5G Belgium — The Unfathomable Hypocrisy of the Belgian Green Party

“Brussels Environment has modified the software against the advice of the developers. If we were using a method scientifically correct, the Telecom operators would have to drastically reduce the power input of their antennas, with negative consequences for the network. Our administration is solely responsible for this decision, knowing full well that the method cannot be scientifically justified.”

Brussels Environment Director Frédérique Fontaine — Letter to the Environment Minister (July 3 2015)

August 8 2019 — The incompetence and dishonesty of the Belgian Green Party will never cease to amaze me. When they are not spreading Fake News in the media, they are busy destroying environmental laws they take credit for having written. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Belgian Green Party Politicians are fanatically opposed to the nuclear industry, without distinction between military and civilian applications.

They are of course entitled to their opinion, even if one will notice that top ecologists — James Lovelock, best known for the “Gaia hypothesis” and Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace among many others — are often in favor of nuclear energy because they see this resource as the least damaging to the environment.

But being entitled to an opinion does not give the Greens the right to spread disinformation regarding nukes and nuclear energy as they are doing over and over again.

In their last stint, the Belgian Greens alleged that the presence of US nukes stored at the Kleine-Brogel military camp violates the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation.

Fake News — This is of course pure disinformation. The presence of US nukes in Belgium does NOT violate the TNP because Belgium does not own, neither control these weapons. Full stop.

Hypocrisy — While the Green Party is spreading fake news about “ionizing radiations”, they are currently involved in a series a illegal activities regarding the control of “non-ionizing radiations”.

The Scandal of GSM Antennas in Brussels

In Brussels, the Minister of Environment is running the ‘Environment Protection Agency’ [Bruxelles Environnement] which is in charge of regulating the use of non-ionizing radiations.

I can now reveal that this agency has developed a fraudulent software — used to deliver GSM antennas permits — to allow the telecoms operators to use far more power than is allowed by the law.

I can also state that the people in charge of the control of these GSM emissions have repeatedly falsified their measurements and reports to hide clear violations of the law.

Meet the New Boss — Alain Maron

Alain Maron is the new Minister of the Environment in the Brussels Government (Since July 18 2019)

Alain Maron is a member of the Belgian (French speaking) Green Party ECOLO. Since July 18 2019, Maron is the new Minister of the Environment in the Brussels Government.

Maron rose to fame very recently when he exposed a political scandal involving members of the Socialist Party (Le scandale du Samusocial).

Basically, he is an unknown quantity and there is already some evidence he is not qualified for the job.

This weekend, the Green Party ran an ad seeking a “special assistant” to take care of Maron’s well-being and make sure that he properly balances his duties as Minister and his private life’s obligations. Hilarious…

Question: Will Maron expose the scandal of the GSM antennas in Brussels?

My feeling is that Maron will not be so quick to expose this affair, knowing that his friend Frédérique Fontaine — ECOLO member — has been running Brussels Environment, and is thus fully responsible for the scandal.

Frédérique Fontaine

In any case, Maron’s prime responsibility is to write, or not, the new “GSM Law” that would allow the Telecom Operators to use far more power than they are currently allowed by a 2007 law, modified in 2014.

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PS — In 2014, I actually recommended a simple way to document microwave  attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

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The culprits could have been caught “Red Handed”. Pure and simple. But a few days before the project was about to begin, someone decided to cancel the 24/7 monitoring of RF signals in Brussels. Who gave that order and why?


Ecolo et les armes nucléaires, ou l’art d’enfoncer les portes ouvertes — La Libre (July 31 2019)


5G Belgium — The Unfathomable Hypocrisy of the Green Party

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