Sweden — SÄPO Arrests Alleged Russian Spy

“It is a person who is suspected of being recruited as an agent by a Russian intelligence officer who worked under diplomatic cover in Sweden.”

Daniel Stenling — Head of counter-espionage at the Security Police

A suspected Russian spy has been arrested in Stockholm, the Swedish Security Police (SAPO) said on February 27 2019. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The suspect, who was arrested on February 27 2019, is believed to have been engaged in criminal activity since at least 2017.

The man works in Sweden in a high technologies sector with information vital for foreign intelligence agencies.

The man was detained at a meeting in a restaurant in downtown Stockholm.

Sweden’s daily Dagens Nyheter reported that the man has four children, he was born in the kingdom and is a Swedish national.

He reportedly has his own company that deals with projects on modelling traffic, programming mobile phones and modelling computer viruses.

The person is a highly educated and has written articles for scientific magazines.


Swedish Security Police says suspected Russian spy was arrested — Reuters

Sweden — SÄPO Arrests Alleged Russian Spy

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