My Time to Fight — Going Full Che Against 5G

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when ripe. You have to make it fall.”

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”

“Be realistic, demand the impossible!”

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara (14 June 1928 – 9 October 1967)

“I had a secret lunch meeting at the Parliament with that woman (Els Ampe) about 5G a few years ago. I can confirm that she is a very dangerous idiot.”

Former UW (Seattle) Professor Ludwig De Braeckeleer — Tweet (Replying to @vanranstmarc and @ElsAmpe) — April 28 2020

May 1st 2020 — Fight corruption and Fight 5G! Enough is enough. This nonsense has been going on for way too long. The tables are starting to turn yet? You bet. In Brussels, more then 400 Medical doctors and almost 1000 health experts just signed a letter asking a moratorium on 5G!  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On April 28 2020, AGORIA — a mouthpiece for Proximus, the main Belgian Telecom Operator owned primarily by the State (53%) — posted a virulent message on its website.

AGORIA demands hard sanctions against the criminals who spread Fake News about 5G.

According to these ‘experts’, no scientific studies have ever demonstrated a link between cancer and Microwave exposure.

These tumors are no rumors!

There is just one small glitch with that story.

The link between cancer (heart and brain) and microwave exposure is well established.

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A $30 million animal study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program [NTP] has found “clear evidence” that exposure to RF radiation can lead to these types of cancer.

The Morning After (April 29 2020)

For the last 10 years, I have dedicated my life to a cause: Exposure to Microwaves is a real danger to people. And with 5G, this could be our next pandemic.

During my entire career, I have worked very hard to make sure that the results of my research were correct and properly explained.

And now, I am attacked on social media and ridiculed by people who have ZERO knowledge of Electromagnetism.

For God sake, these folks could not even read Maxwell equations!

Enough is enough! If this State is totally out of its mind…

Two Days later (April 30 2020)

Belgian leading (French speaking) newspaper published an amazing story.

More then 400 Medical doctors and almost 1000 health experts sign a letter asking a moratorium on 5G!

“Ces normes ne tiennent pas compte des expositions répétées et/ou prolongées, ni de tous les effets biologiques non thermiques qui surviennent à des valeurs nettement inférieures aux valeurs actuellement autorisées. Elles n’ont pas été conçues pour protéger les fœtus, les enfants, les adolescents, les personnes âgées…” [La Libre (April 30 2020)]

“These [ICNIRP] recommandations do not take into account repeated and / or prolonged exposures, or any non-thermal biological effects that occur at values significantly lower than the values currently authorized. They were not designed to protect fetuses, children, adolescents, the elderly … ” [Google Translation]

Just once, a Belgian newspaper wrote a true story. If you live long enough, anything is possible… For now, let me make this very clear. These doctors are absolutely correct.

Remember what I wrote?  (April 23 2020)

Just a few days ago, I wrote:

The Belgian State has lied about COVID-19 since day one, just like they have lied about 5G for years.

Criminal collusion between Belgian politicians and a Telecom operator can be proven.

I can also provide evidence that public servants have helped China to mount an espionage operation in Brussels.

In all these stories, the complicity of the Belgian media was a necessary condition.

At least one newspaper was paid to spin Chinese 5G propaganda. But even the [French language] Belgian Journalism Ethics Commission appears to have been corrupted by Chinese money.

And Now?

So, what can a lonely blogger do? Alone, not much. But together, quite a lot!

Here is my ‘Game Plan’.

First. I want everyone in Brussels to ask for a Moratorium on 5G.

Second. All criminal activities related to the Belgian telecoms must be immediately investigated.

Third. I intend to recommend the NTP scientists who established the link between cancer and Microwave exposure for the 2020 Breakthrough Prize.

Breakthrough Prize 2016

Fourth. This old physics teacher… is going to teach physics again. This time, the world will be my classroom.

PS — In 2016, I issued a set of clear recommendations to the Belgian government about 4G and 5G. Not surprisingly, the government chose to ignore them. I will give these folks a final piece of advice. Sell all your shares of Proximus today! Soon, these shares won’t be worth more than toilet paper.

Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ About A Revolution


Lésions de l’ADN, cancers du cerveau : 434 médecins et 900 professionnels de la santé belges sonnent l’alerte sur la 5G — La Libre (April 30 2020)

AGORIA Website

Les aspects santé des radiofréquences ont été étudiés de manière scientifique depuis plus de 25 ans. L’ICNIRP (Commission internationale de protection contre les rayonnements non ionisants) est une commission internationale constituée d’experts scientifiques neutres.

Elle émet des recommandations à l’attention de l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé concernant la protection des personnes et de l’environnement contre les risques potentiellement néfastes des ondes radio pour la communication mobile.

La première recommandation de l’ICNIRP, sous la forme d’une norme d’émission, date de la fin du siècle dernier. 20 ans et 30 000 études scientifiques plus tard, l’ICNIRP a aujourd’hui mis ses recommandations à jour. En mars, la norme d’émission internationale de 41,2 V/m a été confirmée, avec quelques adaptations afin de tenir compte de la 5G. L’autorité mondiale confirme sans ambages que les ondes radio 3G, 4G et 5G ne sont pas nocives pour la santé lorsque les normes établies sont respectées.


My Time to Fight — Going Full Che Against 5G

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