Intel Today Top DOSSIERS — New Feature Coming Soon!

Dossier — Definition : Collection of papers containing information on a particular event, or on a person such as a criminal or a spy. [Collins English Dictionary]

Origin — Late 19th century. From French: a file with a label on the back from dos back. [Latin dorsum]

Example — “The Steele dossier, also known as the Trump–Russia dossier, is a private intelligence report …”

February 2 2020 — There is no doubt that blogging is a wonderful and powerful technique to report on current investigations. But this modern tool has also some drawbacks.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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When one covers a subject for many years, the readers may find it difficult to locate information and it can be challenging to keep an eye on the Big Picture.

Therefore, I have decided to create special pages for our Top Dossiers.

These pages will include references — quick summary and links — to the most important posts on these subjects as well as a resources page.

I will begin this major update with special pages covering our Top 2019 Stories:

#1 — Lockerbie

#2 — The KRYPTOS sculpture

#3 — Havana Syndrome

#4 — The Douma Conspiracy

#5 — The CIA Memorial Wall

#6 — Brussels, Den of Spies

#7 — The Assassination of Dag Hammarskjold

I hope that you will enjoy this new feature of our blog.

Regards, L — 02 / 02 / 2020

PS: Today’s date is a rare palindrome. While various forms of palindrome dates are fairly common, 02/02/2020 has the unique distinction of reading the same backward and forward when written out in eight digits in multiple date systems. The last such palindrome date (11/11/1111) occurred more than 900 years ago.


Intel Today Top DOSSIERS — New Feature Coming Soon!

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1 Response to Intel Today Top DOSSIERS — New Feature Coming Soon!

  1. Allan Croft says:

    Dear Intel Today
    I am going to look forward to read on your #1 story as everything i have read since the 22nd of December 1988 are a spider web of lies ready to collapse owing to a certain corporation and a certain Government dept who allowed the aircraft to operate ever heard the saying when ‘S### hits the fan’ well i promise it it coming real soon after your have published your version of a cover up when my truth comes S### will hit the fan so far no news paper have had the guts to publish my letters about your #1 story .


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