The CIA Book of Honor — Gina Haspel Visits Auburn University

“As I look back on my first year as Director, I am more in awe of the men and women at CIA than ever be. And I know that Auburn graduates also know a thing or two about serving our country, having made invaluable contributions over the years by signing up for the tough jobs—as warfighters, astronauts, and, of course, as intelligence officers.”

DCIA Gina Haspel (Auburn University – April 18 2019)

On April 18 2019, CIA Director Gina Haspel visited Auburn University in Alabama, where she delivered remarks and participated in a Q&A moderated by retired Army Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, Auburn’s chief operating officer and former DIA director. During her short talk, Haspel gave us a very valuable piece of information. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Director Haspel  talked about her 34-year career at the Agency, some of her leadership team’s accomplishments over this last year, and her priorities for the future.

She also told the Auburn students the story of [CIA Memorial Star 79] Mike Spann, an Auburn alumnus, CIA officer, and the first American to die in the line of duty in Afghanistan after 9/11.

Intel Today recently began a new series of posts dedicated to the CIA Book of Honor. As it turns out, Mike Spann will be the subject of our next post.

But Gina Haspel revealed (16′ mark) the following information:

“Since 9/11, forty-two Agency men and women have died in the line of duty.”

This statement is very interesting. Explanations…

Currently, there are 129 stars carved into the marble of the CIA Memorial Wall: only 91 are unclassified.

In 1974,  the CIA dedicated the Memorial Wall with 31 stars in 1974 to honor those who had fallen since the Agency’s founding in 1947.

On June 8 2001, the CIA commemorated the 78th star on its Memorial Wall, honoring former Agency officer Tucker Gougelmann, who died in Vietnam in the summer of 1976.

Since the attacks of September 11 2001, 51 stars have been added to the Book of Honor and the Memorial Wall.

However, it is already known that 9 of these 51 stars honor CIA officers who died prior 9/11. [The first date is the year of death. The second is the “Memorial” year.]

James McGrath (1957 – 2007)

Stephen Kasarda Jr (1960 – 2007)

James “Pete” McCarthy (1954 – 2016)

Charles Mayer (1968 – 2016)

Marcell Rene Gough (1965 – 2016)

Ksawery “Bill” Wyrozemski  (1967 – 2016)

David W. Bevan (1961 – 2017)

Darrell A. Eubanks (1961 – 2017)

John S. Lewis  (1961 – 2017)

Therefore, it seems likely that the other 42 stars — whether the name is classified or not — honor CIA officers who died since 9/11.

This would also imply that no CIA officer died in the line of duty over the last 12 months.

CIA Director Gina Haspel speaks at Auburn University

Auburn University hosted Central Intelligence Agency Director Gina Haspel on April 18 2019 for a National Security Forum at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center.


DCIA Haspel Visits Auburn University — CIA Website


CIA Book of Honor — Gina Haspel Visits Auburn University

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