Emanuela Orlandi — Vatican Bone Fragments Could Hold Clue to 35 Year Old Mystery [UPDATE — Mystery Deepens]

“During restoration works, in a space annexed to the Apostolic Nunciature of Italy, fragments of human bone were found.”

Vatican official statement

“The disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi has been widely linked either to organised crime or to an attempt to force the release from prison of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish man who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981.”

BBC (October 31 2018)

Emanuela Orlandi (born 14 January 1968) was a citizen of Vatican City. She mysteriously disappeared on June 22 1983. The case was never solved and generated several conspiracy theories.  Bone fragments found during construction work at the Vatican’s embassy to Italy could hold the clue to this 35-year-old mystery. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (July 12 2019) — In March 2019, the  Orlandi family received an anonymous letter — with a photo of an angel above a tomb — saying Emanuela’s body might be hidden in the Teutonic cemetery next to St. Peter’s Basilica. “Look where the angel is pointing.”

And thus, on July 11 2019, the Vatican opened the two graves suggested in the anonymous letter. Searchers did not find Emanuela’s bones. Actually, they found no remains at all.

Officials were expecting to find at least the bones of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe, who died in 1836, and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg, who died in 1840, but there was no trace of either.

“The result of the search was negative. No human remains or funeral urns were found,” the Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said.


Human remains found this week at a property owned by the Vatican in Rome have raised hope that a 35-year-old mystery could be nearing a resolution.

“The Holy See said in a statement released Tuesday that fragments of human bone were found during restoration works on an annex next to the Vatican’s diplomatic office in the Italian capital.

“The Vatican Gendarmerie promptly intervened on the spot, informing the superiors at the Holy See who immediately informed the Italian Authorities,” it said online, adding that an investigation has been launched.

According to the statement, the chief prosecutor of Rome, Giuseppe Pignatone, said experts were trying to establish the age and sex of the remains, as well as the date of death.

Italian media have begun speculating whether the remains are connected to Emanuela Orlandi, a 15-year-old girl who vanished without a trace after leaving her Vatican apartment for a music lesson in 1983.”  (CNN)

The mystery has captivated people throughout Italy and triggered numerous conspiracy theories — pointing the finger at everything from the Mafia to the Vatican itself.

The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi 

Orlandi was the fourth of the five children of Ercole and Maria Orlandi. Her father was an employee of the Institute for the Works of Religion (the “Vatican Bank”). He and his family lived inside Vatican City.

Orlandi was in her second year at a liceo scientifico (a scientific high school) in Rome. Although the school year had concluded, she continued to take flute lessons three times per week at the Tommaso Ludovico Da Victoria School, connected with the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. She was also part of the choir of the church of Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri in the Vatican.

Orlandi usually travelled by bus to the music school. She would get off the bus after a few stops and then walk six or seven hundred feet (180 to 210 meters).

On June 22 1983, Orlandi was late to class. She later explained her tardiness in a phone call to her sister, during which she said she had a job offer from a representative of Avon Cosmetics.

Her sister suggested she talk it over with their parents before making any decisions. Orlandi allegedly met with the Avon rep shortly before her music lesson. At the end of the lesson, Orlandi spoke of the job offer with a girlfriend, who then left the girl at a bus stop in the company of another girl. Orlandi was allegedly last seen getting into a large, dark-colored BMW. (Wikipedia)

Vatican responds to new allegations of the 1983 kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi


Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi — Wikipedia

Vatican embassy: Human remains found at Rome property — BBC


Emanuela Orlandi — Vatican Bone Fragments Could Hold Clue to 35 Year Old Mystery

Emanuela Orlandi — Vatican Bone Fragments Could Hold Clue to 35 Year Old Mystery [UPDATE — French Documentary]

Emanuela Orlandi — Vatican Bone Fragments Could Hold Clue to 35 Year Old Mystery [UPDATE — Mystery Deepens]

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