Lockerbie — Who Is The Mysterious GOLFER? [Part II : Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.]

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes

A former police officer, codenamed “The Golfer”, has claimed evidence had been fabricated to lay a trail to the Libyans. The SCCRC found no basis for concluding that evidence had been fabricated by the police, the Crown, forensic scientists or any other representatives of official bodies or government agencies. Let us review what we actually know about the GOLFER.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On March 25 2012, The Herald published the full SCCRC 800-page report regarding the Lockerbie Case.

“The Sunday Herald has chosen to publish the full report online today to allow the public to see for themselves the analysis of the evidence which could have resulted in the acquittal of Megrahi. Under Section 32 of the Data Protection Act, journalists can publish in the public interest. We have made very few redactions to protect the names of confidential sources and private information.”

Although the SCCRC Report does not name GOLFER’s identity, the authors — Lucy Adams and John Ashton — felt that it was necessary to redact bits of the report to protect Golfer.

For instance, let us take a look at paragraph 5.18 of the SCCRC report:

Obviously, Lucy Adams and John Ashton must have known that the redacted part would reveal Golfer’s true identity!

Let us magnify the first redacted part.

About 7 characters before the end, the top of a letter appears clearly. It is a capital — upper case —  ‘G’. [The report probably uses the ‘Times New Roman’ font.] And the last character seems to be a ‘y’. Could the proper name be ‘Germany’?

And how does the SCCRC Report refer to ‘Germany’ anyway? The SCCRC Report uses the following expression: “the former West Germany”. And that is a perfect match!

According to Leppard’s book [Page 86] “On the trail of terror”:

“John Orr appointed Detective Superintendent Pat Connor to head a liaison team with the Germans. It was to be based in an office at the headquarters of the BKA’s counter-terrorism department in Meckenheim, near Bonn.”

Obviously, the GOLFER has worked in the BKA Liaison office, set up in Meckenheim, West Germany.

And that team was never a large group… According to Watson McAteer’s statement, the four members of the Lockerbie team based in Meckenheim are:

Detective Superintendent Pat Connor  (Strathclyde Police)

Detective Inspector Watson McAteer (Lothian & Borders Police)

Detective Sergeant John McGowan (Strathclyde Police)

Police Constable Isabel Fraser — Translator

Please, note that the rank mentioned here is the rank at the time of the event being described, not necessarily the rank at the time of the Zeist trial.

What do we know about the GOLFER?

GOLFER was an officer in the original police investigation.

5.63 The Commission is satisfied that the Golfer was an officer in the original police investigation and, as such, was potentially party to information regarding the various enquiries undertaken. (…) Any possible doubt as to the Golfer’s background and credentials was removed by the results of the Commission’s enquiries directed to establishing his identity.

GOLFER is a former detective sergeant.

SCCRC Press Release — The Commission’s enquiry team interviewed the Golfer, a former detective sergeant, on three separate occasions during which he made a number of allegations concerning the conduct of the police investigation.

GOLFER was a serving officer with Strathclyde police.

5.31 Subsequent enquiry with Strathclyde police establihed that Mr Gay in fact [redacted] on 16 February 1992, a tine when the Golfer was a serving officer with that force.

GOLFER was on the witness list.

5.44 Despite his concems about the case, and the alleged dismissal of these by the Crown, the Golfer frankly admitted that when precognosced by the defence he had told them nothing.

GOLFER was — indeed according to himself — a member of Detective Superintendent Pat Connor’s team in Germany.

13.2 According to the Golfer, Mr Jaafar was initially one of the prime suspects in the case and the Golfer had produced a profile of him.

In conclusion, we know that the GOLFER is a former Strathclyde Detective Sergeant  who was on the witness list.

Well,  who could possibly be the GOLFER?

In his book “The Lockerbie Incident: A Detective’s Tale”, former police officer John Crawford gives a full list of those who worked in Pat Connor’s team.

Beside those already mentioned above, the team included the following persons:

DS Pat Byrne

DS Pat Ferguson

DS Peter Avent

DC Alex Smith

DC John Crawford

DC  Keith Harrower

DI Donald McNeil

The last two on the list were on the team for a short period of time. As Sherlock Holmes taught us: “Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

To be continued…

From Sherlock to Spock: Whatever remains, however improbable…  


Lockerbie exclusive: we publish the report that could have cleared Megrahi — The Herald


Lockerbie — Who Is The Mysterious GOLFER? [Part II : Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.]

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