INTEL TODAY — Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

“History is moving pretty quickly these days, and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.”

Ian Fleming

On July 14 2016, Intel Today published its first post. The story was about an obscure Intelligence Russian Colonel. The title of the post was a bit odd: “Colonel Alexander Poteyev is Dead. Maybe…”  Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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In 2010, Colonel Aleksandr Poteyev blew the cover of a group of Russian sleeper agents operating in the U.S.

Ten Russians spying for Russia in the U.S. were quickly sent home in exchange for four Russians spying for the U.S. — and the UK — in Russia.

One of the four Russian spooks exchanged was Sergei Skripal who was allegedly the victim of a poison attack on March 4 2018 in Salisbury, UK.

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PS: The reports of Colonel Poteyev’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The former spymaster recently acquired a recreational fishing license in Florida. Both the New York Times and the BBC have reported fake news about Poteyev at the request of the CIA.

The attempted assassination of a Russian spy defector – BBC Newsnight 

This  BBC “documentary” certainly deserves a Fake News Award!

Please, keep in mind that Mark Urban was caught lying, again and again, about the Skripals affair.

Sleeper-cell supergrass gets 25 years for exposing Chapman & Co. 

The man who blew the cover of a group of Russian agents in the U.S. last year has been found guilty in absentia of treason and desertion by a Moscow court.

Intelligence Colonel Aleksandr Poteyev fled the country before the scandal last June which saw 10 agents, including Anna Chapman, arrested. RT’s Katerina Azarova has been following proceedings.


One Year Ago — “Colonel Alexander Poteyev is Dead. Maybe…”


INTEL TODAY — Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

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