5G — Fake News in the time of the coronavirus [UPDATE]

“Psychopaths rarely learn from mistakes and have difficulty seeing beyond the present. Consequently, they have deficient longterm planning, and their judgment is weak. In contrast to their problems in strategic planning, psychopaths can be supremely skilled tacticians and exceptionally quick on their feet. Absent the usual prohibition against violating rules or social customs, psychopaths are tactically unbound and remarkably uninhibited.”

Dr. Ursula M. Wilder

April 17 2020 — History teaches that pandemics always bring out the worst in Humanity. This crisis also reveals the worst in the media. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (April 21 2020) — A piece just published by the Financial Times confirms my worst fears about this idiotic Conspiracy Theory.

The authors of this article — How a 5G coronavirus conspiracy spread across Europe — happily ridicule the link between exposure to microwaves and cancer.

“A dangerous lie — Theories linking telecoms networks to health issues such as cancer and infertility have existed since the 3G era, though few expected they would ever gain mainstream attention.”

And, to make their point, they write:

” (…) the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection [ICNIRP] said that 5G signals posed no risk to human health.”

They just forget to tell their readers that ICNIRP is known to be a mouthpiece for the Telecom Industry.

Real microwave experts have recently called for ICNIRP to be disbanded. I fully agree!

As I explained two years ago, Maria Feychting —the vice chair of ICNIRP — was the first person spreading disinformation on the landmark $30 million National Toxicology Program [NTP] RF animal study that found “clear evidence” that exposure to RF radiation can lead to cancer.

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What is next?

“In response to the 5G conspiracy, social media platforms have reshaped their policies to take action against misinformation on the subject.

This month, YouTube updated its policies to ban all videos that suggest coronavirus symptoms are caused by 5G. Facebook, too, has decided to remove false claims linking coronavirus to 5G.”

This is truly Orwellian. Soon, real scientists will be banned from telling the truth — in this case about microwave exposure & cancer — because Mark Zuckerberg does not like it?

We are on a very dangerous path…

So far, nobody has been able to track the origin of this Conspiracy Theory. I will ask again. Cui bono? Who may profit from this crime?


First thing first — There is ZERO evidence that 5G is responsible in any way to the current COVID-19 pandemic. So why the disinformation?

In a piece — Lockdown’s hottest viral trends: raging at the neighbours and torching 5G towers — published by The Guardian on April 6 2020, Joel Golby writes:

“There has been speculation that 5G disinformation has connections to Russia, like all the finest disinformation – as the Verge pointed out in a new report on Britain’s world-beating cellular arson industry, the New York Times warned last year that Moscow’s propaganda channels were pushing stories that 5G led to brain cancer, infertility, Alzheimer’s, autism and heart tumours.”

So here you have it. Former KGB Super Villain Vladimir Putin is once again the culprit of this disinformation operation? Not so fast…

These tumors are no rumors

There is just one small glitch with that story. The link between these tumors (heart and brain) and microwave exposure has been established.

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A $30 million animal study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program has found “clear evidence” that exposure to RF radiation can lead to these types of cancer.

So now, you can easily understand who is gaining from spreading these nonsensical stories linking 5G to COVID-19.

The Telecom Industry is clearly hoping that the whole story will be rejected as a big Conspiracy Theory.

And, obviously, Main Stream Media such the New York Times and The Guardian are only too happy to spread their lies.

A wise person sent me the following message on April 9 2020:

“I’m sure you have seen many media reports about the ‘fake’ news that 5G spreads the Corona virus. The BBC has talked about it all through recent days.

I sense that this ridiculous idea could be a deliberate tactic to undermine any and all criticism of 5G and its possible effects on health.

Anyone who mentions 5G in connection with public health will be seen as being part of the 5G-Corona fake news conspiracy.”

I have no doubt that this analysis is 100% correct. Those who are trying to benefit from this pandemic are true psychopaths. They should be locked down, for ever.

PS: If you wish to be correctly informed about the effects of microwave exposure on health, I recommend the excellent website: Microwave News.


The Lies Must Stop Disband ICNIRP — Facts Matter, Now More Than Ever — Microwave News


5G — Fake News in the time of the coronavirus

5G — Fake News in the time of the coronavirus [UPDATE]

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  1. Adama Gert says:

    The Guardian did better with this one… It at least gives a more solid lead into the origins of the 5G causes Covid meme… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/24/vodafone-exec-5g-coronavirus-conspiracy-theory-video-revealed-pastor-luton-jonathon-james


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