evidence in the Lockerbie case, I suggest that we should all pay very serious attention to this most extraordinary accusation.

In truth, Inspector Knaus was of course not guessing. He knew full well that the CIA had planted the evidence and he also knew that the boys from Langley had done so twice before.

And Inspector Knaus knew all this for fact because, with his colleague Peter Fluckiger, they had been part of this international conspiracy since 1984.

A Glitch in the Official Timeline of the Lockerbie Investigation

According to the official narrative, Lockerbie investigators made the link between PT/35(b) and MEBO on the last days of August 1990.

However, as always in the Lockerbie Case, nothing is what it seems…

On June 22 1989, Swiss Inspector Peter Fluckiger met with Ulrich Lumpert, a MEBO employee, in Zurich.

On June 6, 2008, Lumpert told me that he gave Fluckiger a MST-13 timer prototype as well as additional materials related to this timer.

Lumpert explained to me that Fluckiger requested this device and other material at the demand of a “friendly Intelligence Agency”, namely the Central Intelligence Agency.

Many years later, Lockerbie investigator George Thomson researched this event and confirmed this information.

“During a recent investigation in Switzerland, our team managed to get our hands on an official government document which confirms that in June 1989 Swiss Police did receive from a MEBO source documents and materials in relation to MST timers.

The document goes on to confirm that this material was then handed over to the Americans.”

In June 1989, the Lockerbie investigators had zero knowledge of the MST-13 timer and MEBO. What on Earth was going on?

Linking PT/35(b) to MEBO — Who and When?

As we have learned before, there are at least four different stories about who discovered PT/35(b).

Well, it seems that there are at least as many different stories about who linked PT/35(b) to the MST-13 timer, and who connected this timer to the Swiss company MEBO.

None of these stories is true. The Lockerbie investigators never found out who had manufactured the MST-13 timers.

Despite all the scientific research and the enormous efforts of the Lockerbie investigators, no EVIDENCE ever led to MEBO. It is INTELLIGENCE that “solved” this case.

In a fax dated August 28 1990, the UK Security Service MI5 queried how clear the designation was on the FBI timer (Togo) and asked whether, rather than reading “M580”, the designation might comprise the letters “MEBO”.

In a not too subtle way, MI5 suggested that if that were the case it might relate to Meister and Bollier of Zurich, described as “a company known to be involved with others in the provision of electronic devices to Libya.”

The brilliant forensic work of the RARDE Sherlock Holmeses is nothing more than a fairy tale.

CIA Request to MI5 : “Deter or Delay the Meeting at MEBO”

When the link between PT/35(b) and MEBO was finally established at the end of August 1990, the Police investigators decided to go to Zurich and meet the owners of the company.

Little did they know that their investigation was being interfered with. The Lockerbie trial revealed the following facts.

“In early September 1990 members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team, together with officers of the British Security Service, were making arrangements to travel to Switzerland. Their intention was to meet members of the Swiss Police and Intelligence Service.

The purpose of the meeting was to take forward a line of inquiry suggesting that the company MEBO might have been the manufacturers of the MST 13 timing device. Such a device had already been identified as forming part of the improvised explosive device responsible for the destruction of Pan Am 103.

Prior to the departure of these officers a request was made by the CIA to the British Security Service to deter or delay the members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team from making the visit.”

As this request was refused and the visit proceeded as planned, CIA officers decided to meet with the Swiss Police and Intelligence Service on the day before the visit made by the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team and the British Security Service.

Why would the CIA want to deter or delay the members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team from making the visit to MEBO?

Why was it necessary for them to meet with Hans Knaus and Peter Fluckiger before they could speak with the Lockerbie investigators?

The Graham Fuller Memorandum

The involvement of the CIA in the MEBO business began many years before Lockerbie. Here is a very short summary of this story.

In May 1985, Graham E. Fuller — National Intelligence Officer for Near East, including North Africa and South Asia [NESA] – wrote a Memorandum for the Director and the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.

This document eventually led to the covert sale of United States weapons to Tehran in what became the Iran-contra affair.

At the same time, Fuller argued that the US should use Libya as a geopolitical punching bag just to show to the world that Reagan and Bush were tough guys.

But there was one problem. The White House needed evidence that Gaddafi was involved in terrorist attacks against the US and there was not a shred of supporting evidence because it was simply not true.

So, the CIA was tasked with fabricating and planting the ‘evidence’ of Libyan terrorism. The first opportunity occurred during the Summer 1986 in Togo.

The CIA’s Adventures in Africa — Imbroglio in Togo

On August 11 1986, The New York Times reported that a terrorist attack on the United States Embassy in Togo using explosives sent from Libya had been thwarted.

This was a piece of obvious disinformation. According to a White House Memorandum (Poindexter August 14 1986):

“U.S. intelligence officials have concluded in August [1986] that Gadhafi was quiescent on the terrorist front.”

Then, in September 1986, two MST-13 timers allegedly appeared in Togo after an event described as an attempted coup.

This is again a lie. There is clear evidence that there never was any MST-13 timer found in Togo.

Richard Sherrow (BATF) left Washington DC on September 27 1986 for Lomé (Capital of Togo) at the request of the U.S. Department of State.

Sherrow was accompanied by Edward Owen (BATF) and James Casey (Dept. of State).

On October 4 1986, Sherrow and his colleagues departed from Togo and returned to Washington DC.

James Casey took one of the two MST-13 timers back to the US in a diplomatic pouch and then to the BATF laboratory.

I have discovered that these three men were actually accompanied by a fourth person from the Central Intelligence Agency.

None of them ever mentioned this CIA person during the Lockerbie trial. His identity is unknown to this day.

On October 7 1986, James Casey wrote a report entitled: “Investigation of the “Terrorist Activity in Lome, Togo”.

The Casey Report goes on to list the weapons and equipment seized from the rebels. The list runs from A to X and does not mention a MST-13 timer.

Later, in his FD 302 (a document used by FBI agents to report or summarize the interviews that they conduct), Casey’s list has been extended to (Y)… which is a description of a MST-13 timer!

In September 1990, Detective Inspector Watson McAteer and Detective Sergeant Peter Avent went on a mission to Togo.

As always in the Lockerbie case, the Yanks were on the ground a bit before them. FBI agent Craig Bates had arrived a day before them.

Detective Inspector Watson McAteer and Detective Sergeant Peter Avent were sent to view the weapons seized and also to show the authorities some photographs of the MST-13 timer.

President Eyadema and his chief of Police, Colonel Walla, welcomed them and showed them one of the seized timers.

That is already a bit of a surprise because one of the two MST-13 timers had been taken back to the US by Sherrow and the other had been given to the French!

According to DI Watson McAteer, they were shown a large amount of military vehicles and hardware that had been seized by the Togo Government following this attempted Coup.

DI Watson McAteer concluded:

“The perpetrators had intended to use FLASH timers, which bear absolutely no relation to MST-13 Timers.”

That is right! The timer shown to them does not resemble in any way to a MST-13 timer.  Moreover, it bears the name “FLASH”.

The inspectors went on to view the hut in which all the material seized from the rebels had been displayed on tables.

Everything was still laid out exactly the way it was when BATF Sherrow and his colleagues had visited the place four years earlier.

And lo and behold, they could indeed locate a second identical “FLASH” timer on the table. Keep in mind that Casey’s list does not mention a FLASH timer.

D.I. McAteer decided to show the president, his chief of Police and the officer in charge of the coup investigation (Colonel Assih) some pictures of the MST-13 timer that Sherrow had taken back to the US.

The three men categorically stated that they had NEVER seen such a device before.

While working for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Sherrow was asked to identify the timer. He was certain that he knew the origin.

Rather than implicating the MST-13’s original manufacturer MEBO, Sherrow believed that a company in Florida made the timer, and made it exclusively for the CIA.

When Sherrow brought this information to the attention of senior personnel at BATF, he was reprimanded and immediately removed from active duty and taken off the Lockerbie investigation.

A comparison between the INA (Institut National des Archives – France) videos and the pictures taken by Richard Sherrow and his colleagues is excellent, indeed almost perfect!

I have studied this video frame by frame, and all items listed by James Casey can be seen except for two of them.

There is no evidence of the two MST-13 timers among the items seized from the rebels.

Obviously, the Togo timers were actually planted by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.

The 1986 Disinformation Campaign

On October 2 1986, the Washington Post published an extraordinary story written by legendary journalist Bob Woodward: “Gadhafi Target of Secret U.S. Deception Plan”.

Under orders from the White House, the US Intelligence Community was planting false information in the US media regarding totally made-up Libya-sponsored acts of terrorism.

The American Media were not amused. On October 3 1986, The New York Times published 5 stories about this scandal, three on the front page. Later that day, journalists directly accused the US President of lying.

“Your White House, specifically your national security adviser, constructed an operation whereby the free press in this country was going to be used to convey a false story to the world, namely that Qaddafi was planning new terrorist operations.”

On October 4 1986, Senator William S. Cohen — Republican of Maine and  a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee — said that he grew worried during summer while reading news reports indicating that Colonel Gaddafi had become increasingly unstable and was facing internal threats.

“That did not seem consistent with other information I was looking at. I can only conclude that the reports were without foundation or someone was deliberately seeking to plant such information.”

On October 8 1986, Bernard Kalb resigned as chief spokesman for Secretary of State George P. Shultz in protest at the government’s “disinformation” program directed at Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.

Then, on November 3 1986,the Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa exposed the Iran-contra and the MSM had a new scandal to cover. The US media quickly forgot about the “disinformation” program directed at Libya and the Togo fairy tale of the MST-13 timers.

Both Fuller’s ‘brilliant ideas’ had turned into major disasters and George H. W. Bush knew one thing for certain. If an impeachment ever came his way, he had zero chance of survival.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Togo Timers (MST-13 from MEBO) were actually planted by a  US Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.

The CIA’s Adventures in Africa — Tribulations in Senegal

According to American political scientist Edward Luttwak,

“There have been only two kinds of CIA secret operations: the ones that are widely known to have failed—usually because of almost unbelievably crude errors—and the ones that are not yet widely known to have failed.”

One would think that the embarrassment in Togo was bad enough that the CIA would not attempt to play a second act. Alas, one would be wrong…

The story of the two Togo timers is idiotic. But the tale of the Senegal timer is pure fantasy.

Jean Collin — the number 2 man in the country at the time — once explained to the Lockerbie investigators that the official CIA narrative is simply out of an American serialized novel. That bad!

The MST-13 timer “discovered in Senegal” was supposedly part of an arms cache seized from two Libyans and their Senegalese accomplice who were arrested when they arrived at Dakar airport on February 1988.

However, the Western media failed to report that Ahmed Khalifa Niasse — the Senegalese accomplice — was in fact a Senegalese government informant.

The arrests were by no means an ordinary police operation. It was a full-fledged Intelligence sting directly supervised by the government of President Abu Diouf, with direct involvement of the French DGSE and the CIA.

Richard Marquise, the FBI agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation, wrote:

“Saber denied knowing […] Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, another LIBYAN allegedly involved in the plot to smuggle weapons in Senegal. ”

That is entirely wrong. First, Niasse is a Senegalese citizen. Second, Saber never denied knowing Niasse. In fact, both Saber and Marzouk explained that they came to Dakar at Niasse’s request.

During their interview, both Libyans consistently claimed — and obviously they were not asked very nicely — that the suitcase did not belong to them, but to Niasse.

What ever happened to the MST-13 timer? To this day, nobody knows… Both CIA agents  [Kenneth Steiner and Warren Clemens] involved in the case have alleged that the Libyans took it back when they returned home! Seriously?

That rather ridiculous allegation did not please the Senegalese authorities. According to Jean Collin, the MST-13 timer was actually returned to the CIA at the end of the operation.

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse is one of the most prominent businessmen of Senegal, with a fortune estimated at over 100 billion CFA francs ($210 million). When the President of France visits Senegal, he bows in respect to Ahmed Khalifa Niasse.

Why did FBI Richard marquise lie about him? Why did the New York Times publish a completely fraudulent account — obviously written by the CIA — of this event?

Speaking about the arrest of the two Libyan citizens in Dakar on February 20 1988, President Diouf writes in his biography:

“They had been trapped by Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, who first led them to Benin, before taking them to Senegal, while keeping us informed at all times.” [Intel Today — Translation]

President Diouf could not be any clearer than that. Their arrest was a sting operation. But who provided the MST-13 timer? Where did it come from?

Niasse never revealed that he was working directly for Jean Collin who, in turn, was acting as an operative of the Central Intelligence Agency under the not very subtle codename S/2, like in Senegal n°2.

In 2007, the SCCRC investigation concluded:

“There is no doubt in the minds of the investigating officers that the witness Jean Collin has much more information on this matter but chooses not to disclose it.

In the course of his interview he stated angrily that he did not think the presence of American FBI personnel was proper and inferred that the Americans knew the whole story.” 

The SCCRC uncovered a document that seems to indicate that Jean Collin was interviewed in the US (December 1990) just prior to his official interview with the Lockerbie investigators in Caen, France (February 1991).

One further matter that should be noted in relation to this issue is the suggestion in Harry Bell’s diaries that Mr Collin may have been interviewed in the US on or around 3 December 1990, i.e. prior to the formal interview in France described above.

In an entry for Tuesday 4 December 1990 in volume 11 of the diaries regarding a meeting in the deputy SIO’s room with other officers, it states ‘Jean Collin and wife, apparently in the USA for interview, advised at 1630 hours on Monday 3rd December 1990.’  [SCCRC 8.119]

Jean Collin stated that the MST-13 timer discovered in Senegal could not have been used for terrorist purposes.

According  to confidential notes uncovered by the SCCRC, it was known to Dumfries and Galloway police that Jean Collin had commented that the timer had been given to “an intelligence agency”[CIA].

The Commission requested from D&G consent to disclose that section of the confidential notes but this was refused. And, of course, Jean Collin is dead…

In a MEMO dated March 1991, Stuart Henderson — the Lockerbie Senior Investigating Officer — concluded:

“After the recent interview of Collin, it is now more clear than ever that the circumstances surrounding the recovery of the ‘boxed MST-13 timer’ in Senegal must be clarified beyond doubt.

The whole essence of the ‘MST-13 timers’ is the sole manufacture by the MEBO company in world terms and the explicit distribution to the Libyan ESO.

Unless we can consolidate the precise number of MST-13 timers circuit boards manufactured to fit the ‘boxed timers’ and confirm the fact they were distributed, solely to the Libyans, then we have serious problems with our direct evidence.”

Prior to the trial, defence lawyers were told that they had been misled by the Crown regarding the Senegal timer.

Moreover, Crown Office’s David Hardie had told Richard Keen’s team (Megrahi’s lawyers) to look carefully at the “CIA Senegal Cables”  and compare them to the evidence obtained from CIA John Orkin (Real name: Jack Christie) and FBI Thomas Thurman.

Sadly, the advice was ignored.

CIA & the Script ZERO

In 1988, Marwan Khreesat — the bomb-maker for the PFLP-GC — was still wanted in connection with the bomb on an El Al flight (August 1972).

Despite being a “person of interest” in Switzerland in connection to the still unexplained  1970 Swissair-Crash (Würenlingen)] and being wanted in Italy (El Al Flight), Khreesat was granted a 15 days visa from Switzerland on September 12 1988.

Khreesat had applied for a visa to travel to Switzerland on September 6 1988 at the Swiss Embassy in Amman. This information could very well be the source of the story covered in two Secret documents sent from the King of Jordan to John Major in 1996.

A particularly interesting aspect of this visa is the fact that the paperwork at the Swiss Federal Police was handled by Inspector Peter Fluckiger. That is right. This is the same Inspector Fluckiger who visited MEBO In June 1989 to pass MEBO timers related material to the CIA.

Obviously, the CIA did not want the Lockerbie investigators to know that they had organized a visit for Khreesat — a Jordanian/CIA asset — in Switzerland prior to his trip to Germany in the Fall of 1989.

That is why the CIA met with Inspectors Knaus and Fluckiger prior to the visit of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team to MEBO in Switzerland.

And indeed, Inspector Peter Fluckiger never told them that he had arranged the visa of Khreesat in violation of international law.

Amazingly, the FBI never found out about this most unusual visit. Great investigation?!?

Too Subtle for the FBI?

The story of Khreesat speaks volumes about the FBI’s so-called investigation. How could it be that they never discovered that Fluckiger had made the arrangement for Khreesat’s Visa at the request of the CIA?

Surely, they were aware that the CIA was hiding some facts. For more than a year, the CIA refused to let the FBI interview Khreesat in Jordan. Was that obstruction not telling?

When the FBI finally met Khreesat in November 1989, the FBI investigators believed Khreesat when he told them that he had made fake IEDs.

They accepted that the senior PFLP-GC bomb maker went to Germany to build 5 inoperative IEDs. I wonder how the parents of the German police officer killed in April 1989 while trying to disarm one of these ‘dummy’ IEDs feel about the FBI?

I am quite sure that I know what they think of the CIA as there is no doubt that, while trying to plant fake evidence to blame Libya, they actually killed an innocent German Police officer.

That is of course the reason why the CIA invented the story of the 5th device — not built by Khreesat — in their first script in order to deflect the blame for this murder. I was even able to identify the CIA officer who planted that story in the German media.

By the way, did you ever ask yourself why the CIA picked a Toshiba radio for that script? The answer is rather obvious. In 1988, the CIA was at war with the Toshiba Corporation.

The Agency claimed that Toshiba illegally exported equipment to make computer chips to Czechoslovakia in 1979 and even sold a sophisticated computer assembly line to East Germany in 1986.

And why did the boys from Langley choose that Samsonite suitcase? The answer is almost hilarious.

The CIA picked that model because that suitcase possessed a lockable catch numbered 351.

And of course, the last 3 digits of Megrahi coded-passport are 351!

This is one breadcrumb from the CIA trail the imbeciles of the FBI failed to pick up. Too subtle for the G-men, I guess?

MEBO — The Unknowns of the MST-13 Timers

MEBO Telecommunications AG (formed in 1969 and registered in Zürich on 24 March 1971) was owned by Swiss businessmen Erwin Meister and Edwin Bollier. MEBO employed a single technician: Ulrich Lumpert.

All of them were regarded as being not trustworthy by those who attended the Lockerbie trial. The trial court found Mr Bollier to be “at times an untruthful and at other times an unreliable witness.”

When asked if he believed that the evidence of a MST-13 timer had been planted at Lockerbie, Lord Fraser answered:

“I don’t know, but if there was one witness I was not happy about, it was Mr Bollier [Founder of MEBO], who was deeply unreliable.”

We will probably never know the full story of the MST-13 timers but a few facts about the owners of MEBO are indisputable.

Paul Anthony Harris was born on July 22 1948 at Bexleyheath in Kent. He died on May 24 2018. Paul Harris has been the co-founder of a pirate radio station, a journalist, a writer and a publisher. Harris was also a former MI6 agent.

In a piece published by The Herald on February 1 2001, Paul Harris wrote:

“Western intelligence agencies knew of the activities of Edwin Bollier as far back as 1971.

The envelope which should have brought Edwin Bollier’s career to an end — he was then an agent for the Stasi East German intelligence — was handed to MI6 in the summer of 1971.

I know because I handed the envelope containing the evidence to “W”, my MI6 controller, retired Perth Detective Superintendent, in an office in Guild Street, Aberdeen.”

In an email to Intel Today (November 16 2017), Harris told me that he believes that Bollier had become a CIA agent.

Harris was convinced that the CIA connection explains why Bollier’s illegal activities were tolerated, and perhaps encouraged.

One thing is certain. The CIA knew all about MEBO since 1984 and there was never any doubt that the MST-13 timers had been manufactured by MEBO.

In his Crown Precognition dated 15/09/1999, CIA ‘John Orkin’ (real name Jack Christie) explained what actually happened.

“I further recall, at that time, that the red and black connectors visible in the photographs of the Senegal timer also rang a bell.

What I recall is having seen similar devices on a radio controlled device for a briefcase bomb seized by the Chadian Government in 1984, which was the subject of my report 85SP002 (Chad Report).

As depicted in Figure 46 of 85SP002 the “LED” has been inserted by drilling out a hole after the component has been manufactured.

Based upon inquiries through liaison channels I recall that the Motorola Pageboy devices utilized in the Chad briefcase bomb, and similar devices, was traced to multiple orders placed by MEBO and delivered to that firm by Motorola Europe of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The Chad device which is the subject of 85SP002 was returned to representatives of the Government of Chad who later displayed it at the United Nations.

At this same meeting, I pulled out photos of the Senegal timer, gave them to Tom [Thurman] and told him he may want to check out “MEBO”.”

So, why did FBI Thurman invent all these stories about “M580” when he had been told that the timers were made by MEBO?

And why did Thurman hide that key information from the Lockerbie investigators, thus delaying the investigation for a full three months?

And why did the MEBO owners never reveal their interaction with the CIA to the Lockerbie investigators.

Perhaps, you now understand why the CIA wanted to deter or delay the visit of the Lockerbie investigators to MEBO in September 1990?

You also understand why the CIA sent Peter Fluckiger to MEBO in June 1989 to collect some material related to the MST-13 timer.

AAIB — Evidence of Foul Play

On December 23 1988, the New York Times reported that Frank Taylor, a former investigator for the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, believed an explosion knocked out communications, electricity and severed the cockpit from the aircraft.

On June 27 1980, Itavia Flight 870 crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Ustica, killing all on board. Frank Taylor (one of the British investigator participants of the third technical investigation) concluded that a bomb had been planted in the rear toilet.

On January 23 2013, Italy’s top criminal court ruled out the bomb theory and concluded that: “There is abundantly clear evidence that the flight was brought down by a missile.”

The AAIB (UK Air Accident Investigation Branch) Report on Pan Am Flight 103 is highly suspicious.

On December 28 1988, Michael Charles, Inspector of Accidents AAIB announced that the two pieces of metal discovered by FBI agent Thomas Thurman show convincing evidence of a high performance plastic explosive.

The investigators determined that the IED had been located in container AVE 4041 situated in the forward cargo hold, at position 14-L. This is near the so-called sections 41/42 of the aircraft where the characteristic ‘pear-shaped’ nose of the 747 joins the body of the airliner.

Contrary to what Charles stated, there is actually ZERO evidence of SEMTEX! Out of 4 million pieces collected at Lockerbie — only the two pieces discovered by Thomas Thurman were ever reported to indicate the presence of explosive residues: SEMTEX.

When I first saw these data, I immediately understood that something was badly wrong. The spectrum indicated that all kinds of explosive residues were present in the swabs. This is clearly nonsense as some of these explosives, such as TNT and SEMTEX components, do not mix. Obviously, this was a case of contamination.

Years later, we learned that the laboratory that had conducted these measurements was indeed totally contaminated, due to the faulty O-ring of a centrifuge. One could find explosive residues in the offices, in the library, in the restaurant, just anywhere.

Error in Mach Stem calculation — In their report, AAIB investigators had estimated the  distance between the IED and the fuselage — known as the stand-off distance —  to be about 25 inches (63.5 cm).

However, it was eventually revealed that the calculation was erroneous. After correction of an obvious mistake, the stand-off distance was reduced to no more than 12 inches (30.5 cm).

This scientific result leads to a paradox as such short distances put the locus of the explosion outside the luggage container.

This result not only runs against the official narrative, it also makes it impossible to understand how the only pieces of the luggage container showing ‘evidence ‘ of an explosion had the pitting marks on the wrong side?

Debris lines — As you can see, in this genuine plot of the debris, the 2 lines are parallel and aligned with the wind as it should be.

I believe that the AAIB diagram was fudged to give the impression that there was a short delay between the loud noise and the break up of the plane to give credibility to a bomb theory.

I could perhaps accept that the error in the Mach Stem calculation has an innocent explanation, but surely, no one is so stupid as to draw a fit line not aligned with the wind?

Malice or stupidity, I will let you decide…


RARDE — Dr. Thomas Hayes & Allen Feraday

Allen Feraday’s involvement in the Lockerbie case, together with the work of Dr. Thomas Hayes, was crucial in framing Megrahi and thus Libya for the imaginary bombing of Pan Am 103.

The Lockerbie case is a spectacular miscarriage of justice but unfortunately not an isolated case.

And the reasons behind these infamous miscarriages of justice are almost always the same: dubious forensic sciences and bad forensic scientists.

Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday were employed at the Royal Armament Research And Development Establishment (RARDE).

[In 1995, RARDE was subsumed into the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). In 2001, part of DERA became the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).]

Several official inquiries into the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Judith Ward, The Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six, The Maguire Family, Danny MacNamee, the Gibraltar shootings of three IRA members and the cases of John Berry and Hassan Assali, heavily criticized RARDE and particularly Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday.

At the Zeist trial, Dr Hayes could not provide one explanation for the many inconsistencies regarding his work on PT/35(b).

Feraday claimed that PT/35(b) was “similar in all respects” to a MST-13 timer which proved the link to Libya and Megrahi.

At the Zeist trial, Feraday told the judges:

“The fragment materials and tracking pattern are similar in all respects to that of the MST-13 timer.”

In truth, Feraday was well aware that it was not the case. Indeed he knew full well that the tracks of PT/35(b) were covered by a layer of pure tin while the tracks on the MST-13 timer were covered by an mix of 70% tin and 30% lead.

Feraday either perjured himself or was grossly negligent. If he had told the truth about PT/35(b), there would have been no case against Libya.

[According to Dr Michael Scott (forensic scientist) — who was interviewed in the documentary “The Maltese Double Cross – Lockerbie” — Feraday has no formal qualifications as a scientist.]

Based on the forensic evidence Dr Hayes had supplied, an entire family [The Maguire seven] was sent to jail in 1976. They were acquitted in appeal in 1992. Sir John May was appointed to review Dr Hayes forensic evidence.

“The whole scientific basis on which the prosecution in [the trial of the alleged IRA Maguire Seven] was founded was in truth so vitiated that on this basis alone, the Court of Appeal should be invited to set aside the conviction,” Sir john May concluded.

Allen Feraday’s reputation is hardly better. In three separated cases, where men were convicted on the basis of his forensic evidence, the initial ruling was overturned in appeal.

One of the senior judges presiding over the Berry appeal said in 1993 (some 7 years before the Lockerbie trial) that Feraday should not in future be allowed to present himself as an expert in electronics.

Star Witnesses — Majid Giaka and Tony Gauci

Once the CIA’s script of the fictitious bomb was in place, fake evidence — PT/35(b) and clothes from Malta — was planted and all that was missing was a couple of witnesses willing to testify that they could confirm bits of the story.

Sadly, there is no shortage of people willing to send an innocent man to jail in exchange for an adequate reward. Compared to certain Lockerbie lawyers, Giaka and Gauci were not particularly greedy. A few USD million was plenty enough to convince them.

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC Ref 23:19) found out that US$2 million had been paid to Tony Gauci and US$1 million to his brother Paul Gauci under the US Department of Justice “Rewards for Justice” programme.

According to evidence given at the Zeist trial in 2000, Gauci sold the clothes allegedly wrapped around the improvised explosive device (IED) that brought the aircraft down.

Gauci was the only witness to link Abdelbaset al-Megrahi directly to the IED, and was therefore instrumental in convicting Megrahi on 31 January 2001. Gauci died on 29 October 2016 in Malta at the age of 75.

Upon learning news of his death, Lockerbie investigator George Thomson wrote:

“I personally hope that Tony [Gauci] is in a better place and that he is now at peace because he must have led a tortured life knowing that he had jailed an innocent man for money.”

Abdul Majid (aka Giaka), a member of the Libyan External Security Organization (JSO) who worked as a double agent for the CIA and is now in the U.S. witness protection program.

In light of inconsistencies in his testimony and CIA documents released late in the trial suggesting he was prone to fabrication, the court found that Abdul Majid could not be accepted as a “credible and reliable witness.”

Michael Scharf —  Director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Law — rightly concluded:

“The case was largely based on this inside guy [Libyan defector Abdul Majid Giaka]. It wasn’t until the trial that I learned this guy was a nut-job and that the CIA had absolutely no confidence in him and that they knew he was a liar.

The CIA and the FBI kept the State Department in the dark. It worked for them for us to be fully committed to the theory that Libya was responsible.”

According to Giaka, Megrahi arrived in Malta with the infamous  brown Samsonite suitcase on December 20 1988.

Actually,  Giaka never reported this event to his CIA’s handler because he never witnessed it. At the time of Megrahi’s arrival at Luqa airport, Giaka was in a CIA safe house meeting his handlers.

The CIA knew that Giaka could not have witnessed the arrival of Megrahi in the afternoon but, of course,  they never told the FBI. Surprisingly, the Bureau never asked. Why not?

On September 28 2000, even the New York Times admitted the scandal.

“In an atmosphere so hostile that the witness’s fear could be heard even in the voices of his translators, the testimony of the most important witness in the Lockerbie trial was systematically torn to pieces by defense lawyers today.

Two defense lawyers spent the day battering every important point made on Tuesday by Abdul Majid Giaka, a Libyan double agent who has been in a United States federal witness protection program for the last decade.

Mr. Abdul Majid’s tentative performance today, coupled with his failure on Tuesday to link the two defendants firmly to the bomb, seemed seriously to undermine his usefulness to the prosecution and its effort to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the two Libyans on trial, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah, blew up Pan Am 103 in 1988, killing 270 people.

Today the defense lawyers called Mr. Abdul Majid a liar at least 30 times, and only once the whole day did a prosecutor rise to object.”

How is it possible that the FBI never discovered that Giaka was a complete fabricator when it only took a couple of hours of the Lockerbie trial to come to that obvious conclusion?

CIA Jack Christie — aka John Orkin — lied to the US DoJ 

Brian Murtagh, a US Justice Department prosecutor, worked on the Lockerbie case and formed part of the Lord Advocate’s prosecution team in the Scottish Court in the Netherlands.

In his Crown Precognition dated 15/09/1999, John Orkin [real name: Jack Christie] told Brian Murtagh the following:

“In reference to the MST-13 timer referred to as K-1 by the FBI Laboratory, I first saw this timer in late 1987 at the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Laboratory in Rockville, Maryland.

Part of my duties for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  involved attending meetings of an inter-agency group called the Technical Threat Countermeasures Committee, in which the ATF participates.

At one of these meetings, which was held at the ATF Laboratory, someone, and I don’t recall who it was, drew my attention to the MST-13 timer. I was told that this particular device had been seized in Lomé Togo, by the Togolese authorities and subsequently turned over to ATF.

It was my understanding that  ATF had been in possession of this particular timer for some period of time and that it had not  been received fresh from the field.

I expressed an interest in being able to do an examination and technical exploitation of the Lomé timer. Sometime after October 1, 1987, the Lomé timer arrived at my facility for my examination. I do not have a clue as to how it (the MST-13) got into the building. I do not know Richard Sherrow.

I do know, from this period, Bob Wall from ATF who sat on the Technical Threat Countermeasures Committee – Inter-agency Committee on Terrorism. I have no knowledge of any briefing by Richard Sherrow or Bob Wall at CIA HQ concerning the MST- 13 timer recovery in Lomé, Togo.

Upon receipt of the Lomé timer, I proceeded to disassemble it and examine its circuitry. The results of my examination are set forth in my technical exploitation report 88SP006. In order for this report to have been assigned on FY 1988, I must have received the Lomé timer after October 1, 1987.


In his Crown Precognition dated 10/01/2000, John Orkin [real name: Jack Christie] told a very different story:

My first involvement with the MST-13 timing device occurred when I had sight of cables sent by a team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who were in Lomé, Togo in 1986. Their communication mentioned recovery of a timing device, which was subsequently, brought back to the United States.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has a representative on the Technical Threat / a Countermeasures Committee which meets on a  monthly basis. Normally, I would expect that a  device such as the timer would be delivered to me for analysis and, if necessary, preparation of a report. That did not happen on this occasion.

Approximately one year later I was on a tour of the BATF lab when I was permitted to view the timer. I can no longer recall who I dealt with at the BATF.

After a cursory examination of the timer, I arranged through the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Centre to have the device delivered to my laboratory.

It  did not escape the attention of the precognosers that :

“This explanation regarding initial contact with the timer contrasts sharply with the explanation given during precognition by Mr Murtagh and is at odds with Sherrow’s explanation of how the timer came to be in the hands of the CIA.”

Let us go back to the story of BATF Sherrow.

Here is a short extract from the Trial [p 2858 & 2859] :

Q    And having performed these tests and photographed it, what did you then do with it?

A    I was requested to take it to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and give a briefing on what I found.

Q    And did you do that?

A    I did.

When it comes to the MST-13 Timers, the legal truth is surely fuzzy!

FBI Tom Thurman lied to the US Grand Jury

According to his FD-302, Tom Thurman claimed that he had received the Togo timer from Richard Sherrow of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Lab on June 15 1990.

Thurman’s testimony at the US Grand Jury. (Page 36)

Q Did Mr. Sherrow ultimately make this timer available to you?

A He made this available to me as an inter-comparison item.

But, as the SCCRC pointed out:

“This position is clearly inaccurate, as was discovered during the precognition process. In fact Sherrow gave the timer K1 to the CIA in late 1987 and it was in CIA possession until June 1990.”

Thurman had this to say about his FD-302 dated 29 August 1991.

This document was prepared by me. The document suggests that I received the Timer (DP/84) directly from Richard Sherrow on 15 June 1990. That is incorrect. The Scottish investigators and FBI knew that the Togo timer had come from the CIA.

I do not have an answer as to why I  I drafted the FD302 of 29 August 1991 in this manner. I do not recall. I agree that the FD302 was authored approximately one month before my Grand Jury testimony where I have stated that I received the timer from Sherrow.

And Thurman had this to admit about his Grand Jury Testimony:

“At page 36, (line 13) I have testified that Mr Sherrow made the timer available to me as an inter comparison item.

To my knowledge, I have not met Mr Sherrow.”

During Crown Precognition, Thurman finally admitted that he had lied all along.

“I was told that, as far as the CIA (the Agency) was concerned, it was not to be involved in the chain of custody and that the device was to be regarded as having come directly from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

I took the device and said that I would obtain instructions from headquarters as to how to deal with the situation. I showed the timing device and photograph to the laboratory director and he agreed with the identification. This was the first occasion on which I ‘fronted’ a find for the Agency.

The decision to present the situation in this manner was made within the administrative confines of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I do not know who made the decision. For public consumption, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had provided the timer.”

Like Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, FBI Thurman was a known quantity long before the Lockerbie trial.

Published on April 15 1997, the US DOJ/OIG Report on the FBI Forensic Laboratory states:

“Williams and Thurman merit special censure for their work. It recommends that Thurman, who has a degree in political science, be reassigned outside the Explosives Unit laboratory and that only scientists work in its explosives section.”

According to Fred Whitehurst, the Explosives Unit laboratory was a criminal unit operating inside the FBI.

In a recent communication, Dr Whitehurst told me:

“I truly believe that the FBI lab Explosives Unit was set up to fix cases.   There were no scientists in the unit and yet for years Thurman and others rewrote my reports without my knowledge or authorization.  It was most strange that the people the FBI sent to Lockerbie were not scientists but Explosives Unit personnel. 

The unit still exists and I believe is still manned by the same sorts of folks. I believe that Thurman had an undergraduate degree in political science and had no business at all in a national laboratory in a supervisory capacity.  He would not have been allowed to wash bottles in a real scientific laboratory.” 

Pierre Péan was one of the great French investigative journalists. In Manipulations Africaines (African Manipulations), published in February 2001, he investigated the sabotage of UTA Flight 772.

In the conclusion of his investigation, Péan accused Thomas Thurman of fabricating false evidence in the UTA 772 case.

FBI Rick Hahn

Former FBI Rick Hahn was a protegee of Thomas Thurman. Hahn was the lead investigator in the Avianca 203 case. During the FBI “Labgate” investigation, Hahn admitted that he was not able to back up any of his “conclusions” about the bombing of Avianca 203; not even the alleged position of the fictitious bomb.

According to an expert I interviewed, the so-called ‘bomb evidence’ reported by Hahn was probably more properly characterized as cratering, not pitting, which is typically a corrosion phenomenon.

When asked if he had any knowledge whatsoever about corrosion mechanisms of aluminum alloys, or had ever seen  aluminum oxide (Al2O3), Hahn admitted that he didn’t have a clue!

Today we know that Avianca 203 was not destroyed by a bomb – conveniently blamed on Pablo Escobar! — but rather by a fuel system explosion of the type that destroyed at least five other Boeing airliners.

At the end of their new report on Avianca 203, the authors write:

“If it wasn’t a bomb that blew up HK-1803 [Avianca 203], it means that the investigators of the Aerocivil and the state intelligence organizations invented the story of Alfonso Prieto and Julio Santodomingo in order to fill the gaps which they couldn’t fill with the evidence concerning the bomb.

The false FBI expert Richard Hahn had already convinced them, but how to explain it to the public without a coherent set of details? In any case, only Hahn knows why he came to Bogota as an “expert” in explosives.

Why does he continue doing it in the United States? Was he a man who was called upon to “fit” the evidence every time it was necessary, as Whitehurst claims, or simply a man who was mistaken about his own abilities?”

Why was Richard Hahn, a man who knows nothing about explosives, sent to Lockerbie to investigate a bomb explosion?

And why were FBI agents sent to Lockerbie before it was alleged to be a crime anyway?

FBI Richard Marquise 

Richard Marquise — the FBI agent who led the Lockerbie investigation — has always denied that witnesses had been paid.

In a communication to the author, Marquise wrote:

‘”I can assure you that no witnesses were ever offered any money by anyone–including the CIA. This issue came up at trial and I spoke with the defense lawyers about it in Edinburgh in 1999 — before trial. No one was promised or even told that they could get money for saying anything. Every FBI agent was under specific orders not to mention money to any potential witness.”

Despite the evidence, his good friend Franck Duggan went as far as calling “cranks and conspiracy theorists” those who rightly believe that the Gauci brothers were paid USD 3 million by the US government!

Why has Marquise desperately attempted to hide the truth about these payments?

Lockerbie investigators have long been puzzled by the fact that Giaka — despite being paid by the CIA to spy on Megrahi and other colleagues — never mentioned the December 20 1988 trip to his CIA handlers.

Richard Marquise has suggested an explanation in his book.

“Giaka had met his CIA handlers in the morning of December 20, 1988. He had not yet been to the Luqa airport. (…)

He next met his CIA handler about one month later and this travel was not fresh in his mind; He either did not report it or his CIA case officer failed to document it.”

The truth is actually far more simple. Giaka did not report this event because he never witnessed it.

The debriefing with his CIA handler — at a CIA safe house away from the airport — did NOT occur in the morning of December 20 but in the afternoon, between 12:00 and 18:00.

Why did Marquise lie about the time of Giaka’s meeting with his CIA’s handlers?

There was overwhelming evidence that the MST-13 timers ‘found’ in Togo and Senegal were part of a long term CIA project to fabricate evidence against Libya.

This Disinformation Operation was fully revealed in the US media in October 1986.

And yet, Marquise accepted these stories as true. Worse, he even re-wrote parts of these tales to make them more credible.

Why would Marquise claim that Niasse was a Libyan citizen?

Marquise repeats the story of Thomas Thurman and his falsely attributed identification of PT/35(b), including the many lies about the origin of the Togo timer and the difficulty to reading “M580”.

And yet, Marquise knew that the CIA had told the FBI that it was MEBO. Again, why the lies?

Certainly, Richard Marquise knew that the Lockerbie case was all about PT/35(b).

“Without PT/35(b), there would have been no indictment,” Richard Marquise famously stated.

And yet, when Swiss Inspector Hans Knaus told him that the CIA had planted PT/35(b) in the wreckage found at Lockerbie, Marquise simply ignored the information.

“Henderson and I told him this thought had also crossed our minds. Neither of us believed the CIA or any government official would do such a thing, but we had discussed the possibility.”

So, this is Marquise’s argument. The CIA or any government official would never do such a bad thing… Seriously?

Please keep in mind that, at the time of this event, the US President, as well as  a dozen of his close associates, was under investigation because he had instructed the CIA to work with the MOSSAD in order to supply — in violation of US and international laws — weapons to Iran, arguably Israel arch-enemy, and to use the profit of these transactions to fund terrorism in Central America.

How is that not a ‘bad thing’?

In truth, Marquise had no excuse whatsoever. The allegation made by Swiss Inspector Hans Knaus should have prompted him to order a full review of the ‘evidence’ regarding PT/35(b) and the MST-13 timers fairy tales.

There is no doubt that such a review would have been devastating for the case. Surely, even Richard Marquise would have noticed that the logo on the MST-13 timer reads SIB and not 21B.

A simple trip to Schweizerische Isolawerke AG in Breitenbach — a Swiss branch of ISOLA, who actually manufactured the circuit boards used in the genuine MST-13 timers — would have demonstrated that PT/35(b) was a forgery.

Sadly, the Lockerbie investigators had this information all along. People who know about the Lockerbie case believe that the information regarding the difference between PT/35(b) and the MEBO timer only surfaced AFTER the Zeist trial when John Ashton discovered it.

This is however not true. The information regarding the tinning of the copper tracks was available to the Lockerbie investigators a decade before the Zeist trial.

Why was it ignored by the FBI?

Richard Marquise claims that there was no cover-up in the Lockerbie affair.

“No one ever told me to frame the Libyans!”

True, it was not even necessary…

In John Lawton’s excellent novel A Little White Death (1999) — a fictionalized account of the Profumo affair and the Stephen Ward trial in the UK — the hero describes the presiding judge in the trial (Mr Justice Mirkeyn) as follows:

“Everyone doing what they think is expected of them. Mirkeyn did the same.

It’s probably never crossed Mirkeyn’s mind that he’s a bad judge or a bent judge.

He simply did what was expected. Didn’t even need a nod or a wink.”

It probably never crossed Marquise’s mind that he was a bad FBI agent. He simply did what was expected. He did not even need a nod or a wink.

Marquise obviously ignored Richard Feynman’s first principle.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

In the Lockerbie Case, Science was the only way to get to the truth!


Once upon a time, a US President argued that:

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Sadly for Abraham Lincoln, some of his less distinguished successors came close to proving him wrong.

The official narrative of the Lockerbie Affair is a pure fabrication and yet, for three decades, the world accepted that fiction as reality.

Given enough resources, governments can indeed fool all the people all the time.

Perhaps, one should coin a new expression “To Lockerbie his way out” to describe the process of inventing a crime and blaming an innocent in order to escape Justice.

All those involved in this Machiavellian cover-up should be prosecuted for the role they have played in this sordid affair.

If the truth about the Pan Am Flight 103 had been told, the passengers of TWA 800 would not have met an early and tragic death.

If the truth about Air India 182 had been told, there would have been no Lockerbie disaster.

Three decades later, the same corrupt relation between Boeing and the FAA has once again killed (346) innocent people. [Lion Air Flight 610 on October 29, 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10, 2019.]

And once again, despite the evidence that Boeing lied to the FAA about the 737 MAX, no one is facing criminal charges. When will this stop?

The Lockerbie Lies were used by the US and the UK to impose sanctions on Libya, and eventually these lies were re-used as an excuse to bomb and destroy Libya once and for all.

As correctly predicted by Gaddafi in his last phone conversation with Tony Blair, the destruction of Libya led to the rise of extremist militant groups and generated a gigantic wave of illegal immigration in Europe.

As a result, xenophobia and anti-Islam feelings grew all over Europe strengthening Far-Right groups and populist political parties. Europe may not survive. Brexit was only the first step. Troubles are brewing all over the old continent.

In my heart of hearts, I wish that all those involved in the Lockerbie crime and cover-up were prosecuted for Crimes against Humanity. May God forgive them.

While  investigating the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Robert Mueller made it crystal clear that lying to FBI agents and to the US DoJ is a serious crime.

According to FBI Thomas Thurman, the decision to lie about the MST-13 timer to the Grand Jury was made “within the administrative confines” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Thurman claims he does not know who made that decision.

Robert Mueller was the US Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division during the Lockerbie investigation (from August 1990 to  January 1993).

Mueller oversaw all aspects of the case, and personally took charge of briefing the White House and the organization of the Grand Jury.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Robert Mueller instructed Thurman — either directly or through Marquise — to lie to the Grand Jury.

But I doubt that William Barr — the current Attorney General — will ever come after him for his crimes in the Lockerbie investigation.

From May 1990 until the end of November 1991, Barr was President George H. W. Bush’s Attorney General, and he was — with FBI director William Sessions and Robert Mueller — part of the team that delivered the infamous indictment against Libya on November 14 1991.

William Barr covered up so many scandals during Bush’s years [Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, BCCI, Inslaw…] that New York Times journalist William Safire nicknamed him the “Cover-up General”.

Independent counsel Lawrence Walsh concluded that the White House cover-up had forestalled timely impeachment proceedings against President Reagan, George H. W. Bush and other officials.

On Christmas Eve 1992, President Bush ended the Iran-Contra investigation by Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh.

Bush pardoned all those involved, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, whose trial was about to begin. William Barr, Bush’s Attorney General at the time, did not oppose the pardons.

In effect, Bush had found a way to pardon the only man the Constitution does not allow the US President to pardon: Himself.

Tam Dalyell was MP for Linlithgow for 43 years and Father of the House of Commons when he retired from Westminster in 2005.

During an official dinner, Dalyell asked Thatcher why in 800 pages of her Memoirs, she did not mention Lockerbie once?’

Mrs Thatcher replied:

“Because I do not know what happened and I do not write about things that I do not know about.”

This answer can not be entirely true. In her memoirs — The Downing Street Years (Memoirs 1993, pp 448-9) — British prime minister Margaret Thatcher wrote:

“[Operation El Dorado Canyon] turned out to be a more decisive blow against Libyan-sponsored terrorism than I could ever have imagined. … There were revenge killings of British hostages organized by Libya, which I bitterly regretted. But the much-vaunted Libyan counter attack did not and could not take place … There was a marked decline in Libyan-sponsored terrorism in succeeding years.”

Published two years after the indictment of Fhimah and Megrahi, Thatcher’s Memoirs is evidence that the Iron Lady was well aware that Libya had no involvement in the Lockerbie tragedy.

On July 24 2018, the UK National Archives released files from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office predominantly covering the year of 1993. A Lockerbie file dated 1992-93 was however withheld.

Two years before, on November 2 2016, the UK Government [Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)] decided to withhold all Lockerbie air accident investigation reports [dating from 1990 Jan 01 to 1992 Dec 31] until at least 2026, and possibly indefinitely. Why on earth?

Why on earth would the UK Government decide to withhold these technical reports if they did not reveal foul play or gross incompetence?

If ever released, these reports will show that the AAIB investigators knew all along that there was no bomb on Pan Am Flight 103, and that they knew the real cause of the tragedy long before the crash even happened.

Lockerbie — Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

Chapter XI : J’Accuse!

I wish to dedicate this story to English solicitor and human rights activist Gareth Pierce.

Pierce has concluded that the construction and maintenance of the discredited case against Megrahi and Libya has required active participation from those at all levels of the criminal justice system, with both tacit and overt support from the top of the political hierarchy.

“In the most notorious cases, everyone played their part, absolutely everybody. A big part of the blame lies within those who form the criminal justice system.

It looks as if in the prosecution of the Lockerbie case, the defendants met the same fate, even to the extent of the same personnel featuring, in the person of the forensic scientists.

The principal forensic analyst, Thomas Hayes, employed by the Crown to testify against Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was the same discredited analyst who was proven to have fabricated his evidence in the manufactured case against the Guildford Four.

He and Alan Feraday testified that the key forensic evidence, a fragment of circuit board, survived the explosion of Pan Am 103 and left traces of clothing connected to a shop in Malta.

The owners of that shop provided the identification of Megrahi to the court, and were later found to have been paid in millions of dollars for their testimony.

This testimony has been widely discredited … That was the most shocking revelation to me.”

In The Name Of The Father — Final court scene

In the Name of the Father is a 1993 Irish-British-American biographical courtroom drama film co-written and directed by Jim Sheridan. It is based on the true life story of the Guildford Four, four people falsely convicted of the 1974 IRA’s Guildford pub bombings, which killed four off-duty British soldiers and a civilian.

Gareth Peirce (Emma Thompson), a campaigning lawyer who has been investigating the case on behalf of Giuseppe, has a breakthrough when she tries to access Giuseppe’s file and is able to look instead at Gerry’s. She finds vital police documents in the file that are marked “Not to be shown to the Defence”.

During the course of their appeal, the production of these documents leads to a triumphant scene in court when Peirce produces the evidence that the police have been lying throughout about the existence of a witness who had provided Conlon with an alibi during their initial investigation.

This leads to the overturning of the verdict and immediate release of the Guildford Four.


I wish to thank all those who helped me to understand this affair. I cannot name all of them. They know anyway how much they helped me and that is all that counts in the end.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the following persons: William Tobin (FBI), Fred Whitehurst (FBI), Pat Lang (DIA), Bani Sadr (President of Iran), Abou Diouf (President of Senegal), Pr Robert Black (Architect of the Lockerbie trial), Hans Kochler (UN Observer at the Lockerbie trial), Dr Jim Swire (UK Lockerbie Families), John Ashton (Author, journalist and Lockerbie investigator), George Thomson (Lockerbie investigator), Otto Hostettler (Investigative reporter for the Swiss magazine BEOBACHTER), Paul Feeney (UK terrorism researcher), Professors Elizabeth Loftus and Tim Valentine as well as many, many others… Special thanks to Anna for giving me the inspiration to begin this book, as well as the strength and the conviction to complete the task.


This chapter will be fully referenced later, probably after the completion of the technical appendices.

U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 79 › § 1623

False declarations before grand jury or court

“Whoever under oath (or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code) in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury of the United States knowingly makes any false material declaration or makes or uses any other information, including any book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material, knowing the same to contain any false material declaration, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. ”


Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! [Chapter XI : J’Accuse!]

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